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Mechatalk: Tactical Surface Fighter / Senjutsuki

General informations for the mecha in Muvluv universe.

While i had explained the stuff in Muvluv Alternative it seems that i haven't explained the TSF really well in the post and i decided to discuss the main feature of Muvluv series in this post. This time i will explain the background of the TSF and slight explanation for each generation considering they play substantial part in the series that i can't explain in the series without making the discussion too long. Probably in this post i will cover more about the 3rd generation TSF as they are the major focus in Alternative.

In Muvluv universe, TSFs are developed as main forces against BETA as Jet fighters are rendered obsolete by Laser class BETA as they will shoot them down in an instant within its range which reach up to 100 km as the BETAs can't fly. TSFs are designed to engage battle where the opponents have much more numbers considering BETA had overwhelming advantages on numbers. The TSFs made by US and Europe are named after jet fighters such as F-4 Phantom or F-22 Raptor while the Japanese TSF name are fictional since in real world, Japan can't make many military equipment.

TSF usually have 6 arms, 2 for normal arms, 2 for supporting shoulder armor and 2 for supporting weapon on the back. TSF are generally oriented for ranged combat and they are equipped with 36mm machine gun, 120mm grenade launcher and combat knife as standard equipment. 36 mm gun are good enough to take out warrior, laser and grappler class BETA while 120mm used to take out Fortress class or Charger class BETA which are tougher to kill. 36mm and 120mm are combined in standard issue Assault rifle for TSF. Combat Knife are only used to free TSF from tank class BETA in general considering most nations considered melee as last resort. However Japan Imperial guard and some European resistance have their TSFs equipped with swords as part of their promary armament. For manuvering TSFs are equipped with Jump units on the back which enable them to accelerate up to 700 km/h. TSF also equipped with S-11 Bombs which are used to destroy the hive though generally they are used as suicide weapon when there is no chance of survival in the battle.

So far TSF in Muvluv universe had 3 generations and the first generation is the earliest version of TSF which are developed around 1960s or 1970s. First generation TSF are heavily armored as it was believed as the solution for extending pilot's survivability. Due to the heavily armored the mobility of the first generation is lacking compared to the next generations which makes them look like Wanzers from Front Mission series. America made all of the first generation TSF where they give some of them to countries in Asia while they focus to defend Europe. Some of the example of first generation TSF are F-4 Phantom and Gekishin. the first generation TSF are still in use considering every resources count and they have been enhanced to meet the condition.

The 2nd Generation TSF more focus on manuverability as they reduced armor on TSF which allow them to move faster. They are developed around 1980s and America still monopolize the production during this time. The TSF control are made easier as the control unit works by Operation by wire. Probably this generation TSF are still seen in wide use during the time of Muvluv Alternative as they are cheaper to produce compared to 3rd generation TSF. Some TSF that belong to this generation are F-15 Eagle and F-18 Super Hornet.

Lastly the Third Generation TSF which are developed in early 1990s, While America still dominate the development of TSF, Japan Imperial Guard begin to produce their own TSF. The third Generation even have more mobility compared to the 2nd Generation as armors are only reduced to vital parts such as sensors and cockpits. The control system also much better compared to 2nd generation as they use Operation by light where the computer's respond pilot's input immediately. Some of the TSFs belong to this generation are: Fubuki, Shiranui, F-22 Raptor and Type 00 Takemikazuchi.

Shiranui is the production type of the 3rd Generation TSF where it is widely used in Japanese Imperial Guard and Valkyrie Squad of UN. The main protagonist Shirogane Takeru beat the hell out of BETA solely using this TSF during the Sadogashima Hive operation. And kotobukiya is planning to release the UN version of the kit in near future.

Among the third Generation TSF some of them are classified into elite class which Takemikazuchi and F-22 Raptor belong to. Takemikazuchi is the cream of the crop of Japanese imperial guard TSF where its use are exclusive to the Shogun families and their Royal guards . As for F-22 Raptor it is one of the latest TSF made by America which had stealth equipment and high cruising speed which makes them ideal fighting against other TSF. Europe also get some pretty cool TSF as well where France possess sufficient resources to make Typhoon which has badass Sword and Rifle.

That's all for information that i know about TSF and all are based on Muvluv Alternative. I would recommend to play the game instead to understand more about the TSF. Probably i will discuss the BETA in near future as they are necessary counterpart of TSF.

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