Sunday, September 16, 2018

Ichiban Kuji 1/7 Saber Alter Review

 Banpresto makes a budget figure with decent Quality, while their strike zone are mostly Dragon Ball or One Piece, Fate occasionally makes into it. One of those that happen to get into my collection is Saber Alter Prize Figure from Heaven's Feel Ichiban Kuji. Normally these figure serve as Lucky Draw Grand Prize in Japan but you can get them overseas for a fixed price without trying your fortune. Quality wise This figure is mass produced figure at its core but still on par with the older GSC figure.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Nendoroid 993 Hunter Female Rathalos Armor

 Another Monster Hunter Nendoroid here! With the success of Monster Hunter World, it is expected that more MH merchandise to come out and i think this makes 5th or 6th Nendoroid from MH series. The Rathalos Huntress will be scheduled for April Release with around 5500 Yen price tag. It sure takes its time but the Blademaster from the First Mascot from the series comes out in the Super Deformed format. I think the reason why the Rathalos Blademaster comes in Female form is probably had to do also with her appearance in the latest Marvel vs Capcom game. Nendoroid Rathalos Female Blademaster comes in two edition, regular and DX version. The DX version comes with extra accessories including extra head parts and MH World related tools. I will probably just get the regular version because i haven't played MHW and find the accessories doesn't worth 2000 Yen price increase. The Rathalos Huntress will make a good pair with my Lagiacrus X Blademaster considering Lagiacrus and Rathalos are polar opposite. I just hope the Rathalos Blademaster will justify its cost.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Capcom Figure Builder Teostra Figure

 CFB doesn't disappoint with their Quality Monster Hunter Figure, and sure enough Teostra got its turn finally. Slated for December Release, the figure cost 12000 Yen. By this time i already expected around this much because PVC figurines are pricy nowadays which excacerbated with recent worsening global economy. No Doubt Teostra is my favorite monster in the series because of its majestic look and it does give me a run for money when i was a noob in Freedom Unite. In most of the monster hunter installment, i always made Teostra armor whether it complements with Lance or not and in the latest game, he makes a good blast equipment. One of these days i might get MH Gens Ultimate to sate my fix for Monster Hunter

Sunday, September 2, 2018

AFAID 2018

 While i thought i wont be attending the event this year, i suppose curiosity got best of me because apparently this year is going to be the last AFA in Jakarta. Compared to last year, This year's AFA seems better but still overall lacking compared to SG one. Probably it has to do with the Toys sales which lacks diversity because It aint easy to get Toys here by yourself.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

1/35 Edelweiss GET!

 When i started playing Valkyria Chronicles on my PS3 i know this game is going to be Special. For such amazing series with high production value, it rather lacks when it comes to merchandise department. The first thing that catches my attention in VC is the Main Battle Tank named Edelweiss which gives you some sense of attachment as you make it stronger and goes through the thick and thin of the battle. I am not really into Military Vehicle but VC is just that good that makes me get the Model Kit which is made by Volks apparently. With my Backlog i doubt it will be anytime soon the Kit to be assembled but i promise it will look as good as it deserves. Now i am off hunting for some Selvaria goodies.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette First Impression

 Should have posted this shortly after my Gunpla Expo Post but anyway here is the promised brief overview of New Lineup for SD Gundam, Cross Silhouette! I think Bandai tried to Step up the SD lineup by giving it some kind of Inner frame treatment like what HG got with RG. This time i got to sample 3 Model Kits from the initial release of the line up.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Konosuba Figma 407 Megumin

 Well, we have been seeing this coming but it is obvious that the Chuuni Archwizard Megumin will follow soon after Aqua in her figma form. Slated for January release with 7300 Yen Price tag, Megumin comes with more satisfying accesories set compared to Aqua. This time Megumin's pet Demon Cat Chomusuke comes as accessories and the explosion effect part doesnt look bad. On top of that her cape and hat are removable which is quite decent gimmick for Figma caliber. I will definitely get this figma since it is the go to option for my Konosuba set and i think in two months we will be likely seeing Kazuma's Figma open for Pre-order.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

 One of the game that i have been wanting to play since it got released on PS2 and Vanillaware no doubt delivers with their gateway title! Taking a Spin on Norse myth with lots of Classic Fable elements weaved in, Odin Sphere is a great Fantasy RPG classic which no doubts established Vanillaware as reputable game developer. I might have started from Muramasa but as expected, Odin Sphere is also a Beautifully drawn 2D Action game with great self-contained storyline. In this game you get to play 5 Different heroes who wield Magical weapons called Psyphers and each of the heroes story build up a plot around impending doom based on ancient Prophecy. Odin Sphere is easily my preferred choice over Muramasa because it is a solid Fantasy RPG game with proper end. My favorite character would be Oswald because his storyline pairing with Gwendolyn is simply Perfect Match. But Gameplay wise, Cornelius is the most fun to use as his combo juggles are more exciting to pull off. The only weakness of Odin Sphere is its repetitive stage which is worse than Muramasa but it can't be helped because it aint easy to make a well drawn 2D game like this. I think i will be getting Parform Gwendolyn soon but i hope Oswald is getting one someday considering Mercedes did make it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Billy Bat

 One of the more Supernatural work of Naoki Urasawa but still a good one! I have read this one years ago but stopped halfway and then resumed the reading recently as the series has been completed. The story of Billy Bat revolves around a Japanese comic artist named Kevin Yamagata who upon encountered mysterious cartoon like creature called Billy Bat began to foresee future by drawing which often ends up in tragic end. Being a normal civilian however, the protagonist tries his best to prevent the tragedy but things are not as simple as it seems as the Bat creature has its sinister side while granting people future vision.

 What makes this manga stands out is that its take on several High Profile major events in the modern history are quite interesting and believable if absurd. And the main character Billy Bat is a parallel of certain Mascot from Disney and its rise to global power are scaringly accurate. But to me what makes me astounded is this manga's prediction on future which seems to be rather spot on which there will be a great conflict as the earth become more inhabitable but still leaves a glimmer of hope at its conclusion. If you are looking for some intelligent manga with good twists, Billy Bat is a good choice

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Gunpla Expo Indonesia 2018

 For the first time my company hosts Gunpla Expo for Indonesia in Jakarta last month. Over the span of three weeks, Gunpla Expo Indonesia 2018 was held in Mall of Indonesia. While i was in the background role for this event, i got enough time to do some coverage and might as well share it for those who are curious how this event look like in Indonesia.