Saturday, June 23, 2018

PS Vita Konosuba Megumin Ending

 Considering the Figma Aqua announcement release, i guess i might as well post the rest of Kazuma's main party route from the game as full article in anticipation of their upcoming Figmas. No Doubt Megumin is the most popular heroine in the series and therefore her route and scenes in the game are full of Fanservice as many fans root for Kazumin pairing. While i am in the Aqua camp,  i can see why Megumin become the favorite heroine in the series. Because aside from her Obsession for Explosion, Megumin is probably the most relatively normal girl out of Kazuma's dysfunctional party and nothing beats a budding malleable loli! At first i thought her route had the riskier fanservice after i saw the circulating fake CGs of her route, but definitely Kadokawa won't allow those kind of thing at this stage.

 After the Cursed ring incident, Kazuma accompany Megumin again for her Daily Explosion doses. Upon the way returning home, encountered another mysterious ring yet again, which turns out to be cursed as well! After Kazuma had the ring appraised at Wiz's shop, Megumin is the one happened to be afflicted by the curse. As usual Vanir charged exorbitant amount to undo it. After some haggling on Kazuma's side, Vanir told Kazuma and Megumin that they can undo the curse themselves at certain Haunted Church in Axel Town.

  As Kazuma and Megumin went inside the Cursed Church, they found out they got trapped inside by the evil spirits and there was letters written in blood that commands them to perform mock marriage ceremony in order to undo the curse. Obviously Megumin adamantly rejects the proposal being greatly embarassed and Kazuma then just tried to find another way out. As the day goes darker, the evil spirit threat becomes more serious as Kazuma and Megumin encountered skeleton figure clad in wedding dress and after some shenanigans they just decided to try hide away and get some rest.

 In the end Kazuma and Megumin attempt at hiding away from the ghost comes to no avail. Megumin found herself wore wedding gown as the ghost insist them to complete the marriage ritual. While Megumin initially resists to perform the rite, after some persuasion from Kazuma mainly about being worried about her Wellbeing, eventually Megumin relents. After performing the ritual which ended with putting the cursed ring on Megumin's finger, the Ghost managed to go into afterlife and the curse finally broke free. Then both Kazuma and Megumin returned home while promise to keep this matter a secret.

 In Megumin's Good end, Megumin returned to her usual Explosion Obsession and went on shopping spree at Wiz Shop as Kazuma promised Megumin to buy her anything as the part of the condition doing the mock marriage rite. Which certainly Megumin exploit to her fullest and then Kazuma regretted in the end.

 Just like Aqua's ending, Megumin's normal ending is more amusing than her good one. In this one, Aqua and Darkness went along to investigate the cursed church to find out of curiosity after Kazuma and Megumin returns late the day before. After Aqua did a little bit questioning with the ghosts inside the church. It turns out that the church are filled with a lot of Female Ghosts with regret of not marrying before they die. Soon after Aqua , Megumin and Darkness got their clothes swapped to wedding gowns. Each Heroines got their own reaction as Megumin immediately went flustered where as Darkness ponders into her S&M fantasy while Aqua got amused that the Ghosts mischief able to affect the goddess like herself.

 If this scenario plays out in the current LN probably Megumin is more than eager to perform the mock marriage rite to win over Kazuma's heart considering She and Darkness had a fierce competition at the moment. In the game route Megumin easily has the most amount of fanservice for her scenes being the most popular heroine in Konosuba. I think I will do Darkness route next and then write the proper article for the game afterward. For now here are the rest of Megumin's Character CG

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