Friday, July 22, 2011

D-Style Arbalest announced!

Just shortly after Kotobukiya announce D-Style Gaogaigar last month, now they announce another addition to D-style which is Arbalest from Full Metal Panic. There is no release date yet but probably it will come this december or next year given that Kotobukiya is occupied with other lineups already. This would be the 3rd real robot series that D-style treatment after Armored Core and Patlabor. The kit's preview show that the Arbalest come along with all of its weapon and the Lambda Drive gimmick. From what i see Kotobukiya really focus on this lineup considering it had plenty of releases already this year. There is a chance for M9 Gernsback or Codarl would get their own D-Style. I also wonder if the SRW OG mechs would get a D-Style treatment which would be nice.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My recent loot for this month: part 2

As i said before in my previous loot thread that i still have 4 more loots that are coming and here they are! I got 2 Master Grade from Rainbow Ten which is pretty nice place to get Gunpla Kit due to the reliability as they had most Gunpla in stock and get automatic shipping calculator. As promised i am getting myself a Zero Schneider part for Liger Zero and a Volks A3 TSF action figure which is F-14 Tomcat. I got the Zero Schneider from Amiami and F-14 from YJA through middleman. Initially i consider to get any TSF that Koto unlikely to release which i had F-15 in mind but in the end i got F-14 which i am not familiar with but has rather nice Missile equipment. Probably i will do straight build from these kits with consideration for Spiegel gundam that i might do a paint job. With this i won't be ordering anything anymore for this year except some of my preorder.

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Super Robot Chogokin revealed!

From the recent damashi festival 2011 which is reported by Cybergundam. Bandai announced bunch of addition for Super Robot Chogokin lineup. There are some of the announced items that piqued my interest which are:
  •  SRC Daizengar complete with the Zankantou will be the new addition for SRW series. I am not interested with this one since i got the plastic model already. I wonder if Bandai will make the Trombe transformable in case they release one.
  • Several additions for GaoGaiGar which include additional tools for Gaogaigar, Chouryujin and Big Volfogg. I am not sure the J-ark also included into the addition as the it is twice as big as GGG.
  • Zeorymer of Heaven also get SRC which probably the current best treatment that the mecha got so far. I might consider to get this one.
  • Some mechas from Armored Core 5 which is supposedly the starter AC. I am quite surprised that the series got the toy pretty early.
  • Finally Aquarion, while the appearance is Solar Aquarion the name tag is Aquarion which may give some possibility that it can transform into 3 forms(not sure yet). If it is true and it also get the Mugen Punch gimmick, consider i am sold for this guy.
I will update the post if there are any changes in the information.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gundam Fix Figuration Xi Gundam

Gundam Fix Figuration is one of the Bandai Action Figure lineup which feature series from Sidestories while also having the mainstream one. One of the unique feature from this lineup compared to other Bandai's gundam Action figure such as robot damashii is that the action figure can be converted into another model by swapping parts. One of those GFF that catch my eyes is the Xi Gundam which is the lead mecha from Hathaway's flash. This is actually one of my favorite gundam design for some reason and i see this guy for first time from playing SD gundam G Generation series. The GFF version enable this model to be converted into Penelope which is the rival unit of Xi Gundam. Supposedly the action figure can be also converted into Odyssey Gundam which is the base unit of both Gundams. Xi Gundam is actually one of the gundam that i wish to have MG treatment but i guess it would be heard since this guy is 26m tall in full size. One day i will be writing Mecha Talk post about Xi gundam since i know a little bit about this guy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

My recent loot for this month: part 1

This is some part of my recent haul since currently it is holiday time for me.  As promised i get couple of MGs as a part for addition of gundam material for this blog. I bought the Takemikazuchi, MG Ez-8 and FSS manga 3rd volume from HLJ while i got the Hyaku Shiki from Amiami since pretty much of HLJ's stockpile of MG running dry during this month and surprisingly i got the Hyaku Shiki 10 days after the notice which is surprisingly fast since my experience with Amiami with SAL package is that they tend to arrive longer than 3 weeks. I am preparing something special for the Takemikazuchi and Hyaku Shiki while probably EZ-8 going to be a straight build. In total there are 4 more other items left from my order to be arrived probably within this week.

Currently i got all 3 Reboot Manga and by far the third volume is the thickest one of out of three which is twice the thickness of the first volume. I didn't expect that Shizu, the fatima in the cover of third volume would look really asian. The third volume is thick since it contains the whole bang doll arc where it tells the story of Muse Van Reyback quest with his Bang Doll in defeating Ashura temple who bring terror in plain of Kastenpo. The next volume cover page will be Lachesis again which is surprising for me since i am expecting either Kyo or Atropos would be the one in the cover as they play significant role in the next arc. I am expecting the next volume won't be that thick since the next arc is too big to be contained in a single volume.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Composite Ver Ka: Shinkirou

Another mecha design that got Katoki treatment for Action figure. Shinkirou or known as Mirage is the personal KMF of Lelouch in Code Geass R2 where it boasts for impenetrable defense which can deflect a battleship class artilleries with no effort. I didn't expect that Shinkirou had lots of ornament all over the body since the one that i see in Code Geass R2 didn't have that much. I also never know that Shinkirou had alternate form which probably i miseed when i watch the anime. The action figure come with the Shield effect parts and a staff which i assume as FLEIJA controller though the one i recall was not that big. The action figure has been released already with the price of 5800 yen which is quite common for this class of action figure. I would say Shinkirou would be a great addition for those who got Lancelot Albion ver Ka already since they complement with each other.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gundam Wing G-unit

G-unit is sidestory of Gundam Wing which takes place in a space colony far from the main conflict of Gundam WIng which last for 3 volumes. The story revolves about the attempt of an OZ division to steal the gundam hidden in the colony. The main character is Odel Bernett who pilots Gundam Germinass unit 1 which is one of the 2 gundam developed in the colony along with his older brother who pilots the Germinass unit 2. G-unit is well known for featuring the infamous Hydra Gundam which is said to be equivalent with Epyon Gundam where the pilot is an OZ officer who claim to be Treize's greatest rival. There are some interesting mecha design in this manga such as the customized leo which look pretty cool and probably my favorite is the Germinass unit 1 custom. So far i don't think the manga is translated but i would recommend to read it since it will worth your time and the manga also include 4 koma segment which is really funny. This series is drawn by Tokita Koichi who did couple of Gundam Manga and i would suggest to look at his Gundam Wing manga which should be available in Mangafox.