Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gundam Battle Universe

One of the best mecha game for PSP.

Out of several mecha games that i played in PSP, Gundam Battle Universe is one of the best one that i have ever played. Gundam Battle Universe(GBU) is the 4th installment of Gundam Battle series which is Gundam Game series with high pace action exclusive for PSP. Perhaps most people more familiar with Gundam Vs Gundam Next Plus which are great game as well but what makes GBU better than GVGN in way is that this game had much more playable units compared to GVGN. I have played Battle Tactics and Chronicle before and Universe had every units from the prequel along with improvised gameplay.

Gundam battle universe offer the Gundam series starting from OYW until CCA which ZZ and CCA is the latest addition. You could also choose to side with either factions of the series for instance Earth Federation or Zeon. Unlike the previous installment you could start at any timeline but OYW is still recommended to finish first.

In this game you play through the game with your custom character which had different pilot stats and you can decide whether to be normal pilot or Newtype. But the later one is more preferrable since most of the units are exclusive for Newtye such as Nu Gundam. You can also choose your operator which varies depending on the faction you are on. I recall some of the operators are from previous gundam games like Climax UC or Encounter in Space.

If you are a UC fan then you are in a treat if you play this game. As i said before that this game had more than 200 units which are all from UC series starting from Zaku 1 to F91 Gundam. This game even have some MSV variants that G Generation haven't appear at all and i learned alot about gundam from this game as well ( didn't expect that Nu Gundam had another variant and i guess the Nu Gundoom is not randomly made) . Probably this is the only Action Gundam game that feature EX-S or Xi Gundam as playable unit.

One of the unique feature of Gundam Battle series is the ability to customize your unit status by gaining points from missions. However it is guaranteed that you will keep changing units from time as you will keep getting better units from clearing more missions. While there are some limitations on the unit upgrade limit indicated by the maximum points, you will be able to remove the limiter once you used your unit for a while which means that you can make your favorite unit theoritically as strong as top tier unit like Hi Nu Gundam(which you get it last).

The gameplay of Gundam Battle series probably cannot be compared with GVGN as this game is rather repetitve. Most of the mission requires you to destroy all of the targets which might seem simple at first but initially you can only use weaker units which means you will had hard time in early stages. Personally the hardest time when i played this game is during some end missions in Stardust Memory where i joined Delarz Fleet and have to face Dendrobium which is really monstrous unit at that time.

If you wonder that you will miss anything if you didn't play the previous series before GBU, you don't need to worry as Gundam Battle series are made in iterative basis which mean that the newer game had all units that the previous one had. If this game were made for PS3, the graphic would be really glorious and perhaps there might be some plan for Bamco to release the next installment in PS Vita. I might check Gundam Assault Survive in order to find why some fans consider it terrible.

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