Friday, August 26, 2016

MH Generations N3DS XL GET!

 Never intended to play MH Generations but after some goading by my friends, in the end i gave in. As my old 3DS got worn out from thousands of hours from Monster Hunting, i decided to get a new 3DS and thought might as well buy a new 3DS. There were 2 candidates for my new 3DS which were the Animal Crossing Home designer version N3DS and MH Generations N3DS XL which in the end i picked the latter. While i think the Limited edition for MH4U N3DS XL was cooler, the MH Gens limited edition doesn't look too bad with Glossy exterior and Matte interior. Surprisingly the data transfer between the 3DS is much less complicated than what i would have thought.

Since i have clocked few hours in MHGens prior to the Data Transfer, i might as well share my first impression about the game. I was on the fence with MHGens due to some mess that Capcom did with 4U and it appears that Generations did fix some of them. The most apparent one is in the Palico system such as acquiring Equipment for Palico doesn't rely on annoying minigame anymore and Weapon variations doesn't get too redundant with the new forging mechanics. I hate to admit it but Capcom did a good job on hooking older players into this game with the nostalgia factor and certainly the solo experience on this game felt better than 4U. While Generations lack of G-Rank, the game will bombard you with high number of quests so it will take a while to complete all of the quests. As of now, i managed to reach 6* Village and the new Flagship monster is not half bad. As always i am still a Lancer and i use Guild style since i like the versatilty that this style provide even though i know that most people are probably using Striker style. I will share my overall thoughts about this game again once i reached the endgame with my First char.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

ACI Toys Greek Hoplite 2.0

  When i saw the pictures for this year's Hongkong Toy Show highlights, a company called ACI Toys caught my attention with their product. It appears that they make high-end 1/6 Scale posable figures comparable with Hot Toys lineup. One of their featured products in the exhibition is their Greek Hoplites which looks gorgeous and soon will be available in 4 different styles. The Hoplite comes with Linothorax Armor along with Xiphos and Greek Shield as the armament. When i check the ACI website for the Hoplite 1.0, Hoplite 2.0 is designed as another variation of 1.0 which come with Cuirass and Javelin. Apparently they will sell the Hoplite's Equipment separately from the figure for some reason, probably because of production cost. Even though i am not to familiar with High-end toys like Hot Toys, but i think the Hoplite 2.0 will cost around 100-200 USD.

 Hoplites were the  Heavy Infantry of Greek in classical period which are mostly composed of Free Citizens of Greek City States and have been used as mainline infantry through the famous battles in Classical Period. Usually They fight with Spear and Shield and when 2 Forces of Hoplite fight against each other, the sight looks like 2 Porcupines sticking out on each other . Some of the more outstanding tactics using Hoplite in the period were the Oblique Formation used by Theban General Epaminondas and the Hammer&Anvil tactics by Alexander the Great. The Linothorax armor itself are rather interesting piece of equipment, made of layers of Linen Cloth, the armor provide better comfort than cuirass and at the same time capable of protecting the user from arrows in the period. The armor also had been featured in Homer's Iliad and seen to be worn by Alexander the Great on a famous mural. Nevertheless the depiction of the Hoplite's equipment looks accurate enough for a history amateurs like me and the Hongkong based company deserved a praise for putting respectable amount of effort on their research.

 Apart from the Hoplite 2.0, ACI Toys also made the figurine of famous Greek character based on Troy movie which starred Brad Pitt and i do see Paris and Achilles prototype from the exhibition which looks gorgeous. However the ones that i look forward the most is ACI Toys prototype for Sengoku Period famous Warlord, Shingen Takeda which is spot-on in terms of looks which will wait for its preview.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Some shots for Shiranui UN version

 I accidentally deleted my photoshots on Shiranui UN for stupid reason and here are some of what i can salvage from. I intend to do another take on this guy which i will do once i finished reading Muvluv Alternative which i intend to do in near future despite 6 months of procrastinating. This time i will do it with better setups compared to last time since these pictures are taken with Digital Camera instead of DSLR. Anyway case here are some of the shots that were taken for the Review.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

1/8 Ryougi Shiki -Yume no Youna, Hibi no Nagori- Bootleg Review

 During my stay China, my exploration on Taobao does not only have me encounter Bootleg Gunpla but also discover new realm of Bootleg Figurines. While i have been aware of the Bootleg Nendoroids existence for long time already but i never expected China had quite extensive industry on bootleg figurine until the recent times. While I tried my best not to get too much of these stuffs, i reserved getting these bootleg figurine as an act of discontent toward some series creator. As for this case i got myself this fake Ryougi Shiki which was based on a Kotobukiya version for the sake of giving middle finger to Typemoon for being a shadow of its former self and becoming money grubbing filth with their shenanigans on Fate series. I used to plan to get the original figurine back in Sydney since i watched all of the Kara no Kyokai movie even though i cant really remember the content now. But at very least i still able to see how KnK which happens to be Nasu's first major work lay the groundwork for Tsukihime which still remains as my personal Favorite. I bought the figurine from Taobao for 55 RMB which is less than 10 USD。 And just like a Chinese idiom says "一分钱一分货“ as the figurine quality is relative to its cost which is certainly nowhere to the original but works good enough as display.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Mechatalk: Super Robot Wars and Char Part 2

 A while i ago i have discussed how SRW further explored the much beloved Gundam series Anti-Hero, Char Aznable. As Alpha series provided the final showdown befitting of the caliber of his character, This time i will discuss the exploration of his character done in SRW MX. While MX did not incorporate much of Universal Century Gundam in its storyline, it does provide an alternate take on Post-Zeta Gundam Char something that is not much explored in the Gundam series outside Gihrens Greed. You can look at the previous SRW and Char discussion here

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dragon Momoko MG Tallgeese III Get!

  Tallgeese III is one my favorite MS from Gundam Wing and i still have the HG 1/100 version even though unpainted. Since Bandai made MG Tallgeese a while ago they also made MG Tallgeese II and III which unfortunately difficult to get outside Japan without selling your kidney. So instead i used opportunity staying in China to get the Dragon Momoko version of Tallgeese III for 68 RMB or roughly 10 USD which is a steal for this guy though i expect it is a knock-off Dragon Momoko since the kit cost around 40 bucks on Dragon Momoko's website. Even though i already had 1/100 Tallgeese III, i just buy this kit out of spite with Bandai since they are sometimes rather douchey toward Modelers outside Japan. I expect the quality of the kit doesn't stay far from the original MG   since Dragon Momoko's kit quality is quite decent and apparently the Dragon Momoko version also come with extra parts that Bandai's MG didn't have. If you want to get MG Tallgeese III without forking out too much money then Dragon Momoko's would be a good choice. I think i will probably convert my HG Tallgeese III to Tallgeese II and sometime in near future i will write some post discussing about Bootleg Gunpla for educational purposes.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mobile Police Patlabor Game Edition PSX

 Patlabor series is probably one the most well known work made by Yutaka Izubuchi and i certainly respect this series alot for having one of the most realistic approach for mecha genre. Little known outside Japan, the series actually had a decent game on PSX which was not too shabby at its time but doesn't age really well at the present with its graphic quality. In any case Patlabor Game Edition offers an interesting experience for a mecha game because it is made by people who understand the series really well.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ys Seven Adol Christin Figurine Review

 It could be said that Ys series is quite an influential RPG series in japan but for some reason it didn't have much merchandise despite it deserved one and even Eiyuu Densetsu series got more love. Up until now there is no proper figure for Adol Christin and at best we got Gashapon tier figurine of him. It is such tragedy for a legendary hero like Adol didn't have proper figurine since Japan didn't bother to make a male figurine unless it is Fujoshi Bait. Surprisingly China beat Japan in the race of making figure for Adol as they made Ys Seven version of Adol Christin as a part of their release of Limited Edition of YS Seven game over there. Got myself one from Taobao for 40 RMB which is really cheap though recently it fetch rather expensive price recently. There's also SD figurine for Celceta version of Adol but it is rather pricey for non posable SD figurine. While it is not the best version of figurine, at least we get slightly more decent figurine for this beloved Red Haired Adventurer on par with Ufo Catcher tier.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Coyote Ragtime Show

 A solid action anime made by Ufotable back when they don't make TYPE-MOON stuffs. Coyote Ragtime Show is a short but intensely fun Space Pirate anime. For such solid overall quality, i still wonder why the series doesn't seem to be that popular and just end up to be anime of the season, i suppose it is not up to the taste of Japanese. Coyote Ragtime Show tells the story of two groups of Space Pirates racing down for a Space Pirate King treasure. One group is led by the Pirate King's best buddy who's an infamous Space Pirate by himself and taking care of his buddy's daughter while the other side is led by a powerful Female Space Pirate who murdered the Pirate King himself in the past and led 12 Gothic Lolitas battle maid android as elite squads.

 For a Sci-fi anime Coyote Ragtime Show gets a solid score as its intense actions and compelling story will get you hooked into the series. Best comparison would be that Coyote Ragtime Show is what Baccano will look like if it had futuristic setting and the latter is awesome anime. On the sidenote, the Space Pirate King kinda resemble Tokiomi from Fate/Zero and the Twelve Maids are quite nice eyecandy especially their leader named April which is the character in the header pics of this post. So if you are sick of Shonen protagonists and prefer characters who relies on their wits to solve their issues in a Sci-fi setting, Coyote Ragtime Show is a good choice. I suppose the series got better charm for Western Audiences and i think i will give a watch to Outlaw Stars or Cowboy Bebop eventually.