Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Kinetiquettes Monster Hunter Zinogre Statue

 Capcom Figure Builder features top quality statues for Monster Hunter series but this one definitely on another level! I don't really follow Kinetiquettes. but they produce Quality Premium Statue just like Sideshow and this time they decide to make one for Monster Hunter series, and i think they spare no expense for this one! For their first Monster Hunter Statue, Kinetiquettes picked the Flagship Wyvern from Monster Hunter Portable 3, Zinogre!  Usually MH Statues rarely features Hunters along the Monsters but Kinetiquette decided to include pair of Zinogre Blademasters to accompany the Majestic Thunder Wolf. The statue will be released at the end of next year, with a whopping 1200 USD price tag, certainly something reserved for Hardcore Collectors only. While the Kinetiquette version of Zinogre is out of my reach, i won't mind getting the CFB Version if i have the money. Considering Zinogre is actually my most favorite flagship monster from Monster Hunter series.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Singapore Trip Loot

 Last week i visited Singapore mainly to attend AFASG 2019 and here are some hauls i got from the trip. Due to the insane amount of the crowds in AFA, my motivation to find any bargain over there took a nose dive unsurprisingly. Nevertheless i do find some good deals over the Hobby shops that i visited during the trip. As usual my loots are Mecha or FGO related which I got myself Chocobo Coin Bank, Funko Space Marine, Sumika PVC Figure and FGO Desktop Army. Surprisingly the most expensive of all loot is the FGO Desktop Army 2 which cost me around 80 SGD which is about the same with FGO Desktop Army 3 that i bought not too long ago. As for Sumika PVC i got her for 60 SGD from carousell which will complete my recent Muvluv merch acquisition. I didn't intend to get the Chocobo Coin Bank but 28 SGD is a steal for this item because i knew the Preorder Price for this item was even higher two years ago. Lastly i got myself Funko Ultramarines to complement my Funko Blood Angel from my last SG trip and i had to say it is a decent and affordable 40k Collectable. I think the review for Funko and Sumika figure will be able to come up sooner out of all these loots.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Figma 463 Arthur Pendragon Fate/Prototype

 The exemplar Knight in Shining Armor has arrived after more than a year stuck as prototype! Being one of the most popular male character servants from Fate series, I bet fangirls have been waiting for the Figma rendition of Proto Saber. Figma Proto Saber will be released on July 2020 with 9000 Yen price tag. I am not sure that his accessory are as much as Figma Gilgamesh, but i suppose the price are that high because you can display Proto Saber in any of his three Ascension forms. Proto Saber is one of my aimed SSR in FGO. While my luck for waifus are quite decent, unfortunately it cannot be said the same with the husbandos. I am quite sure his white dress version will appear as Wonfes exclusive someday.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

My Second year with Fate/Grand Order NA

 Another year have passed and somehow i managed to survive the deepest pit of Gacha Hell yet again. I had quite a fair share of rage with FGO but i suppose i can consider myself to fare quite well for 2019. This year i broke my F2P status and went Dolphin which is a decision that i won't regret any single bit. But hopefully i won't be going overboard to chase after .png waifus. I am quite upset that my login streak got broken from the recent Santa Lily maintenance debacle but at very least, Ishtar's visit upon my Chaldea ease up the fury.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen

 Found this actually decent mecha series that fell into obscurity because it does not appeal to Japanese Market which is saturated with Fanservice anime. If you are a mecha fan, Argevollen is no doubt one of the better Mecha Anime in the past few years because this show no doubt caters to our demographic.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Super Minipla Ninja Senshi Tobikage Vol 1

 Super Minipla has been a great lineup for Bandai to push out Toys for past Mecha series with less risk on their side, and now Tobikage is joining into the lineup! It is a coincidence that i covered Tobikage last month, but no doubt this is a great news. Super Minipla Tobikage will come in its first volume featuring Tobikage and Kurojishi with March 2020 Release schedule. The Superminipla will come in 3 separated pack packages with 6300 Yen Price Tag and unfortunately P-Bandai exclusive. I think Bandai would handled Tobikage Minipla just fine considering they have handled some heavy duites like Dancouga and Baikanfu, This would be a great grab for Tobikage fans if it was not for the P-Bandai status just like Baikanfu since i think Bandai have applied some engineering used for previously released SOC on the minipla as well. Horaio and Bakuryu should follow up eventually including Zerokage though Bandai definitely does not make it easy for overseas fans. I am still waiting for Robot Damashii Tobikage which should be possible considering even obscure series like Gasaraki are going to have one soon.