Friday, September 30, 2011

MG Delta Plus working progress part 2

This week i have been starting working on my MG Delta Plus and so far i have completed repainting one of the arm and leg which i intentionally do for comparison. I sand all of the parts where i use the lower grits for external armor. I used TS-21 again for the gold parts just like my MG Hyaku Shiki and some TS-40 and TS-18 for black and red color.  I should have get a design mat for better representation of my WIPs and probably i will get one sometimes later.

I used the repainted version of Delta Plus as my base of work which i find from GundamGuy though i still use my MG Hyaku Shiki for some paint guide.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ys Seven

The most recommended gateway to the series.

Variable Formation SRX

If you ask me which is the best rendition of the Invincible Super Robot called SRX which is the mascot of Banpresto, i would say Volks had the best one so far! The Variable Formation SRX is the special package made by Volks which include R-1, R-2 and R-3 in 1/144 scale with extra parts which enable transformation into SRX just like in the series complete with the Hi Zol Sword which are way bigger than Kotobukiya's non scale Zankantou type 3. However great stuff comes with great price as this set is sold in tag price of 58000 yen as expensive as Studio Halfeye's SRW toys. . You can find these toys around 45000 yen in YJA though few days ago i saw one sold with the price of 35000 yen. This toy set would be my current holy grail and hopefully i can get it someday if i ever go to Japan considering middleman fees will drain your wallet instantly with the product around this tag price.

Here are some more pics for the Variable Formation SRX

Saturday, September 24, 2011

MG Delta Plus project

I have just finished assembled my MG Delta Plus and i am quite satisfied the kit. I plan to repaint the kit next week with Hyaku Shiki color scheme so my MG Hyaku Shiki got a companion. I could say MG Delta Plus really resemble Zeta Plus due to the internal body mechanism and greatly improved as the hip and the body are separated unlike the Zeta Plus MG. I also now understand why Gaijin Gunpla gave low score for this kit as MG Delta Plus have stability issues due to the feet design which is too small to sustain Delta Plus. Currently Gundam Australia had Delta Plus Group build going on until November which also have some prize for the winner. So if you had MG Delta Plus and plan to repaint it you might consider to join the group build.

GAF Delta Plus Group Build

Friday, September 23, 2011

Figma Tekkaman Blade

I am not a collector of Figma but the announcement for Tekkaman Blade catch my eye for sure. While the release date is not announced yet Max Factory has shown the sample for the figma, The figma height is around 14 cm which satisfactory enough for me and probably come with Voltekka gimmick as well. Tekkaman Blade is the lead protagonist of the reboot of Tekkaman series in 1990s who fight bug like monsters called Radam. There is a good chance for me to get this figma as i am quite a fan of the series and probably affordable enough compared to Armor Plus version which are meant for collectors. I wonder if Sol Tekkaman or Evil would get the Figma treatment as well.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finished SRW J!

Just cleared my first playthrough of SRW J with Calvina using Coustwell and i would say the game are pretty mediocre. However it is one of the few fan translated SRWs which is easier to play for non japanese speaker. I will not be making full review for this game until i did all playthrough with 4 original mecha available. I could say the original enemy in this game which are called the Furies will be blend really well with Balmarians if they are ever considered to be featured in OGs 3 due to their background. Anyway i am off to go with 2nd Playthrough with Toya on Granteed!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Loot for this September

Here are the stuffs that i ordered last month and it took quite a while for all of them to arrive. I ordered all of the gundam kits from HLJ and initially i am tempted to get the EBM version of Destiny but decided to get the reqular one in the end since i am not that interested with the effect part afterall. I also bought Nendoroid Tachikoma from AmiAmi since i become fond of them after watching Stand Alone Complex.

aaaand i finally bought Shin Gihren no Yabou which i have been interested with for a while already as i heard it is the Holy Grail for UC fans. Currently playing on Revil's route on easy mode and i find being Feddies before V project finished really suffering since Zeon's Zaku tear through your Tanks and Jet Fighters really easy. Anyway i think i will be spending quite a while with this game.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Big O


Off to build Huckebein Boxer!

Since i got 2 weeks mid-term break, finally i got a chance to build the Huckebein Boxer that i get few months ago. This kit is the biggest 1/144 SRW kit that i have bought save for 1/144 Daizengar. i have finished assembled the Huckebein and Boxer frame and now going to disassemble them again for painting. I guess 2 weeks would be sufficient for me to finish this project XD.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

FW Gundam Converge Review

Not really a review since there is practically nothing to review about these toys. The Gundam Converge that i show above is from the 2nd Volume of Fusion Works Converge series which had 4 editions already and i got it from Ebay from reasonable price. For this review probably i will explain the particular reason for me getting these Gashapons which i am not really collecting.

As you noticed the proportion of the FW Converge toys are different with SD Gundam kits that you know as the legs are longer which reminds me the proportion of the MS in MS Gundam Odyssey or known as MS Saga: A New Dawn in the west.The gameplay of MS Saga is classic turn based RPG featuring gundam series from 0079 until CCA and some MS from G and Wing Gundam.

I played this game few years ago and it was a memorable experience. Despite it has really terrible character design and story, the gameplay is pretty good.  What makes MS Saga is really awesome is that literally this game has the best customization for Gundam Game as you can change body parts of your MS which are classified into 5 parts and the weapon. I played this game up to the point i got Zeta Gundam which is probably around 70% of the game progress and it is quite challenging by this time because if you got to wrong place you will get an easy gameover as the enemies in some area easily overpower you.

The toy had limited articulation for the hand only as you expected from Gashapon as these toys cost about 300-400 yen only for each of them. There is nothing special with these Gashapon lineup except some particular reminder for MS Saga. I wish there was a sequel for this game though it is highly unlikely to happen since the reception it got is really bad both in Japan and the West. For gundam fans who haven't tried this gamei would recommend to try this one since it gives rather unique gaming experience for Gundam games

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Super Robot Chogokin Solar Aquarion

At last more details for SRC of this mecha revealed few weeks ago! Bandai will release SRC of Solar Aquarion in December this year. I have been quite a fan of Sousei no Aquarion after watching the series and playing SRW Z due to its awesome song and its super robot that got plenty of cool moves on its sleeve. Solar Aquarion is the main form out of the 3 Aquarion form piloted by the hotblooded protagonist Apollo who is just plain good smacking the Shadow Angels around. While it is confirmed the SRC won't be transformable, at least it got some proper gimmick parts to replicate the original mech's trademark such as Mugen Punch which i recall the normal SoC version didn't have and it also come with the Ippatsu Gyakuten Punch as well which is shown in SRW Z2. I am tempted to get this SRC into my collection but i guess i would skip it in order to get SRC Zeorymer which is probably released around next year. I still wonder if Mars and Luna Aquarion would get SRC version though i think Assault Aquarion had better chance compared to them to get SRC release.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monster Hunter for 3DS announced?!

It seems that there is a rumor about this week's famitsu that Capcom announced new Monster Hunter series for 3DS with title Monster Hunter 3G. The game will be improvement version from the Wii MH Tri and retains the underwater battle which was removed in Portable 3rd. What makes me surprised that i wonder why Capcom wouldn't announce the news during TGS. In Business perspective Capcom made a good strategic decision with less risk due. First PS Vita won't be released in Japan until end of this year while 3ds has been released for a while not to mention they got price reduction recently. I still didn't know whether it is relevant or not if the cancellation of Rockman Dash 3 has something to do with this and either Nintendo or Capcom decided to take this move. The news is not official yet at least until the Famitsu for this week is officially released.

Source: Andriasang

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ushio and Tora

Out of many Shonen Manga that i read, Ushio and Tora is one my favorite. Ushio and Tora was one of the best Shonen Manga at its time with youkai theme just like Nurarihyon. The story revolves around Ushio a boy who had normal life until he find a mystical spear called beast spear which is impaled on a youkai in his house basement and started a journey to defeat great evil called Hakumen no mono. Later he called they Youkai Tora and they have some kind of awkward relationship as Tora tries to eat Ushio all the time but end up being hit by Ushio with beast spear, however they gradually develop friendship and Tora is tsundere all the time.

I read the first few volumes when i was on middle school which discontinued afterward and resume to read after the manga is scanlated and just finished reading it few months ago. Personally the reason why i really like this manga as it presents the important aspects of Shonen manga really well especially friendship and courage and the main character is just really likeable. While the drawing is not that good i would strongly recommend to read the manga considering the you will rarely find the manga's epicness in most Shonen manga nowadays.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Revoltech EF-2000 Typhoon

I guess now Kaiyodo catch up Volks even faster compared with Kotobukiya! They have announced to release TSF version of EF-2000 Typhoon already and it will be released on October next month. The action figure comes with 1 assault rifle, 1 halberd and a big rifle which looks like a Railgun. EF-2000 is the third Generation TSF used in Europe and first appear in Eurofront which is one of the Muvluv Sidestory. I am quite fond of the design though i won't be getting the Revoltech since i am not interested with them. If Kotobukiya ever released a kit version i would like to see it comes with the Great Sword made for Typhoon which is known as the Fort-killer. Probably there is a good chance of Kaiyodo release alternate color scheme for this guy like the Red one which the pilot suit resemble Ironman color scheme.