Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ragnarok the Animation

One of the weekly anime that i watched back in middle school when Ragnarok Online was really popular at the time and it was the only consolation for me since i can't play the PC game for some reason. I marathoned this series recently and find out surprisingly that i didn't miss any single episodes back then. While it is far from good Ragnarok Animation is quite memorable for me since it is decent RPG adventure anime. But i do find half of the main characters are annoying especially Yufa and Maya. From what i know the gaming fanbase hate this series for some reason but i guess because some of the stuff in the anime are unrealistic when compared to the game like beating MVPs with 1st class job. In the end i would say the anime could have been better if it has stronger relation with the game.

Since i got plenty of time during weekend in Beijing, over past few weeks i played RO on Private Server which i can say the game mechanics has aged already. I used Mage character which just become Sage which i really like because it is very versatile for me even though it is not powerhouse. My impression of RO as a game is that the Game is just overly reliant on equipments just like Ragnarok Odyssey. While i am expecting the game is Grindfest since it is MMORPG, the effort is just way too much especially if you are farming for the cards which is for me 10 times worst than getting the rarest drop in MH. Also i find the PC Game are not particularly creative after Yuno Chapter as the locations and monsters are just very uninspired. Nevertheless i will just play the game for the sake of making up the lost time which at the moment i am just burning those undeads in Glast Heim with my Firewalls!  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Non Scale Cybuster Possesion form kit

Since Masoukishin 2, i have been expecting Possesion form of Cybuster to get a kit eventually and few while ago in some Japanese Hobby show my expectation hits the target once again! There is no apparent release date or pricing yet but judging from the size i think it will cost at least as expensive as Neo Granzon or even more which probably will be around 10k Yen. Considering the 1/144 regular version of Cybuster alone was 7800 Yen which i had one. I hoped other Masoukishin will get a model eventually in particular Granveil and i recalled even Jaohm got a Garage Kit. However with how the last Masoukishin game turns out i think the chances are bleaker. I didn't play the 4th one but i heard it was disappointing which was kinda expected since Pride of Justice was terrible already, it seems either Winkysoft doesn't have the capacity to continue the series or Banpresto forced them to tie the series up. Nevertheless how the series turns out, i still recommend to play the first Masoukishin because the charm of the series was in that game and Masoukishin got the best version of Cybuster's theme.

You can see the possesion form of other Masoukishin here from my review of PoJ

and this was my review of 1/144 Cybuster

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari

I don't often discuss Manga series that haven't finished yet however i find this occassion exceptional. While Japanese anime industry is in decline, however Light novel is still going strong with interesting story. Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari or roughly the Story of White Kingdom is such title with Manga adaptation that catches my eye and another of those title that got potential. The story is about a guy who killed himself and wake up just to realize he is now a man with white hair, who signifies important role. As White haired people in his current place is one of a kind and chosen to rule as a King and at the moment the Kingdom needs a king to prevent its collapse. If you like Fantasy classic JRPG i think you will like the manga especially if you are in Seinen demographics. It is a rarity for JRPG style story got into Seinen ranga which means no Beta Protagonist for ya! The manga is so far translated until 2 volumes but it is enough to impress me and as long as it keeps itself coherent i think it will make a good series.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The reason why Guilty Crown fails

 Didn't watch this much hyped anime when it was released few years ago until now which i can see why people are disappointed with this anime. To sum it up the main issue that comes with Guilty Crown is because this project is way too ambitious and thus fails to deliver in the end and if you ask how bad the series fail it is as terrible as or even worse compared to Valvrave. To be fair Guilty Crown had a chance to be a good anime since it has good pieces, but somehow when the pieces are stringed along it falls apart because execution is terrible. Thus what causes this series goes wrong is basically people problem as the staff behind Guilty Crown are not good enough to use the pieces.

The first 12 episodes went just fine but from episode 13 onward there on the anime just went downward spiral with horrible trainwreck until the end. I think most people watch Guilty Crown for Inori considering her design is a rarity but her character execution is just not good enough. From what i get Inori's character is supposed to be an empty shell who slowly regains her conscience but again terrible execution failed this part. As for Shu or more known as Shoe he is just Beta protagonist and nothing more considering he lose the chance to redeem himself in the end. In conclusion what makes Guilty Crown set itself apart from other wasted potentials(which Japan anime industry got a lot by this point) is because it got huge amount of budgets and supposedly solid staffs but doesn't prevent itself to fail miserably. But to me GC shows me that 95% of Japanese anime with High School setting doesn't deliver btw Inori's GSC figure are gorgeous tho.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ai Yori Aoshi

Early September I have been moving to Beijing for my Study which is why I haven’t been able to post anything on Blogger or Wordpress considering both websites are blocked in China for some reason. On the post today, I just finished reading Ai Yori Aoshi manga which was really enjoyable read considering I am never a big fan of Slice of Life. I watched Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi back when I was in Highschool and my biggest impression of the series comes from the main heroine Aoi Sakuraba.
Aoi is one of the best representations of Yamato Nadeshiko in manga/anime series out there with contemporary setting considering her kind usually found more in Meiji Era kind of story. Her love story between Kaoru is not overly dramatic yet touching and her perseverance is quite admirable. Before I read the manga I never really understand why Aoi wore her Kimono most of the time in the series but as I finished the manga, her kimono symbolise very important theme which is implied in the title itself; “Love deeper than blue” as her Kimono will change color over the time and so does her love with Kaoru grow even stronger over the time. A very good Seinen Romance title if you haven’t read it and I think I will play the VN eventually as well.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


If Phoenix Wright and Umineko have a lovechild, you get Danganronpa! I picked this up on PSP on recommendation of a friend and i can see how it got some kind of popularity. The story of Danganronpa is about 15 High School Students from Elite school trying to survive sinister from a bear called plot named Monokuma. The main theme about Danganronpa is all about despair and what makes this series unique is that the portrayal of grimdark stuff in this game is rather colorful, wacky and over the top at the same time. The core gameplay of Danganronpa resembles Phoenix Wright with 3D map to explore and the trial got some more variation. The game also include mechanism called "Free Time" where you can spend sometime with other classmates like Social Link to acquire skills helpful for the trial. Overall the mystery element of the game is mediocre but still enjoyable as at the end of the game, you will find the plot twist quite predictable. I will look forward to the second Danganronpa which i will get it for my Vita whenever available since i am quite curious with the continuation as the series got cliffhanger ending in the end.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SPT Blue Comet Layzner

Another Takahashi's work that i finished watching! which left Galient and FLAG to go. I had big hopes about this series mainly due to awesome OP but it turns out Layzner is one of the worse Ryosuke Takahashi's work which even doesn't escape from his penchant of Mysticism. I get to know Layzner first from Another Century Episodes 2 though got better exposure from it through SRW J. The story of SPT Blue Comet Layzner is basically about a half Earth boy trying to save Earth from his Alien race by piloting a experimental Robot called Layzner which turned into Hokuto no Ken by the second half. I believe Layzner introduce couple of new elements which inspired later Mecha series from being one of the first mecha series that got a pacifist type protagonist, having Mars as a background of the series and Mecha with sentient AI.

What makes Layzner being one of the worse Takahashi's work is the pacing of the first arc and second half is way too different where the former is rather slow while the later just erratic. The second arc is just plainly uninspirational even though it has awesome main antagonist and you can just trace their elements from Hokuto no Ken. To make it even worse the second half is just butchered halfway which made a what would have been mediocre anime series to terrible one. Lastly i really feel the romance feels too forced in the series because the love interest of the main protagonist is just plainly shoved out of nowhere. Nevertheless Layzner got some of the better mecha design from Kunio Okawara and definitely it does inspire the future anime series. I really feel that Layzner could have been better if it got proper planning and the background were expanded instead of having generic Aliens invading Earth with superior tech trope. If i had some luck i would love to get the Robot Damashii Layzner MK II

Monday, August 18, 2014

SRDS Alteisen Riese

After plenty of Kotobukiya's experimentation with D-Style i guess they are confident enough to craft one for SRW now. Sometime around mid of this year Koto announced SRDS lineup which started with Alteisen Riese. I had to say the proportion of the model perfectly match the SD sprites from the game and even looks way cooler than your average SD Gundam Kits. The kit will be released around november this year with the price of 5200 Yen which is even more expensive than the non scale Alteisen Riese. Personally i find the price is abit too steep for the initial product for the lineup but finished product does looks really gorgeous indeed and this could possibly achieve something that the similar lineup that Megahouse had few while ago unable to do. If i ever get back to make my modelling i will probably get Riese and definitely get Wildwurger especially if it comes with the gimmick. i hope Riese will not be the only product of this promising lineup

here is the review for my non scale Alteisen Riese

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Crimson Shroud

A very short RPG yet somehow enticing, that is the impression that i get from playing this game. Bought this game along with other Level 5 Guild project few months ago when they were on discount though never bothered to touch the game until i took a short break from monster hunter. Crimson Shroud sets itself apart from other JRPGs for having a Tabletop RPG feel like D&D or WH40K which is very rare among its kind. While Crimson Shroud has the Tabletop game feels of it by no means it is a real TRPG but the game got its mechanics implemented well to have an interesting experience. When i goes through the story, it really give me a certain unique vibe which turns out that Yatsumi Matsuno is behind this game, who is known for being creator of FF Tactics, Vagrant Stories and Tactics Ogre which all of these have something in common; very good RPG story. The size of the story is roughly as big as a mini campaign of RPG games which takes place in one dungeon. The story of a Crimson Shroud is about an adventure of 3 Seekers in search of a "Gift", relics that grant its wielder magical power and the one that they look for is the "Crimson Shroud" a legendary gifts that was said to grant great magical power. The adventure leads the adventurer's  to a place called Rahab Palace that used to be a magnificent palace that become a center of civilization but now forgotten by time. As the story continues to unfold the Adventurers will find more sinister forces hiding in this Palace and it is up to their ability to survive this ordeal.

At first for me, it is rather hard to grasp the gameplay mechanics since there are lots of mechanics crammed at the same time. You will need to loot your enemies spoils to get better weapons and keep augmenting it. Once you understand the mechanics you will this game enjoyable otherwise you will only deal one damage to the enemy. Crimson Shroud is divided into 4 Acts which will roughly last about 4 hours and most of the time you will spend is to get the key from random encounter which can be very frustrating sometimes. There are 2 endings available in this game which you can only access the second one after you finish the first playthrough as more areas become available in new game+. My suggestion for this game is once you get Falchion try to find more Falchion to upgrade it as high as possibly since the weapon will simply wreck the enemy once upgraded with the special move. Overall i find this game is one of the better Guild project titles and wished there would be some kind of continuation by Matsuno with the same game mechanics. So whenever the game in discount again, just grab it without hesitation!