Thursday, October 8, 2015

Figma P3 Protagonist / Makoto Yuki

 While i am browsing figures of Makoto Yuki to complement D-Arts Thanatos which i am planning to get, i find a promotional poster about him getting a figma treatment which immediately puts my attempt to get his figure on hold. While up until now Makoto Yuki got couple of figures for him, he still doesn't get as much attention compared to his fabulous successor Yu Narukami thus doesn't get much mainstream treatment he much deserved. With the Persona 3 Movie airing i guess the series get more opportunities to chug out more merchandise. The figma announcement comes out around Wonderfest this year which for some reason i didn't notice. Soon enough we should get to see the prototype of the figma and i assume the price shouldn't be much different compared to Figma Yu Narukami.

 As generic as the name sounds the P3 Protagonist is named Makoto Yuki for a reason. In chinese
(i imagine the meaning in Japanese probably the same) 结成 理 means "forming the truth" or "becoming the truth" which are really aligned with Persona series core theme since they are based on Jungian Philosophy. While Yu Narukami is more popular guy because he is more fabulous i still prefer Makoto since subjectively speaking i find him more badass compared Yu for some reason. I have watched the first 2 movies and so far Makoto is kinda antisocial i just wonder if he will be as awesome as his incarnation in the game.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

1/72 Crest CR-C89E Oracle

Since i got new Laptop i am able to run PCSX2 again and played Armored Core Nexus which is surprisingly fun though wonder why /m/ hate this game. Ever since i finished All of the routes in Last Raven years ago, my skill in this game has improved vastly and going through Nexus is rather smooth. Since i got back into the series again, i kinda want to talk about Armored Core kits and this time i would like to feature Oracle the AC piloted by Evangel, a Raven who appeared in both Nexus and Last Raven. This version of Oracle is from Last Raven where Evangel acts as the Posterboy for Alliance. Appearance wise compared to other AC kits out there, Oracle gives the Hero kind of vibe due to its balanced armament and color scheme. However Evangel is more like a douche despite he seems to represent the good guy though he still have some redeeming features.

Combat wise Evangel is deadly in Middle-Close Combat since he can kill you really fast with his Linear Gun on his arm and his back. Evangel is stronger than Jack-0 but still no better than Zinaida and He is the strongest in the mission where you are sent by Vertex to hunt him down though 2nd Arena fight with him in Nexus are no Pushover either. The kit price is almost on par with AC4 kits costing around 4000 Yen but if opportunity arises i will get one.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Muv-luv Integral Works

Should have posted this when i finished Alternative but seeing the recent kickstarter attempt by Age to bring Muvluv series to the west makes me kinda want to write a post about this. While now i still hate the series since it was ruined by fanservice and ultranationalist pandering, but i do still like mecha designs which are the best part of the series in my opinion. The series do have the artbook specifically for the TSFs called Integral Works which contained most of the TSF designs, personally i find Ni0 did good job on designing the mecha for the series. The book has been out for a long time already and cost around 4000 Yen, would have got one if i could find cheap copy though prolly i will save the opportunity till i went to Japan. Probably i have said this many times but Muvluv as series went well till Alternative even though it is not the most original thing ever. But afterwards the series just went downhill went it goes tryhard route and things gets rather derpy and adding balloon tits along with "Japan is the Master Race" attitude just make things even worse. Nevertheless i will still collect the Volks A3 and the Koto kits

Monday, September 28, 2015

Knights of Sidonia ended

That was rather unexpected that the series ends this fast and the ending was rather anticlimactic but Knights of Sidonia did end the serialization with its 78th Chapter. While it was rather abrupt the ending is quite sweet and in some way Nagate did managed to meet Hoshijiro Shizuka in the end. I wonder if the serialization was intentionally cut short though the ending was an open one and could continue if Nihei wants it. Personally i find the main source driving the stories are the character interactions since Gauna is kinda like STMC and doesn't really have personality and probably Ochiai's treachery drive the story this far. I will give the anime a watch if they managed to cover up till the manga conclusion. I wonder if Nagate's last mecha will get a plamo too?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Recent Nendoroid Loots

  During my stay here in China i have been shopping online from Taobao alot. You can find lots of things there and it is easier for me to buy Japanese related stuffs  compared to browsing Evilbay. These are my recent Haul and i got them for decent price too. The first loot is the bomberman toys on the left which is the Super Bomber Armor which you can combine 3 different vehicles to form Giant Robot. I used to have this toy when i was a kid and got this for 50 RMB which is really good deal considering it was quite a vintage and quite impossible to find the japanese copy now. The rest of the loots are 2 Nendoroids which are Erica Fontaine and Nyaruko. While i don't really collect Nendos, they just happen to have the characters from the series i followed, as for Erica's i got her from supposedly official outlet of GoodSmile in China which is located in Shanghai. Won't review them anytime soon till i went back home and got the proper props. As for the Super Bomber Armor ,here is the look of the Combined robot form of the toys which will look more glorious once painted.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Non Scale Astranagant

Koto has been slow on SRW series over past few years and more focused on the newer model but didn't expect Astranagant would get a turn to get his model considering he is rather curvy to sculpt. If you noticed i used Astranagant and Dis as my Banner's blog since they are some of the most badass mecha in SRW verse(more like OP though). The release date and price is not confirmed yet but i would expect around 6000-8000 yen range.

Astranagant is the end game boss in SRW Alpha piloted by Ingram Plisken, double agent sent by Balmar to infiltrate Earth though Ingram who at some point mentored Ryusei for a while. In terms of Firepower Astranagant is one of the most powerful unit rivalling Granzon and its equivalent, and its successor Dis can erase an existence easily. Ingram himself is quite badass antihero since he serves no one and even tried to take down Euzeth himself. In OGverse He also serves the same role in Alpha though he piloted R-Gun Rivale instead of Astranagant since Euzeth suspected him for some reason. My SRW lore is really rusty now and i should get back to the series at some point. Once i had my painting tools again definitely i would get this guy but not at this moment. I wonder if Koto would do Dis as well since he is one of my wishlist for a long time already.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Variable Action KG-6 Sleipnir

I watched Aldnoah Zero which is mediocre i guess since it got good visual and terrible main casts with terrible storyline but it got diggable mecha nonetheless. Megahouse adds another of their Variable Action lineup with the Aldnoah Zero Posterboy, Earth Faction mainstay Cataphract; Sleipnir. The model has been released early this year with price around 8000 yen. This version of Sleipnir is originally used as training units due to lighter frames and lesser armor but later used by Inaho A.K.A Mary Sue of the year as his Cataphract fighting against Vers Cataphracts. At its core design Sleipnir is a real robot but due to the broken skill off the Pilot, it is able to put toe to toe with Vers Super Robot-ish Cataphracts. As the name implies which is based on Norse Myth where Sleipnir is the steed of Deity Chief Odin, the one in this series is like one too since in the middle of the series, Inaho get even more broken with artificial eye replacement. Personally i find Aldnoah Zero is pretty forgettable due to terrible writing but i guess it has to do with the current taste of the audience which are getting worse each year. Anyway sometime soon the Sleipnir will get its space pack which has been used extensively on the second part of the series and i wonder if Tharsis will get any Variable action too? Actually scratch that, Tharsis got one but it costs whopping 24000 yen

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Disgaea 4 Vita first playthrough

Another quite long gap of posting here due to plenty of distractions and such with one of those distractions is playing my way through Disgaea 4. I have played the 1st till the this one but only actually finished 2nd and 4th and due to the grindfest nature of the game it obviously too get the most out of the content. As for the 4th Disgaea i intended to unlock all the job class at very least which i am halfway through. Personally i find Disgaea 4 is kinda weak, even though the Story characters are interesting, the stage and props are kinda weak.Valvatorez would have been really cool character if not for the overuse of his Sardine Jokes. Compared to Disgaea 3 the generic classes are really cut down here so some of my favorites are not available in this game but again the game mechanics is getting better despite i missed combining the special attacks. While Disgaea 4 didn't use its potential to its fullest i still like Valvatorez and Artina pairing which could have been one of the best couple in the series since Adell and Rozalin. I will get Disgaea 5 if it ever goes portable which i doubt anytime soon and here some more Pics of the ValxArtina pairings

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sakura Taisen 2 Playthrough part 2

Maria,Sumire and Reni's Ending completed!

Sakura Taisen 2 Ending CGs

Omamori Himari

Rather generic Youkai manga but the harem element certainly done well here, or probably its only redeeming point. Again seeing the pic on /a/ makes me giving the manga a read. The story is about a boy who possess Demon Hunter Blood and upon reaching age 16 he met beautiful cat girl who claimed to be his protector and shit hits the fan from there one and the boy slowly gain his harems. As i said the story is as generic as it gets and i kinda find the story flow is rather horrible and i doubt the anime is any better. But this is one of those few manga that the MC gets to tap his Harems even though it only happen on last chapter and the MC is not too Beta as well. Favorite girl in the manga is the MC's Fiancee who seems cold but very adorable when she went Dere mode. Also here is the Harem scene pic that makes me read the manga, since it is abit risque so tread with your own discretion