Sunday, September 24, 2017

Legend of Galactic Heroes ARTFX 1/8 Siegfried Kircheis

 As the last of the three of the LoGH Figurine made by Kotobukiya, we got the release info for Siegfried Kircheis! The ARTFX Siegfried Kircheis will be released on March next year and just according to my prediction, the price tag is the same with Yang Wenli costing 9000 Yen. Personally i would have got Kircheis even if i don't get Reinhard because he is one of the most likable guy in LoGH series but Kotobukiya screwed up with his Figure and Reinhard. The Face Expression is clearly rushed job just likely Reinhard which is a big deal for a figurine. Kircheis is Reinhard's Best Friend and played huge role in his life. Kircheis is probably the kindest character in the series and have all quality that you want from a friend. Speaking his new design, i think Kircheis look most horrible of the three characters. I would have got Kircheis Figure if it done right but Kotobukiya simply refuse my money for screwing up their job.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

 Advance Wars has been one of my favorite original Nintendo Series made by Intelligent software. And i guess by this time with the Waifu Bait antics that Intelligent put into Fire Emblem, i guess Advance Wars become my preferred SRPG series over Fire Emblem. I have played all Advance Wars games from the GBA and Dual Strike happens to be my last one that i completed the Campaign mode. Out of Advance Wars i think Dual Strike has the best contents in the series so far which it wins by sheer amount of content. The Balance is rather tipped off though in this one as couple of COs Dual Strike are gamebreaking stuff. I still wonder why there are none Advance Wars title for 3DS series even though Intelligent could easily make one. Preoccupation with Fire Emblem has to do with it but it would be a waste if Nintendo skipped one for 3DS.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Yuusha Exkaiser

 This makes 6th out of 8th Yuusha title i have finished watching and i am quite surprise my dedication to mecha series can get me this far. Being the 1st title of the Yuusha Series, Exkaiser is expected to be rather weak title considering the Yuusha series identity are not well developed by this time. Therefore there is not much distinction between Yuusha with Transformers series yet. Overall the series is quite bland as it is a Glorified Toy Commercial at its purest form targeted for kids which is quite normal for a 80s mecha title. Compared to its successor, Exkaiser mecha design is very blocky  but i do like the Transformation sequence for it reminds me of Baikanfu's Pile Formation Gimmick. In terms of story formula, Exkaiser story are episodic with each episode mostly have no correlation with each other and the main antagonist remains the same for whole series. Like Fighbird, Exkaiser is one of the series that got cool mecha design for the main antagonist which could have passed off as protagonist mecha. While Exkaiser got some decent Episodes, majority are forgettable not to mention it got the honor of having the most obnoxious supporting character in Yuusha series. As a kid i might have enjoyed the series but watching Exkaiser as an adult, there is not much thing to appreciate in this Yuusha title.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Legend of Galactic Heroes Reboot Trailer

 After few years in planning finally we are getting a glimpse of the new anime adaptation of LOGH series. I can't really say much at the moment but the reboot seems to go into proper direction. Because the I.G Studio looks quite serious on the adaptation project therefore i will give the series a proper attention to appreciate their effort. To be honest even if the LoGH OVA series animation aged slightly it is still a masterpiece and it will be a tall order for the Reboot to surpass it. From the trailer, the new Character Design for Yang Wenli and Reinhard is not really a huge improvement of the old design but still better than the manga version. However i had my doubts with the new ship design. The LoGH series reboot will be airing on Spring 2018 as 12 Episode Tv series for the first part and 3 Movies for the second part. I do hope from the bottom of my heart for this series to succeed because the Original OVA is still Timeless Masterpiece.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Legend of Galactic Heroes ARTFX 1/8 Reinhard von Lohengramm

 Sieg Mein Kaiser, Sieg Kaiser Reinhard! Following after Yang Wenli, The Magician's eternal rival; Reinhard von Lohengramm got the Release announcement! Being the second out of three LoGH character that got Figure treatment as the part of Kotobukiya's LoGH project, Reinhard's Figure will be released on March Next Year with 10000 Yen Price Tag. I suppose the Cape does cost 1000 Yen extra. For Reinhard, I think the sculptor doesn't really nail His Characteristic with the figure perfectly. The pose is fine but I think it is mainly due to the uninterested look of the Figure's eyes that makes Reinhard's ARTFX Figure a slight miss. The Figure's eye expression makes the Reinhard looks arrogant with slight notion of incorruptible virtue. For Reinhard i think the figure is better suited with expression of gazing at the long distance with determined look which display Reinhard's virtue of Courage and Justice better. For one the few fictional character that i look up to, i am not really bent on getting this version of Reinhard Figure. Considering there is a chance that Kotobukiya will likely release Reinhard Figure with longer hair version which they will likely portray his character better. So i am crossing my hands on this one for now.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

SRW V First Impressions

 As i have acquired my Platinum Trophy nothing stands in my way to play SRW V. It took like 6 months after the game was released, but enduring it was well worth it. The main reason i get SRW V is because of its Roster which i find to be very Stellar and it didn't disappoint in this department. In terms of overall quality, i think SRW V Production Value is not going to be as good as Z2 Saisei Hen and Translation Quality got some inconsistencies but passable. So far i have reached up to 19 Chapters and i do enjoy the game up until now. The new gameplay mechanics like Pooled Skill Points which is called TaC does give my SRW playthrough experience a new breath. For my first playthrough i used Female Heroine which was instant dislike already because she is such a Hypocrite. Just like other Bamco Mecha Games, SRW V unfortunately got the screenshot capability locked and i will probably find a way to bypass this. Despite all of its apparrent flaws from the beginning, i think will still be able to enjoy my SRW V experience.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Starship Troopers Traitor of Mars thoughts

 While i do enjoy Starship Troopers Invasion even though it is not perfect, Traitor of Mars turns out to be a total letdown for me. Starship Trooper is known for Grimdark and Gritty settings and somehow this movie manage to screw it up and have the atmosphere to be out of place. For 90 Minutes length movie, Traitor of Mars doesn't use well its time slot as if the movie are bunch of stock animations stitched up together with plot that barely make any sense. It is quite evident that Traitor of Mars likely to be rushed project as the story is pure garbage along with third rate antagonist, a result well known from drafting the story on the go with the animating process. Traitor of Mars is inferior in every way compared to Invasion. While Invasion got some badass supporting characters like Henry Varro, Traitor of Mars have none of it. Traitor of Mars action sequence is okayish but it is mostly Johnny Rico's part and no Marauder Armor is a big minus. After watching this movie it feels like it exists solely as an appetizer for series again as the upcoming project going to be the bigger focus. If you like Starship Trooper Invasion, do not bother to watch Traitor of Mars

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Ougon Yuusha Goldran

 Continuing my Marathon of the Yuusha series from where i left off. So i think it is like a year already after i watched the last Yuusha series which is Fighbird and now i move onto Goldran. This makes the 5th Yuusha series i have completed which makes only three title left. Just like its Predecessor, Goldran is still glorified Toy Commercial made by Sunrise to push Takara Toys sale but i am cool with it nonetheless. Goldran is probably the wackiest Yuusha title i have see so far and likely to stay that way. Quality-Wise it is mediocre series but very lighthearted which makes it kid friendly show. By far Goldran the only Yuusha series that i have seen which didn't conclude with the Protagonist beating the crap out of the Big Bad Guy.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Non Scale Raftclans Model Kit

 With Moon Dweller Release back then, Raftclans did have a good chance for a Model Kit Release and Kotobukiya just did it. The Raftclans Prototype shown from Wonderfest didn't fail the expectation and we got the release date shortly after the Summer one. With Al Van's Colors scheme, Raftclans Model Kit will be released around the end of this year with 8800 Yen Price tag. The kit comes with most of the Raftclans Gimmick save for the Orgon F Sword effect part which i find to be the coolest feature of the mecha. I have been expecting Raftclans will cost around 7000 Yen but as Kotobukiya Improvement of their Model Kit overall quality, i guess we won't see SRW Kit under 5000 Yen anytime soon.

 In SRW series, Raftclans begin as Original unit in SRW J and mainly used by game original Antagonists factions; The Fury. The units serve as the Fury Ace Pilot Mechas though it was unlockable as secret unit once you complete the Game with all three Original unit. In terms of specs Raftclans is strong in both Close and Ranged Combat and can perform further on either type depending on the pilot's Preference. Personally I find SRW J to be rather mediocre title at best, but Raftclans was what drives me to commit 4 Playthroughs and it was well worth it. You can bet that once i got the kit in my hand, i will just repaint it into Touya's color scheme.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

SD Gundam G Generation Genesis Platinum

 I think it is almost 6 Months since i started Gundam Genesis and at last i managed to score a Platinum Trophy on this one. Roughly Speaking Gundam Genesis Heavily focus on UC Period around OYW and Post CCA Timeline because thats what i see where the Resources are poured in. In terms of Gameplay, i find Genesis lack in couple department such as Poor Battleship Selection and how the OYW are quite Handicapped in Late UC stages. Personally i find Gundam Genesis is not really my cup of tea as it is mostly Glorified Ads for Gundam Unicorn as the series pretty much hog the spotlight.