Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monster Hunter for 3DS announced?!

It seems that there is a rumor about this week's famitsu that Capcom announced new Monster Hunter series for 3DS with title Monster Hunter 3G. The game will be improvement version from the Wii MH Tri and retains the underwater battle which was removed in Portable 3rd. What makes me surprised that i wonder why Capcom wouldn't announce the news during TGS. In Business perspective Capcom made a good strategic decision with less risk due. First PS Vita won't be released in Japan until end of this year while 3ds has been released for a while not to mention they got price reduction recently. I still didn't know whether it is relevant or not if the cancellation of Rockman Dash 3 has something to do with this and either Nintendo or Capcom decided to take this move. The news is not official yet at least until the Famitsu for this week is officially released.

Source: Andriasang

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