Saturday, April 28, 2012

Macross 7: Galaxy is calling me

I had watched Macross 7 few years ago along with several OVAs but out of all i didn't watch this spin off for some reason. I recall this is one is a movie but i think it is more like an OVA due to its short duration. Galaxy is calling me is the Macross 7 spin off that took place near the end of TV series which it tells what happen to Basara who got folded by Protodeviln around episode 45 to a planet and have to fend off against their attack along with Emilia, one of Mylene's older sister(who seems to have a crush with Basara as well). While i find the OVA is mediocre compared to other Macross 7 OVAs (Fleet of Strongest Woman comes in mind), Heart and Soul is really good just like other Fire Bomber's song. With this i have completed all Tv series and OVA for Macross 7 and that makes Tv series of SDF Macross left to make me finished watching all Macross series. Personally Macross 7 is my 2nd favorite Macross series after Plus because Fire Bomber's music is just really awesome. I really recommend watching the Tv series which is quite fun ride despite it is taking a while for the series to be getting good. Now i am looking forward for Basara-sama in Saisei Hen!

Friday, April 27, 2012

1/72 HMM Berserk Fury

After few months of the first reveal for the kit, finally Kotobukiya announced the release of Berserk Fury's kit. The kit will be released on August this year with price of 8800 yen. This is rather expected since the previous Geno Breaker cost like 7800 yen and Berserk Fury is more or less have the same size frame with it along with CAS feature. Berserk Fury or Berserk Fuhrer is a zoid developed by Empire based on Geno Saurer in order to rival Republic's Liger Zero and ironically the Empire stole technologies from Republic to develop this Zoid. Berserk Fury is really strong all around where it possess powerful Diffused Particle Cannon which is discharged from its mouth and also capable of generating Energy Shield. Apparently the version that the Kotobukiya released the New Century version which is piloted by Vega a kid who serves Bit's rival. I won't be getting this kit for a while since i need to conserve my budget and i still have too much backlog yet to be finished.

Monday, April 23, 2012

1/7 Alisa Amelia

Few days agos i started God Eater: Burst and hooked into it until now, it is really fun game if you like Monster Hunter and it even has storyline which is decent even if slightly cheesy. One of the main character of the game, Alisa Amiella will be getting a 1/7 figurine treatment from Plum which is going to be released on July this year with 7750 yen price tag. I suppose it is rather reasonable as the figurine size is around 30 cm with her Blade form God Arc and the sculpt looks quite good as well. Alisa is a Newtype God Eaters who joined Fenrir Far East Branch in God Eater and plays some important role in the game. In terms of personality, Alisa is slightly snobby at first but eventually opens up to the 1st God Eaters unit with some help from the main protagonist. If you are Alisa's fan you might consider to get this figure if you got some spare cash but myself is more looking forward to God Eater 2 XD.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Velvet Kiss

I don't really talk about ero manga in my blog but this particular series called Velvet Kiss worth to mention which had finished it serialization recently. This series is made by Harumi Chihiro who is one of the better doujin mangaka in my opinion when it comes to storytelling. The story revolves around a Salaryman named Nitta who had promising career until he suddenly plunged into despair as he is gotten into massive debt which doesn't belong to him. However the debtors offer Nitta a special condition to clear his debt by accompanying a mysterious girl and befriend her. However Nitaa doesn't know that his fateful meeting will lead to chains of moments of despair but at the same time he will also encounter unexpected love.

Unlike majority of ero manga, you will probably read Velvet Kiss for plot rather than the ecchi stuff(which is still good tho) because the romantic development of the main character is pretty good despite it starts slowly. While i heard the series is prematurely ended, i think the Mangaka managed to wrap up most of the stuff really well. I don't know if there will be sequel or not but Velvet Kiss is still solid when it stands by itself. If you like Velvet kiss, you might try to check "Koi wo suru no ga Shigoto Desu" which is written by Harumi Chihiro as well and i recall it has quite satisfying ending too.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Early April Loot

Actually i should call the topic as March loot as if my stuff from Amiami was not so late too arrive due to the local Post office error. I got myself some Virtual-ON kits from HLJ which had rather tempting offer then i finally got myself the Armor Plus of Tekkaman Blade from Mandarake which i get more or less regular price. From Amiami i bought SOC Zeorymer and HMM Liger Zero Jaeger which i preordered beforehand but ironically it is the last items to be arrived out of all loots. I guess i will be buying less stuffs by the 2nd half of the year as my backlog keep increasing while i currently have problems to clear my backlogs. Anyway you will expect some review of the Armor Plus Tekkaman Blade soon or later because i rather have high priority to review this guy.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Super Robot War Z2 Hakai Hen 100% completion

In preparation for Saisei Hen, i decided to aim for 100% completion for my Hakai Hen progress last week. I continued from my previous 3rd run which is still early in the game and went until the 4th branch of "Jigenjuu" stage which is the last hurdle for completion of the chart. It took 2 days for me to accomplish this task and by the 3rd playthrough, everything is a breeze due to massive amount of cash and PP carried over from my 2nd run. For my 3rd run i took the Super Robot route which usually have Trider G7 joining in and i still keep learning new stuffs from third playthrough and "Invincible" combo is quite awesome.   I managed to finish the game within 192 turns and most of my units gained Ace status already except Sumeragi and Roshiu. Crowe still managed to be my top pilot undisputed from the first playthrough until now with over 800 kills by this time. I am abit lazy to do 4th playthrough now despite the upgrade has increased to 15 slots and probably do something else while waiting for my Saisei Hen copy to arrive.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of Heroic Knight

Record Lodoss War is probably one of the Top tier Fantasy series that spans multiple Anime and Mangas. The epic series known for really rich lore and cover 15 years of the war of sword and magic sparked in the land of Lodoss. One of the story taking place in the series is Eiyuu Kishiden or Chronicles of Heroic Knight which tells a story of a young knight's life called Spark about his journey to become a Knight. Along his journey he finds allies, meaning to be a Knight and eventually someone he wants to protect while carrying a heavy burden to fight against Greater Evil that is going to spread chaos to Lodoss once again. I really like the manga version of Eiyuu Kishiden as it depicts the ideal of Chivalry really well and probably Eiyuu Kishiden has the best drawing of all Lodoss war manga. So far i have read all the available manga and planning to give the anime a watch if i have some spare time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

G Senjou no Maou thoughts

For some reason i got some urge to read VNs from few days ago which i have read couple of VNs by now. One of them is G-Senjou no Maou or "Devil on G-string"which refer to the classical piece called "Air on G-String". At first i thought the VN is just ordinary and overrated but in the end,the Main Heroine's route certainly make the game live up to its reputation. The player assume the role of Azai Kyosuke, a adopted son of influential Yakuza boss who only lived to pay his actual parent's debt. His life slowly changed when a girl named Usami Haru enroll to his school. Kyosuke got himself entangled with Usami as she chase a mysterious guy called Maou is plotting some nasty schemes affecting people around Kyosuke .

Overall the game feels quite unpolished as there are lots of rough edges across the story which could indicate that the project time for the game is rather short. Nevertheless you will definitely enjoy the main story especially if you like mind games which the game is not bad at handling this stuff. But in the end i think the main antagonist doesn't really deserve title of Maou not because of his motive(kinda lame) but because he is not badass enough to be called as one and i wish there is some bad ending that involve Kyosuke and Maou. There are 4 routes in total for G-senjou no Maou but actually you can ignore the sub-heroine's route since the script writer really focus on main heroine's path. In conclusion no matter what you do, you must finish the Main route of this game at least if you ever interested to pick up the game as it is the main selling point of the VN and the ending is almost tearjerking if it is not ended abruptly.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Muvluv Alternative Chronicles 1

Recently Muvluv Alternative Chronicles 3 had been released and some interesting stuff happened there so i decided to catch up the VN series by having Alternative Chronicles 1 a go. It seems that my japanese is not still good enough to read a VN since i could only comprehend 30%-40% of the VN's content only but it is good enough for me.

Alternative Chronicles 1 consist of 3 Muvluv universe sidestories which consist of The Day After 0, Chicken Diver and Rain Dancer along with other misc stuffs. TDA 0 is the main segment of Chronicles 1 which serve as prologue of potential main Muvluv series. Taking place in Unlimited timeline, TDA series revolves around events post Operation Babylon which is the part of Alternative V project where US commence mass bombardment of BETA Hive with G Bomb. TDA 0 begins 3 months after Operation Babylon ended which seemingly eradicated BETA(obviously not) and turning most of earth into pile of salts at the same time. The story revolves around US Marine Squad Squad called Black Knives who are trying to find way to return home and revolves around 1 week after they found a fellow marine survivor.

Overall the VN length is quite short as TDA 0 only take 2 to 5 hours to finished reading as it is kinetic novel while Chicken Diver and Rain Dancer only took less than an hour to finish. Nevertheless the mecha action in the VN is not bad despite it is scarce in particular the one in TDA 0 even though the scale is not as epic as Sadogashima and you will see some Typhoon in action too. Definitely a must read for Muvluv fans though  language barrier is slightly a problem until a translation patch done which seems someone are still working on it. Now i am going to read Alternative Chronicle 2 and just bring ITH/ATLAS along.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1/100 MG Marasai

On February this year Bandai announced to release MG Marasai on May 2012 with the price of 4000 Yen which is kind of unexpected. This is because the MG lineup of the first half of this year are mostly Gundam and it is quite surprising that a Grunt unit suddenly got an MG treatment. Anyway i am glad that this MS get an MG since actually it is one of my favorite Mono-eye MS in Gundam series along with Kampfer which happen to bear some resemblance with this guy for some reason. Marasai is one of the Titans Grunt MS which have higher performance compared to Hizack and I recall somewhere that Marasai is designed to look Samurai-esque. I am planning a repaint project for this guy as well though metallic repaint would look rather cool as well. Come to think of it, i will give the Ballute system of Hyaku Shiki for this guy as well.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1/100 Shiranui UN version WIP

Last Weekend, i had some spare time at last to assemble the 1/100 Shiranui UN which had from February already. This means that i will be doing a WIP for this kit as i am going to do a full paint job on this kit. Just like the Alteisen Riese, the WIP will be divided on the parts to work on this kit and probably i will expect it will take 2-3 weeks for me to finish the kit. Kotobukiya made this Shiranui UN version really well because the kit quality has improved compared to the first Type 00-R Takemikazuchi and definitely recommended to get.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

1/72 Crest CR-C98E2 Assault type version

At the moment i play Armored Core Silentline which is a breeze now unlike my first attempt. This makes me get interested again in getting AC kits as i am able to appreciate them more this time. One of the kit that i am interested with is the CR-C98E2 Assault type version which is the poster boy of AC Silentline though you will see this guy in the game's intro only. This AC is a lightweight or middleweight class where the Body Parts are Crest manufactured. What makes this kit special is that it has the infamous Laser Rifle KARASAWA(which is really powerful) and CROW extension unit which renders enemy unable to lockon at you for a while. The kit is currently 47% off preorder in Amiami along with Oracle so you might consider to get it fast.