Monday, November 12, 2018

Fate/Extra Last Encore

 Last Encore is one of the recent Fate Anime apart from Apocrypha and for some reason it was not quite well received. To be honest, in order to appreciate Last Encore you should play Fate/Extra at least. If you do so, the anime is quite enjoyable. Last Encore supposed to be a new story for Fate/Extra timeline but it is just an excuse for Nero to make it into anime spotlight. If you didn't play the game, Last Encore would be rather confusing as it throws you straight into middle of the story without proper casts introduction. From what i am able to grasp from watching Last Encore, it is supposed to be the Bad Ending route where Hakuno and Nero failed to defeat Saver from Fate/Extra. It took 1000 years but an entity taking form of Male Hakuno with Nero by his side facing the Masters and Servants from the series once again to set things straight .While Last Encore is advertised as alternate story of Fate/Extra, it is pretty much the story retelling of Extra. 

 The Story might not be the strongest point of Last Encore but it has solid animation and you are in for a treat if you are fans of Nero. Best part from the anime for me is the Lancer Rin and Grown up Leo and Gawain makes awesome pair. At very least Last Encore is still better than Apocrypha so if you have played Extra there are no reason to skip this anime.

Friday, November 9, 2018

November 2018 Loot

 This month i got lots of my Preorder coming and its time to share my haul! Nowadays i rarely buy my toys through retail as Preorders are cheaper and more guaranteed way to get the stuff i am looking for. If you follow this blog regularly you will notice some of my loots had been highlighted in my previous posts since i only took on items that i had interest with. As expected i got myself plenty of FGO merchandise with Figmas being my main focus and this is my first time buying boxed Set of Gundam Ensemble which i need to sell off the excess and more of the lineups will follow suit. I also bought Banpresto's Pokemon Plushie as Gift for someone which Super Big Plush are good value for money. I will try to post a review on my loots eventually even though i haven't made one from my previous loots.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Figma 418 Saber Alter Shinjuku Ver

 Saber is the beloved darling of Goodsmile company so over these years we have seen plenty of her incarnations in Nendoroids, Figma and PVCs. With Jalter getting her Figma in Shinjuku version, Salter obviously follow along with her Cuirassier which looks awesome. The figma will be released Mid 2019 with 7800 Yen Price tag with the EX:Spride Cuirassier costing 5800 Yen which makes it 13600 Yen in total if you are going for the set. The Salter Cuirassier Set almost cost as much as the larger PVC version from the Fate/Zero which makes you realize some Figmas are already as pricey as 1/7 PVCs. As much as i am interested with the Cuirassier i think i will skip this one as i will just invest on Makoto and her Johanna instead. As in the FGO itself, Salter had yet to get her Shinjuku Outfit unlike Jalter but i think she will likely get hers when the Shinjuku event got a Rerun which may happen next year.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Darling in the Franxx

 This is one of the most hyped anime from last Season and glad i managed finish this one. Darling in the Franxx by no means is the best mecha anime but it managed to score in being a good Coming of Age anime and probably the best one this year. This series is a mixture of Eureka 7 and Gunbuster with a hint of Evangelion so if you like the former two, it is likely that you will enjoy Franxx. When it comes to the Chemistry between Hiro and Zero Two, it reminds me of Renton's and Eureka's relationship though personality wise, Zero Two is more similar to Anemone.The main selling point of this anime for me is the Romance which is good enough for Shonen stuff even though Teen Angst is kinda expected. The theme of Star-crossed lover with Fairytale-like aspect is executed quite well with Darling in the Franxx which is a rarity among the anime that i have watched. Franxx storyline might be a wild ride near the end but at least the story is still rather coherent and properly concluded. Overall Darling in the Franxx is one of the Solid title this year and you won't be disappointed if you treat it like watching Gurren Lagann, not a strong mecha series but a good Shonen anime. If Banpresto ever release Zero-two in her formal uniform, maybe i will consider getting one.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Gundam Micro Wars

 So the new lineup for Gundam Candy Toys got its name finalized as Gundam Micro Wars. This lineup of Candy Toys was revealed in one of the Bandai's Hobby Show a month or two ago. Gundam Micro Wars will be sold as another 500 Yen Gashapon with 10 Pcs per Box being another contender of Converge and Ensemble. The main selling Point of this new lineup is the cockpit gimmick for SD Gundam reminding me of the Takara Tomy's recently rebooted Diaclone toys. For now i will skip this lineup because i am not to keen on the current available roster save for the Tanks. I think Micro Wars will likely be sold like G Frame toys which you need two box to complete the set, as 500 Yen a Pop is too good to be true for such gimmicks. I will keep an eye for this lineup because it has decent potential as long as it didn't flop in the first release.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Persona 5 Figma 417 Queen/Makoto Niijima

  With Fox and Panther getting their figma, Queen is bound to get hers soon or later, being one of the most popular waifu in Persona 5 after all. The figma will be scheduled for July Release with 6800 Yen Price tag which is still quite far away. Makoto's figma comes with standard accesories like other Phantom Thieves like her main and ranged weapon as well as Phantom Thief calling card. In Persona 5, Makoto is one of the most solid party member able to commit well both in Offense and Support. Though she is not my number one heroine in the game, i can see why Makoto is easily one of the more Popular character in the game being a mixture of Aigis and Mitsuru after all. I will likely get this Figma since she is the best partner choice for Joker if i had to pick one of the Phantom Thief. Another reason is that her Persona is coming too in the form of kickass Motorcycle and would make a great addition to my Figma collection. With Four of the Phantom Thieves made it out, Skull is going to be the next one and Noir will likely to come out as well.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Another Sample Buildoff

 Part of my Job working in a Toy Company is Building some Gunpla samples when needed which can be considered as one of the perks. For the recent Gunpla Expo in Surabaya which ended last week, i get to build these Kits which are SDCS 00 Diver, 1/60 Laevatein and 00 Sky Trans-am HWS. Since the Model Kit samples are sent way before the release date, they are still in Prototype form and some glaring flaws are apparent. While the 00 Diver and Sky works out fine, Laevatein kit got some serious issues of Loose Joint. Turns out a few millimeter off from the precision can make a significant difference already.  From this experience, i get to appreciate Bandai's finished end-product even more because it definitely takes a lot of effort to reach perfection at the level of their product. I have to say the color separations of Bandai's FMP Kit looks impressive and Trans am version of 00 Sky looks quite cool actually. Wonder how Kotobukiya feel that what takes them years of effort to make their FMP Kits being bested by Bandai's couple months of effort. In any case i will share some of my thoughts again if i get to build another samples.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Dragon's Crown

 Another game that i get to access from PS3 and Dragon's Crown is certainly the spiritual Successor of Shadow Over Mystara whether i like it or not. A Vanillaware game created by George Kamitani, Dragon's Crown is a Fantasy Beat em Up featuring Six different heroes. This game is probably most well known for its over the top Art design in particular Witch and the Amazon. Aside from the Controversy, the core gameplay of Dragon Crown is quite good actually if repetitive and the 2D Graphic is top notch as expected from Vanillaware. For now i have finished my first lap with Warrior and would have been more motivated if i got companion to play with because that's the core of the fun. What I see with Dragon's Crown is that it is not tapped to its Full Potential yet and if Vanillaware ever decided to make a 1.5 version of it, i think it will sell well.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Exceed Model Gundam Head

 For Quite a while Exceed Model are known for 500 Yen Gashapon lineup featuring wide range of Zaku Heads with good value for its price. This time trying to spice things up, Bandai are making Gundam Heads. This product is sold either as Capsule Machine toy or per Box set. For the box set of 9 Pcs, it is sold for 4500 Yen and will be released on January next year. The first one will feature RX-78-2, Full Armor Gundam and G-3. I think if this series went successful, another batch will follow suit and i think the variant will likely contain RX-78-4, RX-78-5 or Heavy Gundam.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Volcanic Age

 I dont read Korean Manhwa alot but i find this one had good potential. It is quite surprising that Korean made good Chinese Wuxia webtoons but Volcanic Age is a proof. Borrowing the Tensei Element from overused Isekai trope, Volcanic Age narrates an engaging story of a Pugilist given a second chance to redo his past. Dying as a Master of his sect, the protagonist left a lot of regrets as he unable to save people close to him from the great conflict that he survived through, The main protagonist suddenly find himself back in his youth with his memories intact. Being a master pugilist, in no time he prepares himself to prevent great conflict in his adult years and save people whom he cares for this time. The main issue with Tensei series is that Powercreep is rather prevalent though this manga still manage somehow to be one step away to that point. This series has some potential as the main protagonist mostly use his wits instead of being a dumbass like average shonen manga protagonist and it is definitely a good change if you are sick of shitty Japanese Isekais.