Friday, March 31, 2017

Sakura Taisen Nendoroid 235 Shinguji Sakura & Koubu set Review

Blooming in the spring, cherry blossom of wishes, This flower can even bloom during a storm 

 Quoting Shinguji Sakura's character song from Sakura Taisen 1 this time i am doing proper review in the spirit of welcoming Spring Season.  I am never too fond of with Nendoroids but since there are not much premium Sakura Taisen merchandise these days i got this Nendoroid Sakura into my collection. While Shinguji Sakura is not my favorite heroine in the series, There is no doubt that she deserves her spot as the lead Heroine of the series and certainly plays a significant part in making Sakura Taisen a legendary series in Japan.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

MG 1/100 Justice Gundam

 Wow i might be really sloppy to let this release announcement slip under my radar even though i don't follow Gundam as much as i used to be. Capitalizing the Providence Gundam release, Bandai announced the plan to release MG Justice Gundam on the mid of this year and cost as much Infinite Justice. Despite it took almost 10 years for Justice to get an MG treatment after its successor, it is never too late and to make up for it Justice Gundam got MG Freedom 2.0 Quality. Personally i prefer Justice Gundam compared to Infinite Justice because it was designed as Freedom Gundam's Equal not sidekick like the latter's, though being a closet fanboy of Athrun Zala helps too. Out of all mecha game, Another Century Episode 3 did the best rendition for Justice Gundam as it showcase all of its tricks that it can pull off. If i get back into modelling scene again which is not now as i am too occupied with my job, I will definitely get this guy on my list.

Friday, March 24, 2017

1/8 Bootleg Sakura Saber Koha Ace Review

 I think it is Spring Already in Japan and it is time to post review for Sakura Saber even though it is a bootleg one. This my last Bootleg figure acquisition during my stay in China last year which i got for 100 RMB, way cheaper than the Original. Actually i have many choice of Saber yet i pick Sakura Saber mainly due to my attachment to Sakura Taisen. As usual I hate how Typemoon had become money grubbing fiend who milks Fate series to death while abandoning Tsukihime, thus i got this figure just to spite Typemoon. I just find the idea of Chugging out so many Rule 63 of Famous Historical Figure are just ridiculous and rude thing to do for the sake of fanservice. Anyway Quality of the Bootleg Saber obviously Nowhere to the Original one but at least on par to UFO Catcher tier Figure. Anyway I won't write much in this Review because i am tired of Typemoon's recent self degrading behaviour. Some of the photoshoot might looks shabby because i didnt have the proper lighting when i was in China.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Starting SD Gundam Genesis

 While i am waiting for my Japanese copy of SRW V i am getting back to SD Gundam G Generation series. Recently i got myself a japanese copy for SD Gundam Genesis which i started to play after i completed SD G Gen Overworld. Using Vita TV the Graphic of Gundam Genesis is very gorgeous indeed and yet another step up from its predecessors. Like G Generation Spirits, Genesis only cover Universal Century series only and to be specific the early ones. I like Universal Century in general though i DO hate Gundam Unicorn taking the spotlight.

 After playing couple of stages, My first impression of G Generation Genesis is rather negative. Mainly because Genesis followed the same formula with G GenPortable which means straight retelling the story of Gundam series. Having seen this practice done many times over in Gundam Games do makes you sick of it. I guess Bandai is just being lazy because they could have made alternate take on Gundam series with this kind of game. But nope, instead they wasted effort on which the original work done a splendid job already. The gameplay mechanics do get better though as you need to put more effort on getting stuffs like Ace Pilots or Warships and Warships had more use compared to the previous iteration. While it appears that Gundam Genesis has no Custom BGM feature, The Devs at least put more effort on the BGM department this time. While i am seeing myself will not really enjoy this game i will at least finished the Unit Collection. I just hope Bandai is considerate enough to release another Gihren's Greed Iteration on Vita someday.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Union Creative Monster Hunter Revo Kaiser X Blademaster

 After a year since the prototype being shown in Wonderfest, the Teostra Kaiser X action figure is being prepared for a release! Slated for August this year, the Kaiser X Blademaster is going to be sold for around 8000 Yen Price Tag and comes with Teostra Charge Blade as weapon of choice. As much as i hyped the Action Figure back when the prototype being shown i am kinda hesitant with the product as the final version of the Kaiser X being shown. Whether it is Bad photography or something else i feel that Union Creative doesnt do enough justice for the product in some way. So i guess i am changing my stance for the Kaiser X from Day 1 purchase to wait-and-see because i got to see the Final product myself before making the decision. In MH4U Kaiser X armor is one of the more accessible and popular Endgame Armor. The armor set itself is an offensive versatile set and it was my main armor of choice for my Lancer character.  Back when the online community was in its heyday you tend to see lots of players using this set though most mix the Kaiser X piece with Ukanlos X for easy Sharpness+1.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Metamorforce "Bari"ation Baikanfu

 Straight after this year's Wonderfest, Sentinel immediately announce the Pre-order for Metamorforce Baikanfu! I think we are finally going to get a worthy replacement for Bandai's Soul of Chogokin Baikanfu which is rather dated by this time. Metamorforce Baikanfu will be released on June this year with hefty price tag 42660 which is about twice as expensive as the Former SOC. In exchange we are going to get Baikanfu with Obari Proportion which puts the toyish look of the Soul of Chogokin to Shame. From the prototype it seems the Metamorforce Baikanfu will retain most of the SOC selling point including the cool Pile Formation Gimmick which is Matryoshka equivalent in Mecha. The Sentinel Version of Baikanfu seems to be promising because Masami Obari himself give the greenlight on the project and even design the box cover for the product. I just hope the Articulation wouldnt be compromised too much due to the Pile Formation Gimmick.

Even us dont deserve to know his name!

 About the Mecha Itself Baikanfu is from Anime Series Machine Robo Revenge of Chronos. As an anime series it is terrible but it got very awesome Hotblooded Protagonist Rom Stoll with Awesome Kungfu Robot which really shines in SRW MX. where he hijack villain's screentime from time to time while denouncing them not deserving to know his name. I might get Metamorforce Baikanfu despite the hefty price tag because i have been planning to buy the SOC Baikanfu for a long time already and an cooler updated version happen to appear just now. Lets see when Sentinel will announce preorder for the rest of their products shown on the last Wonderfest.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

FAF Wildwurger + Wildfalken Twin Bird Strike Pack Review

 If you follow my blog long enough, you will know that Wildwurger is one of my most favorite SRW OG Mecha. Considering that i havent been doing much coverage for Mecha stuff lately, might as well writing a review on my recent addition to SRW collection! Got this somewhat rare stuff from Mandarake with somewhat reasonable price if not for horrible credit card ninja fees. You can also check my previous review of FAF Wildwurger Here