Friday, April 29, 2011

1/10 Persona 3 Shujinko figure

Another figurine that i wish to have! this is the figure of the nameless main character(though his name is Minato Arisato in manga) in Persona 3. I like him because he is one of the coolest silent protagonist and Persona 4 is still pale in comparison with him. The figure made by Kotobukiya 3 years ago and now it is discontinued probably male figurines are not that popular. If the figure has Thanatos standing behind him then it will really awesome though i bet it will be expensive. Currently i am playing P3P replaying the MC route as i finished P3FES before, hopefully i am able to complete the S.links this time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

D-arts Rockman Zero

It don't think it is a surprise that X's sidekick would get an action figure for himself as well. Apparently the Zero is the Rockman X1 version with that shoulder armor as the noticeable feature. I think i will pass this one as well just like X since i prefer the Rockman Z version. I wonder if this version of Zero will get Z-Saber since i recall that Zero isn't seen with his Z-Saber at least in Maverick Hunter X. The D-Arts will be released around august with the price 2800 yen excluding tax. I wonder when the X will got his armor upgrade i want Shadow or Falcon armor at least.

Friday, April 22, 2011

1/100 SRW kit completed!

With the Huckebein Mk-II recently finished i managed to complete my 1/100 SRW kits collection and  now it is not only Dalong who got the complete collection. The completion of the collection is one of my goal for this year and i am quite satisfied that i am able to achieve it since Huckebein Mk-II is the biggest obstacle to achieve it. I am going to repaint R-1 on one of these days since my skill back then doesn't reach my expectation and perhaps for Wildwurger i might be planning something for it as well. As for my SRW kits collection i think i am almost finished mine as well considering i already get most of the kits that i want. Probably my collection is completed once i get Rein Weissritter, Soulgain and Thrudegelmir. I might also consider G-compatible kaiser though the chance is still 30-70.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saint Seiya Lost Canvas end

The prequel of the Saint Seiya came to an end finally. I find the ending is rather rushed especially the Hades Battle which probably most Saint Seiya fans seem to agree. Actually this is the first series that become the gateway to the series since i never able to watch most of Saint Seiya Tv series. I would say the manga has been a fun read overall and some of the saints are really awesome. What makes Lost Canvas special in particular is the drawing where the characters are properly depicted as Bishounens. My favorite saint in Lost canvas is Sagittarius Sisyphus who had shown his loyalty to Athena once again despite dying near the end of the series which most of the Gold Saints died already by this time. I heard that the mangaka is planning to draw another Saint Seiya manga which follow after lost canvas.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Soul of Chogokin Tekkaman Blade

Probably the best rendition of tekkaman toys. If i had money for buying SoC probably this is already in my buylist. The soul of chogokin comes with Tekkaman Blade and Pegas and there are many accessories to replicate some of the actions such as Tek Setter or Hi Coat Voltekka. Probably the only flaw this toy has is lack of Blaster form. Other than Blade, Tekkaman Evil also has Soul of Chogokin though i recall it is one of the exclusive stuff.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Persona 4 Anime announced

I didn't expect this series to be animated considering i find there is no need for Persona to get anime adaptation. Probably the series will run for 26 episodes though it is quite possible for it to be made into 13 episodes as well. The Protagonist name is now changed from Seta Souji(which is used in the manga) to Yu Narukami. What i wish this anime could do is that it could focus more on persona action and hopefully MC is not stuck with Izanagi only. I wonder how this anime will deal with Social link stuff considering it is one of the main focus in the game. Hopefully the anime does not have to turn out like Trinity Soul which really deviates from Persona. Here is the fanart collection for Persona 4 if anyone interested

Here is the link for official website

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HLJ Kotobukiya Sales

It has been a while that HLJ had a great sales. There are plenty of good deals from the sales mostly for injection kits. Some of the noteworthy item are Daizengar and Aussenseiter ikki tousen mode, 1/144 Wildraubtier, 1/144 Linebarrel Kizaki ver and lastly 1/100 Huckebein Mk 2 which are really rare and i wonder how HLJ manage to get those stuffs available. Make sure grab those things fast since they will be easily sold out on a single day.

Mecha Talk: Vatshu the Black Knight

One of the most feared Mortar Headd in Joker Galaxy

Monday, April 4, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

1/100 MG Epyon Ver Ka

The MG Kit now had the colored sample, certainly it really look different with Epyon Gundam that i used to know since i didn't remember the Heat Rod is attached to a shield and i even wonder if the sword will have cable attached to the Heat Rod. This kit is going to be released on June with the price of 4800 yen. I am thinking to add this kit to my list of purchase though i am still unsure about it. I think one of the interesting gimmick is the feet where it will form like a Dragon Head in the Mobile Armor mode. I wished Tallgeese would get a MG release which i predict there is a good chance for it.

Pics from Cyber Gundam