Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Loot of this month

Another stuffs that i got around this month which are mostly kits but i do got some other stuff as well. For this month i got some Armored Core kits which i am interested to build again after playing AC 3 and Silent Line which are really fun. I also managed to Haul some Volks A3 F-15E and ACTV which are from Mandarake as usual and my collection probably finished once i get the YF-23. Also as you know i am currently playing SRW Z2 Saisei-hen which i bought from Amiami and an Altalion as well since it is 48% off(though probably i won't build this guy until i finished SRW Alpha 2). Probably after June i won't be ordering as much item anymore which hopefully i could do so.

I completed my Z2 collection yay!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

1/100 Shiranui UN WIP 2

Hmm looks like over the past few months my progress in building my model kit had been getting really slow so far and gets worse as my backlog grow in abysmal rate. I blame it to my school life which makes me unable to give my attention to my kits. As you see, the Shiranui that i have worked from last month have got some significant progress. I have finished giving the paint job for the kit and now all left is to handpaint the details on the kit. Probably i could finish the kit in 2 weeks of time i am not occupied with study but hopefully next month i got some more free time to work on the kit. I also throw some comparison of the Kotobukiya Shiranui with the Volks A3 Shiranui in which the kotobukiya kit is taller in few cm compared to the Volks version of it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Now Playing SRW Z2 Saisei-Hen!

Now after i finished my Masoukishin 2 playthrough, i am able to play Saisei-hen as i finally got my copy last 2 weeks from Amiami.  While i am slightly late joining the party, i am really enjoying the game so far as i am able to unders and now i am up to stage 30. The 30th stage is quite special because it is the homage to a particular part of Hakai-Hen where Crowe hilariously get his upgrade unit in the same way again(though his melee version of Li-brasta looks rather ugly). Saisei-Hen is certainly an improvement of Hakai-Hen and each stages are even longer now as you will fight tons of enemies. My current favorite unit is Basara who got much better song remix now and i am looking forward the moment when Ozma met him in person :D. The game deserved its hype for sure as but at the same time it also get too much unwanted attention from some fanbases too which makes me a bit sad. Anyway, probably it will take a while before i am writing a review since i have decided to finish 2 playthroughs at least before writing one. By the way having 100% completion Save data from Hakai-Hen really helps your first playthrough since you got decent amount of money and 300 PP for all characters.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zeta Gundam a New Translation

One of the Gundam series that i have watched recently and i am watching the newer Movie version. While i have been familiar with the series for a while already, this is actually the first time i touched the anime series. In short the movie is a highly condensed version of the Television series with some animation enhancements all over. Overall i find the Movie is really well made as it really shows what makes Zeta Gundam to be famous and it also managed to make me planning to watch the TV series which is probably one of the goal was the movie was made. Though there are some differences with the original storyline that i know after the first movie for instance the Kilimanjaro arc and Dakar day are skipped and Kamille managed to survive this time. While the movie is highly condensed and skipped some of the arcs, i find it still portrays the scale of the Gryps War really well which is actually smaller than OYW. Also what make me likes the Movie is due to the original series quality rather than the animation quality and now i know why everyone hates Katz :) (but i have to admit his character as a normal teenager in the middle of war is portrayed very well). The movie would have been really stellar if it is made with whole new animations but it still did really well with its budget(100 million yen for 3 movies?!). Anyway if you like the movie you might try to play SRW Z which feature the series and the characters are always the new version all the time!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gundam Unicorn OVA 7th episode

Hmm looks like Bandai had to take back some of their promise back, few days ago i heard Bandai is going to extend the Gundam Unicorn OVA episodes since the planned 6 episodes is proven not sufficient to cover the novel material. I think this is a safer move taken by Bandai since they seems to consider the Unicorn series to be rather important. More episodes means there is better chance the series to have better conclusion but at the same time it means more time for Bandai to milk the series and release some more Gundam Unicorn kits which i wonder what they still have at disposal. Unfortunately the 6th Episode which is titled Space and Earth is going to be postponed until next year for some reason. So far the OVA still going steadily despite i find 4th episode is slightly weak and the series still can go for better or worse(hopefully the former one).

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yami's SRW Portfolio

In this post i will list all SRW titles that i have finished in which i made through the final stage and beat the final boss. I decided to do this so it is easier for myself and anyone to keep track my journey record on SRW series. So far my Top 3 favorite SRW title is MX in the first place followed by Masoukishin and then Z1. MX took the number 1 position because i really like the theme remix especially the original themes which is the best so far in my opinion and the cast list is my current favorite too. My progress in last 2 years has been the most significant one since i finished most of the listed SRW within this period. Currently the SRW titles that i haven't touched at all is in the older generation and i am certainly going to finish some in PSX at least. Without delaying much further here are the SRW titles that i have finished

  • SRW OG1
  • SRW OG2
  • SRW J (4 runs)
My Backlogs
  • SRW K
  • SRW Alpha(Halfway)
How many SRW titles have you finished? Which one is your favorite?

Friday, May 11, 2012

D-Style ARX-8 Laevatein

Looks like FMP got series of D-style treatment in pretty short time, after Arbalest and Gernsback Kotobukiya announced ARX-8 Laevatein to get a D-Style kit. The kit is going to be released on August this year with 2200 Yen Price tag. The kit includes all standard equipment of Laevatein which include 2 blades stored on the knee, Howitzer gun and "Boxer" Shotgun though unfortunately no Effect Gimmicks seems to be given. Laevatein is replacement Arm Slave for Sagara Sousuke after his Arbalest destroyed by Belial and during its first launch it manages to defeat 2 Codarls and 3 Behemoths which shows how powerful this AS with its Lambda Drive. I think it is less likely Belial will get a kit but if it is another FMP D-style, i think either Belial or Codarl which will make into the cut. I still wonder if Aoshima(license problem?) or another manufacturer will be making the 1/48 kit of Laevatein?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Rewatching Macross Plus

Macross Plus is probably the first Macross title that i actually interested to watch as i saw the awesome performance of YF-19 and YF-21 in ACE 3. I watched the OVA roughly 4 years ago and last week i rewatched both Movie and OVA version. No doubt Macross Plus is the best Macross title so far with really high production value and i recall it is the most expensive Anime project at that time. The Dogfight is what makes Plus remembered for as the aerial combat between YF-19 and YF-21 is simply breathtaking. But this series also quite solid in Love Triangle which is quite intense as 2 former best friend fought for a single girl and Music is Great with Information High being a God-tier song(too bad it is only played briefly in both version) but still unable to compete with Macross 7. Personally i find movie version is more solid compared to OVA from beginning until the end despite skipping couple of scenes. With this i have finished watching all available Macross title except the TV version of Macross which i should watch soon. I hope Plus will show up more in future SRW and i am looking forward for what Kawamori have in hand for 30th anniversary of Macross.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Erementar Gerad

Another series that i watched years ago but in this post i will discuss about the manga which i recently finished. Erementar Geard is one of those Shonen started as manga series which later get anime adaptation. The series revolves around Humanoid female beings that capable of transforming into powerful weapon called Edel Reid. The first manga series focus with a young Sky Pirate named Coud van Giruet with a young Edel Reid named Reverie Metherlance or Ren who happens to be Shichikuhojuu(7 strongest Edel Raids) and their journey  to Edel Garden. While the story is certainly not the strongest point of the series, i kinda like Coud and Ren as a couple which is adorable and kinda reminds me with Garrod and Tifa from Gundam X.

The manga series ended with cliffhanger and supposedly the story continues to Ao Senki which is still ongoing (I hope Coud and Ren will show up). I still have high expectation with Erementar Gerad as it seems that there are some potential for the series to be epic in which all Shichikuhojuu are going to meet with each other one way or another. Compared to the anime, the manga is definitely way better with more backgrounds covered and the anime only covers up to 8 volumes of the manga where it eventually branch off during Viro Arc and becomes really generic shonen anime. But you will probably like the series if you are a teen(i used to like the anime too) and the Anime opening is quite catchy.