Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winter Wonderfest 2016 highlights

As always Wonderfes showcases the amazing merchandise for Japanese Anime and Game industry and for this time i got my attention on the Figurines. For this time there is no particular mecha that piqued my interest though Kotobukiya and other companies do bring some decent stuff. As for the figurine the figma section is still saturated with Fate stuffs but there are several things that makes me hyped. After a long time since the GSC rendition finally we got a new Sakura figurine from Sakura Taisen which looks really gorgeous, The prototype figure of Sakura is posed with carrying mantle based on Sakura Taisen 4 Opening. On the Kaiyodo section we got some prototypes of some more Monster Hunter Action Figure but what catches me the most is that it appeared that Kaiser X is shown among the prototypes. I used Full Kaiser X quite alot in 4 Ultimate considering Teostra was my favorite monster and i am glad it is getting an action figure quite soon and i hope it comes with the Teo Lance. And lastly i am quite surprised Ushio and Tora gets a nendoroid. While the series is no doubt good Shonen series, GSC tends to make Nendos for Moe stuffs and usually they neglect series that doesn't have cute girls. In any case i hope we will have prototype for Persona 3 MC soon enough.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Variable Action Koubu Ogami Custom get!

 I have been waiting to get this toy for a while already ever since i played Sakura Taisen on my PSP. Personally the reason why i bothered to go through lengths in order to get the toy is because i think Ogami is quite awesome guy and the Variable Action lineup happens to be the best representation of his mech so far for physical merchandise. While the Hanagumi maidens are the main selling point of the series, i find Ogami is very manly for a harem protagonist compared to the betas nowadays and he is one of the best example for his archetype done right instead of straightaway delusional self-inserts.   Hopefully i will review the toy  before i am going back to China which should be doable and after seeing the Variable Action i am rather curious with the Wave's lineup for Sakura Taisen Koubus which they happen to manufacture around decade ago. I also just realize that the Megahouse's Koubu was the rendition of Sakura Taisen remake on PS2 where each Koubus got personalised design which is kinda hit or miss but at least for Ogami it was a hit.

Some Bonus pic

Sunday, January 31, 2016

1/100 MG Mega Bazooka Launcher

 I just become aware of the MG Mega Bazooka Launcher when i visited Singapore last December which it was sold for 60 SGD in one of the Hobbyshop at Funan Digital Mall. When Bandai announced MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0 Last year, i did expect something extra will be tagging along with it though i never expected Mega Bazooka Launcher come so soon after the 2.0 release. For now the MG version of Mega Bazooka Launcher is Online order only for 3000 Yen. I would have bought the kit in SG last year if i had means of painting the kit considering i got a painted Hyaku Shiki myself. Speaking of Hyaku Shiki 2.0 If i ever got one probably i will paint it in Char Custom Color as it was shown in Gundam Vs Zeta Gundam.

Maybe i will talk about GvsZG one of these days

Monday, January 25, 2016

Reassembled some of my Kits

 It took me two days for me to sort these kits from the box as i packed everything in one box back when i moved out from Sydney which causes the nightmare. More or Less i am still glad that majority of my kits are still mostly intact despite the rough journey even though i won't be able to treat them as toys anymore because these kits get brittle as they ages. To me these kits represents the culmination of my skills in Modelling when i was getting into the hobby for 3-5 years. While i messed up some and wasted plenty of good kits, at very least i won't repeat the same stupidity that i did in the past when i get back to the hobby again which will be soon enough. All of these kits have been reviewed before and if you can name all of them without seeing my reviews, your /m/ power level should be pretty good.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mechatalk: My Top 5 SRW Kit Wishlist

It has been AGES since i wrote the last Mechatalk Article. In this post i will discuss my Top 5 SRW Originals that i wished Kotobukiya or someone else to make the Plamo or Toy out of it. Even though the post is Plamo related since i will discuss the reasons why these mechs deserve one which involve the Fluff of the Series i guess it qualified as a Mechatalk Post. By the way Archlich made really glorious mecha illustrations even if it is not Five Stars Stories.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

SRW OG: The Moon Dwellers

 Have been expecting J Originals popping out to OG Saga soon or later since i played SRW J years ago and just now the upcoming SRW OG title just did that. As the 25th Anniversary of SRW series Banpresto announced new SRW OG game for PS3 and PS4 called The Moon Dwellers which you would expect plenty of J Originals in Action. Not much has been revealed so far but Granteed shows as the representative of SRW J accompanied by SRW GC Original as the new entries for the OG timeline and D Originals made it back as well. For now we haven't seen Calvina and Festenia yet but probably they will show up later. In my opinion i think The Moon Dwellers will probably serve as some sort of OG2 Gaiden as i doubt OG timeline will be concluded with The Moon Dwellers. While i won't be able to play the Game i will be looking forward to Raftclans reappearance and wonder if Cobray will pop up at all in this game?

You can look at my previous coverage of SRW J here or my FAF Bellzelute review here 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

CFB Enraged Rajang Review

 A quick review for the Figurine of the most ferocious Monster from Monster Hunter Series, Rajang. Bought this from Taobao for 280 RMB which is around 5600 Yen and i think it was a good deal. Apart from the price the reason why i decided to get the figure even though my favorite monster is Teostra is that i held great respect for the monster that gave quite a hard time back in my early hunting days. Rajang in MH series is well known as a Super Saiyan glass cannon, capable of dealing serious damage easily killing noobs despite having low hp. Aside being a murder machine the main issues that most hunters will face against Rajang is breaking both horns which are needed for its armor set. Since it is one of the more agile monster in the game and it dies easily, breaking the horns would be a hard task if your team are not coordinated and generally you will have better luck on Solo if you are good enough. I used to have problems with this guy in MHFU but as i played 4U Rajang become more manageable and i farmed his Grank Armor by myself with Empress Set and Daora Lance though most people use GS to snipe the horns.

The CFB version of the Rajang Figure comes in SSJ Mode on alert stance ready to pounce or fling monster bone on its left hand at unsuspecting hunters with both hands hardened. Personally i think the figure is quite impressive capturing the sheer ferocity of one of the most feared monster in the series though my gripe with my figure is that the hue of the back yellow hair is not that consistent. Definitely the figure is worth to get if you like the series and i am still crossing my hand on the Zinogre which looks impressive too. Without much further delay here are the pics.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

SRDS Cybuster

 From the Kotobukiya's SRDS Lineup i would have expected Cybuster would get one soon or later and it turns out it will be getting one on April this year. The kit comes with the price tag of 6000 yen which is rather steep for SD kit even though the sculpt looks so good and will surpass the Deformover version on good modeler. There will be also Limited Edition which is website exclusive that comes with Vanity Ripper and Base action with slightly higher price tag of 7800 Yen.

Based on Dunbine's design, Cybuster is one of the earliest SRW original and it plays a big part in helping the series reaching its current position. Probably Cybuster is the SRW unit with the most colorful background as well, it is the main star of joint project between SRW and Winkysoft which eventually got into awkward position as both company got into dispute resulting in Cybuster getting a bastard cousin named Rayblade and anime series loosely related which i heard was terrible. When i took my first step on SRW series i didn't have much impression on Cybuster but eventually went to respect the mecha as i played Masoukishin series. As for the next SRDS lineup i think the SRX team would have a good chance.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


 Happy New Year 2016! and another amusing Fantasy manga i found out there. If i am going to explain Helck in one sentence it would be One-Punch man in fantasy setting, the story is not exactly the same but the selling point of the manga is kinda similar. The Story is about a Human Hero called Helck who joined a tournament in Demon World to become the new Demon King after the last Demon King was killed by a hero. While the crowd loves Helck with his prowess in the tournament, the Tournament's overseer who happen to be one of the big wig in the Demon world is not amused with a Human joining a tournament to elect the new Demon King and Hijinks ensues as the Overseer try to disqualify Helck. While Helck seems to be the paralel of Saitama from OPM he kinda remind me of Emperor of Mankind from 40k series with his build and appearance which is wonder to be coincidence at all. Also the story mainly told from the perspective of the Overseer who is kinda Tsundere towards Helck and we could see her Dere times one of this day. Anyway if you like One-Punch Man or like Fantasy in general you might give the Manga a read and thanks to a miracle worker the chapters are translated quite fast recently.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Miracle's Bell edition

 Merry Christmas for 2015! Hope you have a pleasant day with your family this day and may next year will be even better year for everyone! For this year's Christmas i would like to share a song to fellow readers, a song from Sakura Taisen series that suits the mood for this special day; Kiseki no Kane or known as Miracle's Bell in English.

 The song first appear in Sakura Taisen 2 during the Christmas event in the game where Ogami can take one of the Kagekidan member for a Christmas date. Personally i think this is one of the more memorable song from Sakura Taisen series and perhaps this song starts that certain Christmas fad in anime. While I doubt Kiseki no Kane originally has such intention i just find the Japanese take on Christmas after the song onward is rather disrespectful toward the Spirit of Christmas. Christmas is supposed the day where you spend some quality time with your family and not your loved one not the day where couples spend night together on Christmas indulging in Carnal Pleasure like it was shown in anime like Amagami or School Days. I guess these kind of trends are inevitable with the nature of capitalism but the problem is if things like Christmas constantly get this kind of treatment, its original meaningful value will eventually fade away. I am not Christian but i do find this day is meant for spiritual cultivation and not for over-indulging in worldly pleasures which i hope people going to keep reflect on.