Sunday, July 20, 2014

Matrix Trilogy

Never watched the series when it was aired on cinemas but the part of the movie that gave me lasting impression is the scene where Neo dodged the bullet in Slow motion in first Matrix even though i didn't watch the movies until now. Overall i can say the Matrix trilogy is a rollercoaster ride, First is the best for being thought provoking while Reloaded not as good as the first but redeem itself for having coolest action scenes that i have ever seen in movies and Revolutions is unfortunately a train wreck.

The first movie is the one that captivate people the most, it shows interesting ideas mixed with philosophies and i really like the scene where Morpheus asked Neo "what is real"? This makes me still wonder how Matrix Revolutions for some reason could turned 180 degree and end up in disappointment. The main focus of the movie series is about the Matrix itself which is the artificial world that kept human imprisoned while being harvested in real world as Human Duracell and for some reason the Third movie just neglect on this part and focusing on the real world part which is not exactly the strongest part of the series. Revolutions started rather smoothly but in the middle it somehow become mindless actions in Dystopian world that is not cyberpunkish enough.

Nevertheless the First and Second movies are very good which redeem the series itself. I didn't expect a western movie could pull of rather impressive Wire-fus which you usually only see in Hongkong martial art movies. Also from three movies i noticed there are rather plenty of scenes shot in Sydney which i know couple of them notably Martin Place and Museum Station. I still wonder if there will be some continuation of this series someday? i would like to see Neo kicking some ass with his awesome martial arts.

Monday, July 14, 2014

1/72 Liger Zero Jaeger Review

The last time i did a model kit review was more than a year ago and this Liger Zero Jaeger is no exception. I had taken shots of my finished work for this kit last year but since i had trouble posing the kit for midair pose i stopped halfway. However it won't do justice if the kit doesn't get to see the light since i promised to show the finished work through the WIP back then. I don't take much shots for this kit but i think it is sufficient enough to see the difference of the unpainted version.

Wings opened
Zero Jaeger(Hunter in German) is the second CAS form of Liger Zero created by Helic Republic for high speed close combat. Sporting Ion Booster that is even larger than Liger Zero's, Jaeger is capable of manuvering in really high speed for a land based Zoid only rivaled by few like Berserk Fury Z. Since Jaeger frame is meant for speed, the frame doesn't come with extra armament but Liger Zero's Strike Laser Claw is potent enough for a high speed combat considering most of the high speed zoids doesn't have too much armor. In Zoids Legacy Jaeger is the least used CAS for Liger Zero but i have to admit after working on the kit, Jaeger is probably one of the coolest looking form of Liger Zero's CAS

Friday, July 4, 2014

Muramasa Rebirth/Oboro Muramasa

Bought this from PSN when it was like $14 on PSN and it was really worth it even though i could get it cheaper on US PSN. I regret abit that i didn't get this game earlier but at least i finally know what is the deal about this game. Oboro Muramasa is one of the few games that can give you quite lasting impression because the production quality of this game is really high for its genre and the graphic in the game is just simply beautiful...

Oboro Muramasa is a 2D  hack'n'slash beat'em up game with a dash of Metroidvania feel which puts you into the shoes of two youths Kisuke and Momohime who are linked by the cursed legendary swords of Muramasa venturing on a quest across the land of Feudal Japan. In the beginning you can choose either character scenario but in the end you will have to play both scenario to get the true end for both characters. What really stands out from Oboro Muramasa is the graphic, as expected from Vanillaware who made Odin Sphere, the landscape in Oboro Muramasa is just really vibrant from the Samurai Castle to Snowy mountain the graphic is just beautiful and the music even make the game more immersive. The drawback from this game is that it can get very repetitive later on since you fight the same mobs from the beginning to the end. So far i have only tried Legend mode which is walk in the park though i heard Chaos is abit harder and Fury would be Challenging. Probably sometime in the future i will be getting the DLCs as well

Out of the 2 Character scenarios, i prefer Kisuke's endings since all of them concluded in somewhat happier tone compared to Momohime's which everything are pretty much bad end when i think about it. I don't think Muramasa needs any sequel but if Vanillaware wants it probably they will be able to pull it off. If you got a PSVita this is one of the good games you can get and i wish someday there will be a Vita port for Odin Sphere.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Year has passed and still...

Playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate! Never expected myself to have such dedication for this series but i guess i can keep myself committed with it as long as i have things to do. It has been more than a year since i bought my 3DS along with MH3U copy and i still play this game from time to time. This screenshot is my Female Hunter character Hilde, which i used  myself to solo all the way through Grank with Sword and Shield and i got her a full Alatreon X set! I had Escadora X set with Ikaruga as well which was painstakingly farmed with Gunlance though i cheesed Ala with Kelbi Bow with Hilde since i can't be bothered to farm that guy too long. Compared to Lucent Narga or Abyssal Lagi set, Escadora X is very lame endgame armor but it serves as a good trophy at least. I have to say my hunter progress as Hilde is rather smooth with SnS which i went through Grank rather easily though i still need Lance for underwater as SnS is way too unreliable on those kind of battle. 

Throughout my journey as SnS user i mainly used these armor set Alloy>Lagombi S>Lagiacrus U>Lambent and i am rather surprised that Ivory Lagi Armor is very good and served me well even on HR7 which i used this set to solo the Dual Brachy without too much struggle. Lambent Set though is very reliable set as well the only downside is its lacking of armor slot and it is probably the best armor in the game if you could add Evade+2 and Challenger+2 on that one. 

Anyway after a year has passed and get to play other MH clones i still wondering the other similar games doesn't have what Monster Hunter have. Surely MH had came a long way before they reach their current fame but for me it is about how the character reflects to the player especially when you play solo. In Monster Hunter series your hunter reflects your skill as a player, if it takes you a long time to kill a monster even with a good set it means that your skill needs to be improved and the monsters that you fought serve as the obstacle for you to master the required skill to defeat them. While 3U has been alot more forgiving compared to previous game, having Endgame set doesn't mean anything if you can't use them properly which is still very true in this 3U Grank. I may not the best hunter when it comes to speedkills but i think i am very good at surviving as a Blademaster and my advice is that use MOI(moments of invisibility) to the fullest and mastering the Evade+ skill is a sign of a good hunter. Probably i will be still playing MH3U until 4 Ultimate comes out and for now i think i am going to try reaching HR100 with my LS guy.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow and Muvluv

Never planned to watch this movie but since i heard good things about it, i decide to give it a go just like other thing. It was surprisingly entertaining movie unlike hollywood adaptation stereotypes which usually end up being terribad. I have read the All you need is Kill manga which shared the same base material with this one and compared to the manga the movie had happier end and less shonen tone. I find the main reason why the movie did really well is mainly because of the base material is good to boot with and rather easy to convert to suit tastes. It still makes me wonder how Tom Cruise looks still so young until now considering he has been active before he played in Top Gun

What makes me include the Muvluv in the header is that because it shares the same template with the source material of Edge of Tomorrow, in a way you can say that Muvluv is All you need is Kill with Giant Robots. Basically the main protagonist is a weak guy but gets stronger after going through loop after loop while dying in the process and in the end the main heroine is the cause why the guy can't get through out of loop. Depending in on what perspective you see Muvluv Alternative either inspired by All you need is Kill (which came earlier btw) or plagiarize it which i think Muvluv borrowed "a little bit too much". I used to like Muvluv series back then but got abit sick of it lately due to poor continuation of the series that goes nowhere which gave me the impression is that Alternative is too unoriginal. Nevertheless i believe the novel probably borrow the inspiration somewhere as well which at the moment i didn't know yet but i believe eventually i will. So Muvluv borrowed heavily on Blue Gender and All you need is kill what else the series borrowed at the time Alternative came to light?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Megaman Battle Network 2

Out of the all of the Blue Bomber series either Battle Network or Zero are my favorite ones because pretty much i spent my teen playing those series like crazy. I have played most of the Battle Network series back then except one which was the 2nd and i finished a run recently. Got to say, the 2nd is not as good as i expected probably because i was spoiled too much with the later series and arguably one of the easier series for me as well. MMBN 2 is the one that introduced style system which the 3rd will perfect it and Wood Style in MMBN2 is really broken. One of the major gripes for me in the 2nd game is that the plot feels abit dragged on especially around the Netopia arc where you fight the Gospel Navi in quick succession. I feel the cyberworld in MMBN2 is realIy small for some reason and also abit disappointed that Higsby didn't make it in this game. For me MMBN2 is probably the 2nd worst Battle network series but without it there will never be the 3rd Game which is the best one in my opinion while 4th is the worst one. At the moment i am reminiscing my memories with this series by doing another run for most of the games. Probably someday i will be hunting for the merchandise of this series.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden

In my opinion Watase Yuu is one of the best Shoujo mangaka out there even her work is not as popular as Rumiko Sensei. Just now i finished some of my past backlog which is Genbu Kaiden which is the prequel of Fushigi Yuugi. Overall Genbu Kaiden is not perfect in everything but got very good romance and you can see how Watase Yuu's writing matured over time. Simply to say if the original Fushigi Yuugi got the happy ending then Genbu Kaiden had even better romance in the series by far. As the prequel of the Fushigi Yuugi, Genbu Kaiden tells about the story about the journey of Genbu Miko who is the first out of four Celestial beast Miko summoned to book world in the Kingdom of Hokan. As the first Fushigi Yuugi story had laid out, Takiko the Genbu Miko's life ends in her journey but ended in very meaningful one, without her i don't think the other 3 Mikos are able to fulfill their role.

Takiko probably the best Miko in the Fushigi Yuugi by far since she is not wishy washy as Miaka or Yui. Her romance with Rimudo is very beautiful one because their love is so pure that it moves the heart of their people and captivate the reader. Watase Yuu laid out "Mono no Aware" part in Genbu Kaiden really well which is the primary reason why the story feels very memorable even it is short especially for the romance part. It is a rarity to see a Shoujo manga with such pure love and this alone makes Genbu Kaiden a very good title in this genre. Shortly after i read Genbu Kaiden, i gave Fushigi Yuugi a reread and frankly speaking it turns out very different than what i imagined mainly due to Miaka with her immaturity. I will be looking forward to the Byakko Kaiden which is said to be planned for next year and i believe Watase Yuu sensei would be able to pull it off just as good as Genbu Kaiden.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Felt rather nostalgic recently and picked up Inuyasha manga to read. I read this series when i was in my teens and probably one that gave lasting reflection to me even though i never managed to finish reading it back then. Inuyasha is one of those series which have its main charm to be opposite of the genre it represents, for Inuyasha i feel what makes this series charming is the Shoujo-ish element even the genre the series represents is Shonen one.

Takahashi Rumiko is one of the best female mangaka out there which is the good reason why she is one of the most successful in her field and obviously she made Inuyasha to be memorable one. However just like most long series manga, Inuyasha gets a bit dragged out eventually which i believe around when Moryoumaru showed up since it gradually loses its charm as it gradually devolve to mostly battle manga at that point but still concluded decently even not the best.  My greatest disappointment from Inuyasha is that the Love triangle between Inuyasha, Kagome and Kikyo which made the series interesting is very lacking especially after Shichinin Arc and personally i wished Rumiko sensei could the what if scenario where Inuyasha and Kikyou didn't encounter their tragedy. Nevertheless the first 30 volumes of Inuyasha are very enjoyable which made it a memorable series for me even after ten years. Perhaps someday in the future i will be marathoning the anime series and the movie for old times sake. Also any recommendations for good inuyasha game out there? The PS1 one is quite fun fighting game

Monday, May 12, 2014

Om Shura Sowaka! Tenku Senki Shurato thoughts

One of those anime that i watched when i was a kid and felt it should have been left that way. I had great hope for this series before i watched it but i can see why Shurato never made it big once i finished the series. To sum it up Shurato is wasted potential just like other many Japanese animes and in the end it become a mere Saint Seiya clone. Shurato have very good character pieces and setting that could be interesting which i see i would make a good darker version of Saint Seiya however the series goes the opposite direction which made it lose its respect slowly. The story is dragged out too long and by the time of 2nd Arc everything went downhill in really fast pace. But what makes it the worst about Shurato for me is that the way Tatsunoko handled the Hinduism lore which serve as the basis of the series is just disrespectul which made impression for me that Japanese are ignorant of other country's culture . I am quite familiar with my Hinduism lore and Vishnu is definitely not a woman (even if the avatar may be) or Shiva a malevolent god and even Atlus didn't do this kind of butchering with their SMT series. Even so i wished Shurato could get the better treatment than this because the series feel really wasted. Probably this series need a reboot that it deserves and if there is ever Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2 i wished Shurato made into the cut. I still wonder if Bandai will ever release an Armor plus for the series as well?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter

At first i thought this game is a furry game with robot but turns out more than that and i can see why Xseed decided to bring this game to western shore. Solatorobo is probably one of the DS game that is released near the end of DS lifecycle that got really good production value. I am not into furries, in fact i avoid them like plague and i like Solatorobo because it is genuinely good game. The story is typical JRPG and quite lighthearted. In the game you play as Caninu(Canine + Inu) hunter called Red whose daily hunter life changed when he encountered a Felineko(Feline + Neko) called Elh who made a contract with Red to Seal the great Beast Lares before it plunge the world to calamity. The gameplay is rather simple where Red piloted robot called Dahak and Judo throw people around. Also the storyline is divided into 2 parts where the first part feels like whole tutorial.

What i find really charming from this series is the world setting which is just vibrant and colorful, a good one for a JRPG game. I find the mecha designs are very cool as well but quite underused and somehow the mecha kinda reminds me of Tron Bonne and Bumpy trot. As for music they are very good for a DS games and have some feel of .Hack along with it. My gripe for this game is that all of the good stuff in the games are underused and the game is too easy even the final boss is pushover. If Cyberconnect ever plans a sequel for this game i would say it is quite easy for them to pull it off considering the potential of the series are not fully used yet. I will probably play this game until i get the Dahak Omega which is the picture below and going to get Tail Concerto a try.