Thursday, February 25, 2016

ZA 1/100 Mugen Liger

 Ever since i have watched Zoids Genesis i wonder if there will be some renewal in the series product by Tomy. It appears that Kotobukiya have released Murasame Liger a while ago in lineup called Zoids Aggressive which is a new Action Figure Lineup released by Kotobukiya. Unlike HMM lineup which are Plastic Models, it seems that ZA is a finished product, ready to play action figure and i guess the Zoids Genesis going to be the litmus paper for this new lineup. The ZA Mugen Liger is going to be released around middle of this year with the price tag of 6800 Yen. At first i was hyped to think Mugen Liger finally got a plastic kit since i think Mugen was the coolest looking out of Murasame Varients but it turns out to be Action Figure. While the product would be good nonetheless, i still prefer a Plamo since you can be proud with your own result of Labor so will be still waiting for a HMM instead. Mugen Liger was the final form of Murasame combining the strength of Murasame and speed of Hayate. Ruuji piloted this form nearing the end of the series facing the Genesis version of Deathsaurer. Personally i think Genesis got what it takes to be more than a toy commercial but i guess toy sales matters more. If these Murasame Liger Variants Action figure sold well i think we will see more premade Zoids action figure in the future.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Non Scale EF-2000 Typhoon Wilfried Eichberger Custom

 If i ever get an EF-2000 Typhoon kit to build i will probably pick this version. A while after the first EF-2000 Typhoon got released Koto released this version of Typhoon  in black color scheme which included the Fort-Class Killer sword as well. In the Muvluv series this Customized Typhoon belongs to one of the best German's Ace Eishi with the nickname Black Konigswolf, Wilfried Eichberger who serve as the Captain of Cerberus team. Wilfried appeared briefly in the Muvluv Alt Chronicles 2 Adoration chapter where he greets the Seijuurou for joint training program with the Cerberus Squad. In the muvluv series Wilfried is kinda like ATX team equivalent of Kyosuke considering he gives similar distant and imposing aura while partnered with Love interest who's good at Ranged combat. The kit's price was rather stiff as well but one of these days i will probably find the cheap one. As for the White Konigswolf version there was a web exclusive for the kit but i think it is easy enough to just get the regular Typhoon and paint it with its custom color scheme.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Non Scale Type-94 Shiranui Isumi Valkyries

It has been like 4 Years after the first release of Non Scale Shiranui and it appears that Kotobukiya intended to release the definitive version later this year. Released around June this year with the price tag of 6800 Yen The kit comes with complete accessories to emulate all 4 different roles in Isumi Valkyries Squad. Personally i find the kits price tag is rather high considering the 2000 Yen difference is to include the Missile Pod and 2 Sniper Rifles only which you could have got from other Muvluv Kits. If You have bought other Muvluv Kits before probably you won't find the kit to be appealing but it does make a good choice for the first Muvluv Kit. In any case i will be crossing my finger if i ever need another new Shiranui.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shiranui UN Finished!

Welp it was almost 4 years since the last time i worked on the kit and i just finished working on the kit with the Painting supply i recently get. Back then the kit was 90% finished and all i do this time is handpainting some details and topcoating the kit. As it is my first kit i ever handpaint on, the result is rather sloppy but it will definitely get better eventually as i get hang of it. Will be posting review once i got my DSLR considering my mobile phone camera won't cut for it.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winter Wonderfest 2016 highlights

As always Wonderfes showcases the amazing merchandise for Japanese Anime and Game industry and for this time i got my attention on the Figurines. For this time there is no particular mecha that piqued my interest though Kotobukiya and other companies do bring some decent stuff. As for the figurine the figma section is still saturated with Fate stuffs but there are several things that makes me hyped. After a long time since the GSC rendition finally we got a new Sakura figurine from Sakura Taisen which looks really gorgeous, The prototype figure of Sakura is posed with carrying mantle based on Sakura Taisen 4 Opening. On the Kaiyodo section we got some prototypes of some more Monster Hunter Action Figure but what catches me the most is that it appeared that Kaiser X is shown among the prototypes. I used Full Kaiser X quite alot in 4 Ultimate considering Teostra was my favorite monster and i am glad it is getting an action figure quite soon and i hope it comes with the Teo Lance. And lastly i am quite surprised Ushio and Tora gets a nendoroid. While the series is no doubt good Shonen series, GSC tends to make Nendos for Moe stuffs and usually they neglect series that doesn't have cute girls. In any case i hope we will have prototype for Persona 3 MC soon enough.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Variable Action Koubu Ogami Custom get!

 I have been waiting to get this toy for a while already ever since i played Sakura Taisen on my PSP. Personally the reason why i bothered to go through lengths in order to get the toy is because i think Ogami is quite awesome guy and the Variable Action lineup happens to be the best representation of his mech so far for physical merchandise. While the Hanagumi maidens are the main selling point of the series, i find Ogami is very manly for a harem protagonist compared to the betas nowadays and he is one of the best example for his archetype done right instead of straightaway delusional self-inserts.   Hopefully i will review the toy  before i am going back to China which should be doable and after seeing the Variable Action i am rather curious with the Wave's lineup for Sakura Taisen Koubus which they happen to manufacture around decade ago. I also just realize that the Megahouse's Koubu was the rendition of Sakura Taisen remake on PS2 where each Koubus got personalised design which is kinda hit or miss but at least for Ogami it was a hit.

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