Monday, February 25, 2013


From the author of Emma, Otoyomegatari(Bride's Story) is another manga that is added to my reading list recently. While i rarely read shoujo manga, Otoyomegatari is quite interesting to read due to its historical setting in antiquated era of middle east which is a rarity for manga. Taking place in 19th Century on Central Asia era nearing Crimean War, Otoyomegatari is about the slice of life of 12 years old boy with 20 years old girl as a married couple along with a pinch of Middle-east culture slideshow. Despite their huge gap difference the young couple tried their best to love each other and face the ordeals together. The strongest point of the manga would be the drawing which is beautiful and more vibrant compared to Emma and story is still going interesting though the chapters are going rather slowly. If you like Emma probably you will like this as this manga got the same feeling with the series save for the setting.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Liger Zero Jaeger buildoff!

Picked up my hobby knife again  after being inactive for more than 6 months already. I just finished my LBX Odin and picked this Jaeger CAS units. Gotta say this is probably my favorite Liger Zero variants in terms of look because appearance wise, the HMM Liger Zero Jaeger is the coolest one out of Zero's CAS variants at least for me. Unlike my previous Liger Zero build i intend to do painted build for Jaeger which is rather straight forward unless i plan to make the kit looks more detailed. Just now i finished Sanding all of the parts for the Jaeger units which took about 2 hours which i bet Panzer would take much longer -_-;.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rahxephon thoughts

 Another series that i watched due to SRW influence and quite an artistic approach for a mecha anime. Rahxephon is a beautiful anime but i don't think this series has a capacity to revolutionize mecha series. Overall my reaction for this anime is okay as it neither has noticeable flaws nor being particularly memorable for a mecha series. The main problem for Rahxephon is that it kinda lacks the Action bit as a mecha series and the pacing is rather slow. But this series got some really good music and gorgeous animation as well as romance which is the strongest point of the series for me. The main character relationship with the main heroine is one of the few example of romance in anime which is pulled of really well. Rahxephon is a beautiful mecha design which has special purpose other than fighting which is why it doesn't have any flashy moves. While Rahxephon has some similar elements with Evangelion mainly the character templates, i would say Rahxephon managed to stand its ground on its own. Despite Rahxephon is rather plain, nevertheless it is recommended watch for one of a kind experience in mecha series.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wonderfest 2013 releases

Every year as always Wonderfest bring something surprising for collectors and especially for mecha fans. I am not really following RIOBOT series but from this Wonderfest, Sentinel introduced couple of awesome mecha figures. First is the RIOBOT Blodia from Capcom's mecha fighting series Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness which is piloted by Jin Saotome, the main character of the series. I saw Blodia first in action in Marvel Vs Capcom through Blodia Punch then played Capcom Beat em up called Armored Warrior in which it is one of the playable character and finally the Cyberbots itself which i played on MAME. I wonder if Reptos will get a Riobot eventually since Blodia managed to get it through. While there is a slim chance for me to get Blodia at least i will be getting Cyberbots from PSN.

Apart from Blodia, Riobot Jehuty which was announced a while ago got prototype model which really gorgeous and looks like Anubis soon will be following as well. I am still looking forward to the Riobot Orgun which has been taken a while but still get a better chance to me to get it compared to Blodia.

Usually i don't really care with Max Factory releases on Wonderfest but certainly they caught my attention this time with Figma Guyver and Dougram Plamo. I am actually fan of Guyver which is quite interesting and have been looking for a good physical rendition of Guyver 1 but no luck and Max Factory finally decide to release a figma for it. As for Dougram my wish seems to be granted again in one way as Max Factory decided to create Plamo for Dougram, Soltic and Blockhead in 1/72 scale which would be the same as average 1/144 Gundam kits.

Finally in the Kaiyodo and Kotobukiya section, with popularity of Rathalos Blademaster Kaiyodo decided to expand its Monster Hunter Revoltech lineup with Jinouga/Zinogre Blademaster which seems to come with SnS and other weapon which is quite random since Jinouga had weapons in all weapon tree IIRC.

For the Kotobukiya, it is abit disappointing this time since there are no major release for SRW or Muvluv appeared in the exhibition but at least the 1/144 YF-23 Blackwidow is pretty much confirmed now. HMM is also getting Gojulas which i bet will be as expensive as Iron Kong. This Year's Wonderfest seems to add plenty of stuffs again in my want list which is too tempting.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Variable Action Rahxephon

I have been waiting a good physical rendition of Rahxephon for a while already and finally Megahouse answered my wish by releasing this beautiful mecha in Variable Action lineup. The Figure is planned to be released on May this year with price close to 12000 yen and you can get it for 9330 yen in Amiami. I really want to get this figure straight away but due to the steep base price i guess i will be waiting for a while until the price dropped to 5000-6000 yen range. I suspect the possible cause of the expensive price tag is due to the license or limited production number since my Vardant being in the same lineup only have 6500 yen for the base price in the lineup.

I become interested with Rahxephon when i played SRW MX which Rahxephon is particularly remembered with its beautiful design and God-tier theme in SRW. I am currently watching the anime which i am up to 12th episode what i can say is that the series have no noticeable flow but no significant merit at the same time. Rahxephon has beautiful design for a mecha but it is not as flashy compared to other super robots which makes it doesn't really stand out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fate Extra 1/8 Caster/Tamamo no Mae Review

I am not really a collector of figurine but i bought this figure from Amiami on a whim when i played Caster's route on Fate Extra. You might have seen a glimpse of the figurine from my Fate/Extra post about Caster's playthrough which is a few months ago. Since i am not a collector figurine i can't really appreciate this figure to the fullest but i would say the sculpt of the figure is decent quality but not as good as Alter's figurine out there. The figurine comes with modest content with the Caster figure along with Yata no Kagami which Caster swings around in the game as well as basic base for the figure to stand on which seems rather fragile. Tamamo in Fate/Extra is far from the accurate depiction of the Heian Folklore version since her very design is meant to pander Otakus being a Waifu material. I am not really fond of her new costume in CCC but at least give her route a try when the game comes out. If you are haven't played Fate/Extra, Caster's route is one of the more interesting one but definitely will be frustrating for first run.