Thursday, August 31, 2017

SD Gundam G Generation Genesis Platinum

 I think it is almost 6 Months since i started Gundam Genesis and at last i managed to score a Platinum Trophy on this one. Roughly Speaking Gundam Genesis Heavily focus on UC Period around OYW and Post CCA Timeline because thats what i see where the Resources are poured in. In terms of Gameplay, i find Genesis lack in couple department such as Poor Battleship Selection and how the OYW are quite Handicapped in Late UC stages. Personally i find Gundam Genesis is not really my cup of tea as it is mostly Glorified Ads for Gundam Unicorn as the series pretty much hog the spotlight.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Battle of the Toys 2017 Field Report

 My first time for this event and first time working here too. Taking a week after AFAID 2017 Battle of the Toys is another of those run of the mill pop culture convention but more focused on Toys considering it was hosted by the biggest toy seller in Indonesia, Multitoys. In terms of event quality, i can't say it is better than AFAID by far margin but at least in this event you get more things to see and getting some good bargain for toys.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Legend of Galactic Heroes ARTFX 1/8 Yang Wenli

 Kotobukiya is quite fast on this one,  shortly after the finished prototype shown in Wonderfest Last month we got the release detail for ARTFX Yang Wenli. Slated for January next year, the figure come with the price of 9000 Yen. Posed with holding his beret while showing gentle smile, Kotobukiya captured the character of Yang Wenli's character really well with the figure. In the series, leading the 13th Fleet Yang Wenli is mostly known for being the only person who can fight toe to toe with the future Galactic Emperor, Reinhard von Lohengramm. But what i admire from Yang's character is his virtue of Wisdom and willingness to fight for his ideal even though he serve dying nation rife of corruption like Free planet Alliance.  I will definitely preorder this figure and likely get Reinhard and Kircheis because i just really respect LOGH as a series and doing my part to contribute. I think Reinhard's Artfx will come with slightly higher pricetag but as for Kircheis, it will roughly cost the same with Yang Wenli.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

AFAID 2017 Thoughts

 This is my first time i attend AFA in Jakarta and i will not visit again next year. For an event with International standard, AFAID comes with substandard quality as if the Organizer doesn't put enough effort with the event or plainly lack of proper budget. The main issue with this event is the lackluster content of the exhibition and far pales in comparison to the Singapore one and definitely way behind SMASH. This year's AFAID did got interesting guests like Amuro's VA and one of the Iron Blooded Orphans protagonist VA but the poor exhibition hall quality makes me cares less about them. If AFAID didn't get ahold of themselves properly, probably there wont be another one in next few years.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sampling on some Star Wars Kit

 Over past three days i have been assembling these kits as a part of assignment from my company as they need these for upcoming exhibition. Since i don't belong to Generation X, i am not really crazy with Star Wars series but i am having good experience while building these kits. For this assignment i just do straight build on the kits and applying some decals since that what i am instructed to. Bandai did good job on the details with these kits but i think in terms of pricing the star wars kit are rather pricey compared to Hasegawa's Macross model kit, something to do with the licensing cost i guess.

Out of 11 Star Wars kits consists of 7 1/72 Scale and 4 Miniplas, i think i had the most fun working on Bobba Fett's 1/72 Slave I surprisingly. As for the hardest one to build it is definitely the Y-Fighter since the Model kit got so much finely shaped wire to attach though Applying decals for the X-Wings could be frustrating too. If this was personal project i would have painted these kits especially the X-Wing since the decal are just horrible substitute for the unpainted parts of the kit. If i got opportunity in the future i don't mind building some TIE Fighters or 1/48 X-Wing

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Touch My Katamari 100% Completion

 One of the first few games that i bought for my Vita and just managed to complete it now. Seriously the last trophy is very time consuming and the game doesn't have platinum either. Out of all Katamari series Touch my Katamari for Vita is definitely the weakest. The game are riddled with issues like uninspiring level design and half of the levels locked behind some kind of Paywalls. The game have currency called Fan Damacy which is used to unlock DLC Levels and you can either grind or pay for it. While some of the DLC levels are decent they don't worth real money to unlock since you can get all those Fan Damacys while grinding for Candies for the last item. Some of the more interesting DLC levels are Maid Heaven, Athlete Abyss, Great Journey and Pacman which ironically i unlock most of them near the end of my playthrough. For the candies i mostly grinded on the 50 Objects level since it is the quickest one to complete and earns decent amount of Candy which makes it good level to grind for Fan Damacy too. Personally i find Me&My Katamari still to be my personal favorite and would love to play Katamari Forever someday

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wonderfest Summer 2017 Highlights

 As usual i always do coverage about Wonderfest whenever they appear. Compared the one earlier this year, The summer 2017 doesn't seem as exciting to me as you see more of the Manufacturer's progress on their prototype from the Winter Wonderfest. As always only mecha related stuff that piqued my interest and stay away from moeshits like a plague. In any case Kotobukiya and Sentinel seems to fill my expectation again this time.