Saturday, March 30, 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate get!

Talk about impulse buy, but i decided to get a 3DS when Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate come out. At first i thought to skip this MH installment but since my friends are getting them, i changed my mind. So far i have spent 1 week playing this game but due to work, i barely have time to play the game compared to Portable 3rd. So far things are quite a breeze as i managed to go through 5th rank Village Quest with Jaggi Armor set and again i am using Lance. MH3 Ultimate by far is very solid like other MH titles though i find underwater battle is abit annoying due to camera control which make cutting some monster's tail rather difficult. The free roaming system is quite interesting as well as the farm which is entirely different compared to the PSP MHs. I find the control of the MH in 3ds is abit awkward because i am used to "Clawing" gamestyle but don't really have significant issues. While i still feel MH3 U is still more suitable on Vita i suppose the release of the game on 3DS offer the game better chances to attract wider audience despite there are too many noobs playing the game.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Danball Senki Z Mode Sigma Orbis

While i am playing Danball Senki W there are couple of new LBXs but one that catches my eyes the most is Sigma Orbis. Technically Sigma Orbis is not an LBX as it is formed by combination of Minerva, Elysion and Perseus making the 2nd of its kind after Perfect ZX3. Out of 2 Figure Renditions out there i find the Z Mode version is the best one since this version comes with the Gattai gimmick which the plamo didn't come with. The Sigma Orbis first debuted in the game during the fight of the first Killer Droids entering the game with Gundam SEED pose though afterward this guy is quickly forgotten. The Z Mode comes with the special effect for Sigma Orbis but not the 3 LBXs but hopefully the ones for the plamo fits for it. The toy set cost about 9000 yen though i think you can find this guy around 6000 Yen or lower on some places.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Arslan Senki/Heroic Legends of Arslan

Watched the OVA series after i lurked on /a/ and saw this series though i believe i have seen it featured on a magazine long time ago. As expected, Arslan Senki got the same feeling like when i watched Legend of Galactic Heroes despite being totally different genre considering this series is written by the same author of LoGH. As an OVA it got some solid storyline and great animations  and even managed to reach US shore though the OVA is even more unheard compared to LoGH.

Arslan Senki is a fantasy series taking on Middle East kind of setting which tell the story about a Prince of a fallen kingdom accompanied by his loyal followers trying to restore the throne of his kingdom and repel the invaders. Like LoGH Arslan Senki tells the story in several different perspectives complete with Political Intrigue and Philosophical goodness which would have made Arslan Senki the fantasy counterpart of LoGH if it wasn't too short. I find some characters in the series kinda similar with the ones in LoGH like Narsus who reminds me of Yang Wenli and Hermes who is kinda like Reinhard but plays an Antihero character.The OVA ends at the point where things are getting more interesting considering the true bad guy who play Phezzan/Terraist Church in the series begins to make his move in grand scale. The original Novel is still ongoing for almost 20 years already but someday if the novelization finished i wished it got the animation treatment that it deserves just like LOGH. Overall the OVA is great to watch despite it gets a cliffhanger ending and just hope the next animation treatment would be longer than 6 OVAs episodes.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F

Since the PS3 version of Project Diva F is coming i am thinking to write articles about the Project Diva F on Vita. I am not particularly follower of Vocaloid though i have been playing the series since the first Project Diva on PSP.  I had to say Project Diva F is one of the best game on PSVita currently and if you like Rhythm game you may give this a try. From what i see the greatest improvement of this game is the graphic which is quite breathtaking compared to the PSP project divas and there are plenty of beautiful Modules for your Vocaloid to equip with. The game is abit different with DJ Max series but expect some challenges on Hard or Extreme mode of the songs and good luck attempting for Perfect rating. The songs on Project Diva F are quite nice though i am not that particularly fond of with most of the Miku's song compared to the previous game. Personally i think Kagamine Rin got the best overall song in Project Diva F and wished the rest of the vocaloid other than Miku got more than 2 songs. The PS3 version of F got 5 more songs though i don't think i will be interested on those but the Snow Miku is very tempting and i maybe tempted to get it which cost 300 yen. Anyway as closing this post i am listing the songs that i like in Project Diva F and here are some more screenshots from the game(still wonder Miku's Innocence haven't got any Nendos)!

-Weekender Girl
-Rimocon/Remote Control(written by Jesus lol)
- Freely Tomorrow
-Nostalogic(pretty awesome if Meiko sounds like that)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No more pics

It has been like 5 months already that the pics section is down and now it is official. This is just a short announcement but there will be no more pics section in my blog since all of my files are purged despite i managed to recover my mediafire account because i don't do anything wrong. This DMCA claim kind of thing is being abused rather than used properly because the claimer can cause as much damage to file uploaders with a single claim of abuse. I think the censorship stuff are created not merely to fight against piracy but probably being used to exert more control over internet by certain parties for whatever reasons and there is good chance that it will get worse later. Anyway never upload anything again in Mediafire because they really sucks now.

though if you want to request any previous pics collection i may consider to reup again.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Some loots i got this month

I don't buy much stuffs nowadays as my backlog still keep growing, though i got my Limited Version of Gunhound EX and Vita version of Danball Senki W. I have been anticipating the Gunhound being one of the few games that have similar gameplay to Assault Suit Valken which is quite rare for mecha game. The limited edition is not that special though the packaging is quite nice. I had my Gunhound UMD processed in UMD Password which made the game available on my vita for download for 800 yen instead of 2500 yen which is not that bad. I will be writing the review of the game soon as i managed to clear the game recently as well. As for Danball Senki W i had promised myself not to play the game until i wrote the article of Danball Senki Boost which i already did and currently i am halfway through the game. Recently i also got 1/48 Layzner from Hobbyco for $36 which is quite good bargain but again i won't build this kit until i watched the anime.