Friday, February 25, 2011

Sousei no Aquarion Sequel: Aquarion Evol announced!

I am pretty surprised that this series get a sequel with title Aquarion Evol. It seems that the one that piloted Aquarion will be new casts and looks like Apollo and Touma will be returning in this anime. The original Aquarion itself is a series that has great mecha and song though the anime is average at best. I wonder if the anime will be released in Tv series or OVA format and whether it is able to surpass its predecessor. So far there are not much information regarding the anime though probably the anime will show up mid of this year or next year.

Here is the official website for the anime

Non Scale G Compatible Kaiser

Another SRW kit that is planned to be released in this year by Kotobukiya. This is the upgraded version of Compatible Kaiser which is one of the original unit from SRW Impact which later appear in OG Gaiden. The price of this kit is expensive for sure as it cost the same as White Glint. I bet when this kit announced, people who ordered Compatible Kaiser are somehow pissed off. The mecha is designed by Masami Obari who is pretty famous in designing and animating mecha series and this kit somehow resemble with Sol Gravion which is another Obari's design and Ex Kaiser as well. I am still crossing my finger whether or not to get the kit since the price is pretty expensive but probably i will make my resolve when i see this guy in OG Gaiden.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SRW Z2 New Scans

Well in this weeks's famitsu scan, the original character and mecha is revealed. The Mecha name is Blaster and looks like a Armor Lion with some Flag aesthetics and Justice Gundam's backpack, most probably this mecha is Real Robot. In this scan it is also mentioned that some special skills for some units. The units mentioned are Zero from Code Geass, Dancougar Nova, Gurren Lagann and God Mars. I really wonder if the Original cast in this game will be only one character.

1/144 LED Mirage Ver 3 Review

The result didn't really turn up to my expectation

Monday, February 21, 2011

SRW OG Inspectors episode 20

Finally it is the time for Wildwurger to shine despite a rather short debut. It appears to be that the SRW team will not split up during the Earth/Moon Cradle route split in the anime. Kyosuke is pretty awesome considering he still sortied despite his Alteisen is wrecked up and his body are pretty much messed up. Probably this episode has the 2nd best mecha animation so far with the Wurger's Armor purge and the Twin Bird Strike. The machinery children look really weak in the anime considering they are quite a hassle in the game. Next Episode is going to be the epic clash between Daizengar and Thrudelgemir while Archibald will be kicked in the ass by Branstein duo.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1/100 Huckebein Mk-II GET!

This is the something special that i mentioned before in the previous loot thread. I bought this kit from Yahoo Japan Auction through middleman service. I got the kit for a good bargain though the middleman service cost is quite a killer but at least the price is pretty much the same with the new one shipped by SAL from Japan.

Initially i thought i couldn't get this kit anymore since Kotobukiya will not reissue the kit anymore but with YJA i can get this kit which i had been looking for everywhere. This kit is my new Holy Grail since it is possibly my current rarest kit that i have, With this my 1/100 SRW collection is complete once and for all(except Koto plan to release any new 1/100 SRW kit which i doubt they would).

This kit also include Nonscale Bullet figure just like the 1/100 Alteisen and it is prepainted already. Probably Kotobukiya release these mini figures for their first SRW kits in order to attract people to get these kits. Too bad they didn't do it for their recent kits probably due to the cost to manufacture these statues or they are just being to stingy.

1/72 HMM Zero Schneider

The kit and the optional parts are already available for Preorder in Amiami! i am going to reserve one in case the item gets closed for preorder though it shouldn't happen that quick. The price is 2800 Yen which are roughly about half of the 1/72 Liger Zero kit cost which is still quite reasonable and you can get this parts for 2000 Yen in Amiami. However the full kit are as expensive as White Glint probably due to having more parts especially the 7 Blades.

Wonder which part will come next? Jaeger unit or Panzer unit?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trombe and Granzon GET!

After a month of waiting i got both of these kits from AmiAmi. I had already planned to get these ones to add the collection for my SRW kits. Both of these kits are nonscale considering their real size are very big which makes 1/144 scale less plausible. AmiAmi had great sale for Aussenseiter right now and Granzon seems to be sold out though it is still available in Hobbysearch and HLJ. I used to plan buying this kit but i was late at making some decisions. Definitely it will be a great company for my Daizengar.

As for Granzon, i had no intention to get this kit until i got my 1/144 Cybuster. It seems that Kotobukiya decide to make it non scale since 1/144 kit would be too bulky which makes the kit really expensive despite the mecha is as tall as Cybuster.

I won't be building these anytime soon since i still had some more kit to work on first. I am still waiting for my another 2 SRW kits coming probably by next week and 1 in particular is pretty special.

I also got some Modelling Support Good Stuffs for Frame Arms kit. I didn't expect that the parts come unpainted which is not a problem for me but now i really doubt that Frame Arms kits are meant for beginners.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monster Hunter: Rathalos Complete Figure

Capcom did a pretty good job for sculpting the figure of this fire wyvern. Rathalos or Rioreus in Japanese is the poster boy for first MH and the recurring wyvern from series to series. In terms of sculpt perhaps the figure doesn't really resemble the wyvern in the game but it looks really ferocious which depict the characteristic of Rathalos pretty well. I am still considering to get one if i have any spare allowance for this figure. In MHP 3 which i currently play, Rathalos really deserve his title as the king of the sky since he is no more pushover like in previous MH installment.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wonderfest 2011 Kotobukiya releases

This year expect some Awesome releases by Kotobukiya. First of all SRW kit will get a Soulgain to add the lineup. This is one of the mecha that i have looking forward to get and definitely going to preorder this kit.

And Zero Schneider is confirmed to get a release for Zoids kits and this is one of the kit that i am looking forward to get as well. Fortunately Kotobukiya is considerate enough to release the separate CAS parts for the ones that had 1/72 Liger Zero already. Another kit that will be added in my list this year.

Didn't expect Zero will be added to Koto's Rockman lineup this fast. Thinking of getting this one as well if the price is reasonable.

Frame arms Lineup also got another new design and this time it appears to be another lineup for Gourai. I won't get this one but probably will get the 1/100 Lapieal which will be released this month.

All of the information are from Cybergundam

1/72 Gunsniper LS

Kotobukiya seems to be really into New Century Zero series for their HMM lineup. This Gunsniper is heavily customized Gunsniper Weasel which belong to Blitz team. This Zoid is piloted by the Blitz Team Leader's daughter Leena Tros who is a cutie herself but pretty snobby. As you can see this gunsniper is really armed to the teeth which render the zoid a sitting duck in the zoids battle which require other team member to cover. In Zoids Legacy this zoid sucks since most of its attack are very weak though it can attack all target by unloading all of its missile. I think there is a good chance for this year to see Kotobukiya release Berserk Fury for the new HMM lineup. I also hope that Kotobukiya released Schneider parts for Liger Zero which is planned mid of this year separately.