Monday, April 20, 2015

Sakura Taisen 2 First Playthrough Completed!

First Sakura Taisen is a rough diamond but second one is definitely a polished one! Just finished my first playthrough of the game and definitely an enjoyable ride! compared to the first one Sakura Taisen 2 get really big improvement on story department and music and characters are still awesome as always. The game introduce two new romantic interest for Ogami which maybe a bit difficult to approach at first but both are well written characters for sure. As always Sakura Taisen 2 still follows the formula of the first game with dating sim in episodic style with mecha battles. For my first playthrough i picked Sakura as the main girl because she is the main heroine after all.

Gameplay wise apart from the adventure gaming part, the battles in Sakura Taisen 2 got plenty of improvement. The stages in the game are more challenging and the final boss is not as pushover as the first one. Nearing the end of the game you will also get 2nd Combination attack with the girl you are closest to which i thought was the addition on the 3rd game and man Ogami is really swag to be able to kill the enemies just by flirting with the girls. Lastly in the Sakura Taisen 2 you will be able to use tactics which is helpful for flexibilitles on certain situations.

After playing two of the main series, i get to understand why Sakura Taisen was really big thing in Japan back in late 90s and early 20s. To be frank Sakura Taisen is what VN will look like if it got really high production value and in that time i would say it was any easy feat. Main story is nothing special but the Main Heroines are something else and along with the beautiful songs i think it was really awesome to be a fan of the series at that time. At the moment i won't be playing Sakura Taisen 3 anytime soon since i aim to get Iris and Orihime ending at least before moving on.

and here is the ending sequence of Sakura, the main heroine which is not as awesome as the last time but still heartwarming

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Arslan Senki (Hiromu Arakawa)

It has been like two years since the new reboot of this series, while at this time it haven't surpassed the first OVA yet, i guess we will see proper continuation of this supposed to be work of LOGH author through FMA creator(shoujo manga doesn't count i guess). At this time the story of the manga is not even halfway of what the previous OVA which i think it will take around 1-2 years with the current rate and last time the OVA ended where Arslan journeyed again after his father restored his power. In terms of artwork, frankly speaking the previous one still looks superior but i guess it is rather hard to defeat Yoshitaka Amano's work. The difference of the new serialization so far is that the manga add new a Lusitanian slave turned knight which supposed to be rival of Arslan. Arslan Senki is about a journey of a Young Prince to become a Great King eventually. In middle eastern language Arslan means Lion(which even used by mongols too) and this series supposed to show how a lion cub grow into a great Lion. At the moment it is too early to say anything about the series but do yourself a favor and go watch the OVA, it is one of those treasures left in 90s.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sakura Taisen 3rd Playthrough completed!

Procrastinated quite a while already but do more playthroughs enough for me to move on to Sakura Taisen 2. After i got Iris Ending on my first playthrough i do another 2 more playthroughs and get Sakura's and Sumire's Ending, two Yamato Nadeshikos of Hanagumi. The main charm of this series is always the girls since the storyline is nothing special and i find the first game's story is rather silly too.

Out of the Hanagumi, Sakura is the clingiest one to Ogami and she is the easiest girl to get jealous if Ogami is with another beautiful girl which will be shown more on later games. While she is the main girl, i find Sakura's heart is rather hard to capture if you don't pick the correct choices with her LIPS. As for Sumire, you need to increase her affection on earlier chapter otherwise it will be late to get her route later on and her LIPS are rather tricky one since sometimes you need to give her silent treatment.

Both Girls had their own Charming points while Sakura is the innocent tsundere type and Sumire is snobbish type both of them are Yamato Nadeshikos in the end. Sumire is surprisingly sweet girl after you put up with her snobbishness.

Just to show how obsessed Hanagumi with Ichiro Ogami
At the moment i am halfway through Sakura Taisen 2 which is even more enjoyable ride than the first one and the two new girls are just as good as the other Hanagumi cast. I will still go back to the first game to get Maria's ending at least but as for 2nd Sakura Taisen, i will get 2 or 3 endings first before moving on the 3rd Game which i really look forward to.

anyway here are the ending scenes of the 3 of the girls i completed the route and they got their own theme songs sung by the girls seiyuu too.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Rarely talked about doujinshi but here is another one worth mentioning.The doujin was released in early 2000s but it hasn't aged since the drawing style is really good for its time. Hanafuda is a love story taken place roughly in Heian period between a Shapeshifting Fox girl and a Noble turned Demon Hunter who went on a quest of vengeance against Onis for his dead lover. As the story unfolds, many things are revealed and the plot twists are well placed. Hanafuda theme is about Love and Betrayal which gives a slight glance on the possible decadence of Heian period which bring its era into an end that eventually lead to Samurai imposed rule. The drawing style is very vivid and memorable which is makes it stands apart other doujins. While it is not for kids due to its nature, you should give this gem a read

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

MG Hyaku Shiki Ver 2

One of the MG kit that i least expected to get 2.0 Treatment since the Ballute version is good enough though i admit original is rather dated indeed. MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0 will be scheduled for May this year release for 6800 Yen price which is even pricier than Zeta 2.0 but i assume the kit comes with better gold plating though it is still better if you paint it yourself. Also the joints articulation are better by now and the face plate will look slightly different this time. Personally i still prefer the Ballute System version since it is good enough and articulation is still very good and it comes with extra parts that you can use with certain MGs. You can check my review for MG Hyaku Shiki here

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tsuyokute New Saga

Another promising JRPG manga that i found when lurking /a/ today and just like most of the genre manga i discussed so far, it is also based from light novel. Tsuyokute or be Stronger is about a Hero who fought against Demon King and defeated him with a great cost losing all his allies and lovers, before he become unconscious he reached out to the magical artifact that the Demon Lord protecting and found himself warped back to the past. With this circumstances which is basically New Game+ the Hero tries to prevent the tragedy to occur again and will he manage to succeed? I find the series to be promising but wonder once the plot device dries out will Tsuyokute be consistent or will it end up to be generic Shonen manga, and i think it really depends on the Author's capability to expand the universe of the series. Love triangle is kinda staple for this genre and i find the elf chick and the hero pairing reminds me of Parn and Deedlit from Lodoss Senki. I still wonder what is the significance of the black feather though i doubt the Hero and the Demon Lord is the same guy but i think Hero could be one in the future just like one from Rance verse.

link for the LN translation

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bio Meat: Nectar

Probably the only post for this month since i am too distracted with monster hunter over this past 2 weeks. Suprisingly decent apocalyptic manga which features monstrous creature. Marathoned the manga in a day and i would say don't be fooled by the cover. Bio Meat takes place in modern era where human civilization began to face food shortage issue thus bio engineers create artifical creature called Bio-Meat that feed on waste as a sustenance while remain palatable thus providing efficient meat source. However it turns out the Bio-Meat is very dangerous creation of human as it runs amok and feed on human themselves and the story focus on the group of kids who survived through the ordeals that lead to great catastrophe. Pandora Box fits the theme of this manga really well, the disaster happens due to the stupidity of human which could have been easily averted but through the disaster it is the courage of the few that allows them to survive. This is one of the few shonen manga that shows the development character of the youth quite well. For a comparison i would say Bio Meat is somewhere in between Kiseijuu and Drifting Classroom, the threat of Bio meat has escalated further than Kiseijuu but it is not as severe as Drifting classroom where the civilization basically went extinct already. If you like aforementioned title you should give this one a read.

Friday, January 16, 2015

MH4U Demo thoughts

When some Some European hunters got their MH4U demo i was kinda jelly and want to get one too but finally got mine yesterday from nintendo newsletter and downloaded it straight away. For a demo MH4U is really good much better than MH3U one from what i know. The demo got 3 monsters to fight with different difficulties and so far i have tried SnS, Gunlance, LS and Lance. I would say i am glad that the main weapons i use still remain mostly the same with addition of new moves or two and jumping attacks. Riding mechanics is quite easy to learn but i find this one works best for multiplayer as it gives opportunity to render the monster helpless for brief time while giving other hunters some breathing space while someone ride the monster, don't hit the riding hunter though.

I have beaten all the monster and my thoughts about them is Jaggi is still a punching bag while Tetsucabura is pushover and roughly as tough as early bird wyverns or other pelagus. Then fought Gore Magara which is interesting fight and it is kinda like mini Kushala though the feral form is very tough and the way it fight is like somewhere in between Tigrex and Zinogre. I will definitely get MH4U and probably going to use 3 characters just like MH3U and Lance will be still my main character's weapon.

Friday, January 9, 2015

MG 1/100 Gundam Double X

Considering Gundam X got an MG already i suppose Double X bound to follow as well. Scheduled for March this year, Double X will be released for the price of 4500 yen which is quite modest. Double X is the second MS Garrod get in After War Gundam X when he escaped from the Earth Federation base from his capture. Like Gundam X, Double X also have access to Satelite system and able to fire two Satelite Cannon at once. Unlike most Gundam protagonist MS, i think Double X is not really good in close combat and given the abrupt conclusion the series, we never get to see if Double X got more balanced variant like X Divider. Nevertheless it still got docking support with G-Falcon which boost its firepower and wonder Bandai will release one too. I still hope Gundam X will get his Divider pack and wonder if Garrod's sidekicks will get MG too.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Genghis Khan (manga)

Yokoyama Mitsuteru is quite well know for his history manga but i think his Genghis Khan is the weakest out of all. Genghis Khan is quite admirable history figure despite his slaughter because he is able to unite Mongol Tribe which is not his an easy feat and conquer so much land creating lasting legacy. I guess to a Japanese mongolian culture is not as easy to get into as Chinese one but the manga doesn't cover the story of Genghis Khan thoroughly. The first half part is decent but unfortunately Yokoyama didn't give good enough coverage on the global campaign of Genghis Khan, the deed he is most well known of and even skip the obligatory "pouring molten metals to that the throat of the governor that dared to kill his merchant" which is probably inspired part of the Game of Throne where Viserys got his gold membership from Drogo. Apart from the major flaw i guess the manga give enough coverage of one the most famous conqueror in history.