Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Billy Bat

 One of the more Supernatural work of Naoki Urasawa but still a good one! I have read this one years ago but stopped halfway and then resumed the reading recently as the series has been completed. The story of Billy Bat revolves around a Japanese comic artist named Kevin Yamagata who upon encountered mysterious cartoon like creature called Billy Bat began to foresee future by drawing which often ends up in tragic end. Being a normal civilian however, the protagonist tries his best to prevent the tragedy but things are not as simple as it seems as the Bat creature has its sinister side while granting people future vision.

 What makes this manga stands out is that its take on several High Profile major events in the modern history are quite interesting and believable if absurd. And the main character Billy Bat is a parallel of certain Mascot from Disney and its rise to global power are scaringly accurate. But to me what makes me astounded is this manga's prediction on future which seems to be rather spot on which there will be a great conflict as the earth become more inhabitable but still leaves a glimmer of hope at its conclusion. If you are looking for some intelligent manga with good twists, Billy Bat is a good choice

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Gunpla Expo Indonesia 2018

 For the first time my company hosts Gunpla Expo for Indonesia in Jakarta last month. Over the span of three weeks, Gunpla Expo Indonesia 2018 was held in Mall of Indonesia. While i was in the background role for this event, i got enough time to do some coverage and might as well share it for those who are curious how this event look like in Indonesia.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Case Records of Professor Munakata

 I guess as you grow old your preference of taste does change after all! as i come to favor Seinen series over Shonen. Case Records of Professor Munakata is one of the random manga i come across which i immediately take an interest in, considering it deals on History and Mythology as its theme. The manga title itself is named after the main character Professor Munakata, who is a Professor that specialise in Folklore with Iron age myths as his main expertise. The main premise of the manga is all about the Professor using his expertise to resolve local mysteries which are often tied with Myths and Legends with occasional murder case. What interests me in this manga is its interpretation on certain Japanese Myths with its Paralel which are good food for thoughts even though sometimes rather farfetched. Reading this manga often reminded me of Naoki Urasawa manga especially Master Keaton which kinda deals on same subject as well. There was a prequel of this series called Legendary Musings of Professor Munakata which got more action bits as the Professor get to beat some cultists and more Supernatural encounters. Though i still prefer this one since it is more grounded to reality compared to the prequel.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Alter 1/7 Jeanne Alter

 Alter are known for their High Quality Premium PVC Figures and this time they don't disappoint with Jeanne Alter! Shown on the Expo mid of this year, this 1/7 Jeanne Alter in her 1st Ascension Form will be released on May 2019 for 26800 Yen Price tag. It is no doubt expensive but it is a true collector item for hardcore fan of Jeanne Alter. Personally i would have considered this Figure if i hadn't put my wallet on Jalter Dress version which still can't compete with this one because Alter's quality is on whole another level. I think even the regular 1/7 Jeanne doesnt break this price range but i guess being more popular than the original character make these kind of things happen. Anyway if you want to get a single definitive figure of Jalter with no concern of wallet, this is the one to go for.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Yami's Summer Wonderfest 2018 Highlight

  Twice a year, Wonderfest always bring some high class temptations for toy collectors as usual and i am doing my part to highlight objects of interest. While i find Winter Wonderfest tend to have better lineup on prototypes, i find this summer to be equally good probably had to do with my focus shift less to Mecha nowadays.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Shawshank Redemption

 When i think about Count of Monte Cristo, i was reminded of this Great American Classic, Shawshank Redemption. This movie is essentially alternate take on Monte Cristo's theme and a good one at that. The word of "Wait and Hope" holds true in this movie as the main character, a banker who unjustly convicted for the murder of his wife need to endure hardship in the life imprisonment of Shawshank Prison complete with corrupt prison guards and bad inmates. What makes Shawshank Redemption particularly good is its buildup throughout the movie that leads up to one of the most satisfying ending that i had ever watched in movie. The ability of the main character to endure Hardship is something that can be looked up to. I think i should read the Monte Cristo Novel one of these days.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Alter 1/8 Edmond Dantes

 Type-Moon's take on Alexandre Dumas character from the classic series of Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes is finally getting official release announcement already. It is rare for Male Servants from FGO getting a figure and Avenger Class Servant Edmond Dantes is joining the fray! Slated for February 2019 release, Edmond Dantes comes with 12800 Yen price tag which is surprisingly cheaper than average Alter figure. In FGO, Edmond Dantes is portrayed as edgy character hell bent on revenge considering his design is based on certain Danganronpa character. I find find Edmond Dantes animation is very cool in the game and he makes a good pairing with Gudako apart from Karna though King Hassan will probably throw a fit. I am quite interested to get the figure since it is still within my price range and rather eager to get an Alter figure into my Collection despite skipping Tessa. Hopefully i can roll his character on his coming Limited Gacha next year

Thursday, July 19, 2018

July 2018 Loot

 Since i work in toys industry, i am getting most of my stuff through preorders these days and i just got some of them this month. I have featured most of them in this blog since they are in my hit list already save for Gundam Converge which i started to collect again after a long break. Out of these items, i probably hyped Sentinel's Mospeada the most because the series scarcely have toys. Probably Yang Wenli is the first to get reviewed out of the bunch being a PVC Figure. Whereas it will be a long time before i review the new F91 MG but i do look forward to the new features that the MG had over the old one.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

 I am glad that i am able to get into Lost Planet! at first i thought this is your run of the mill shooting game but as expected from a japanese game, it is a Third Person with heavy dose of Mecha Actions. No Wonder /m/ did recommend this game for PS3. The story of Lost Planet is your typical Alien Sci-fi trope which i won't bother but the action bits are actually quite well made. For me the Mechas from this series called Vital Suits are the main selling point and the designs are surprisingly cool. PTX-40 Hardballer is probably the fan favorite considering it is the Posterboy, but GAB-25 is my personal favorite because Crab Legged Robot that can transform into Tank with Drill are big win in my book! While the mecha action in Lost Planet are realistic most of the time, the Final Boss Parts feels so much like Zone of Ender. I think Lost Planet is what prompts Square Enix to try their luck with Front Mission Evolved but unfortunately it didnt nail the balance that Lost Planet had for the Gunfighting and Mecha Action. What lacks for me in the first Game is probably the absence of the RPG element which could spice up the game but i will see if the Sequel will incorporate any of it. If i had Wii i will definitely give Tatsunoko vs Capcom a try because PTX-40 happen to show up in that game too.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Fate/Extra Saber Nero Route

 It is almost six years since the last time i picked Fate/Extra and this time i settled my old debts with this game! Back then i have finished Archer and Caster Route but had a hard time to commit for third playthrough just because i can't put up with repetitive gameplay. However as i play FGO and picked up Nero Bride few months ago, i decided to commit my third playthrough with Nero. Back then I avoided Saber Route back then because Saber Nero made poor impression to me as i find her design seems like another cheap cash-in saberface clone, but her character turns out more than meet the eyes.