Friday, August 30, 2013

SRW OG Infinite Battle

I have been hoping a Gundam vs Gundam game with OG cast for years already and appears my dreams come sooner than expected! On November 28th this year, a new SRW game called SRW OG: Infinite Battles will be released for PS3. From the trailer that has been shown, there are 8 characters shown already and supposedly there will be 40 Playable units so most likely we will get to see all the units shown in the Ads cover. From what i see in the trailer, the game looks less promising since the gameplay appear to be sluggish especially the melee part but hope the game will be better than that. Since i don't have PS3 i won't be able to get a copy of the game but if it is ever coming to Vita, i will give my best to support the SRW series. I wonder how they will balance Super Robot units with the Real Robot one considering the Super Robots are 50m on average and some of them are capable to chop anything in two and will be any special team attacks with special unit? If you are ever going to play the game which unit that you wish to show up and will be maining? I would main Wildwurger with no doubt!

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Story of Philosophy

Seems like a totally random post for a rarely updated mecha blog but i can assure that i don't post this on a whim. Reading almost 700 pages book is quite a chore compared to reading manga but i managed to do it and learned something from this book. Will Durant's Story of Philosophy is really good gateway to western philosophy as it introduces several people who changed the shaped Western world with their ideas and thoughts. I had to appreciate Will Durant for his effort to bother analyzing lots of the Western Philosopher idea and summarize all of them to be still palatable while not overriding the original content. From the book, i am made to be interested in Schopenhauer's and Nietzsche's ideas which i will try to get their works to read but i guess i am going to get Plato's Republic along the way. However i find the British Philosopher's thoughts like Herbert Spencer and Francis Bacon is rather hard to be digested in my thought and probably need to give them another go. If you want to get into the ideas of Western Philosophy and have no idea where to start, this book is a good choice to go. I wonder if there is similar book like this for Chinese Philosophy which are another interesting field which probably i need to learn Mandarin to savor their works. Lastly i think i will also have a look at the Story of Civilization which is the least thing i can do as a tribute for this Author.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cytus Chapter 7&8

Just few days ago Cytus got 2 chapters update and since i have the Lambda version got the updates for free. From my first impression after giving most of the songs a run i would say Chapter 8 is more solid than Chapter 7 overall. There are another batch of vocaloids as well but still can't beat the one in Project diva. I am still quite surprised that i get to see yet another DJ Max composer M2U who was major contributor to the former series and i am quite happy even though he only have one song at the moment. Both Chapter cost $5 in Itunes and if you can only afford one at the moment , once again i will recommend to get the Chapter 8 which really solid overall.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last Window: Secret of Cape West

This is the sequel of Hotel Dusk that i covered before which is the part of Kyle Hyde saga, and unfortunately the last game made by Cing before they go down under. Nevertheless Last Window is really wonderful game if you like Graphic novel. Just like Hotel Dusk, once again you play as Kyle Hyde an Ex-cop turned Salesman exploring the building and interact with the objects and finding clues to progress through the story. This time, the story takes place at Kyle's apartment which used to be a Hotel and just one week before Kyle forced to leave as the apartment going to be demolished, he received mysterious letter to find something called Scarlet Star which the sender says will uncover the mystery behind his Father's death. As always the Noir style storyline is top notch and probably better than Hotel dusk though for some reason the later have some soft spot on me. As a part of Kyle Hyde Saga, Last Window uncover more of the Kyle's past while having common thing that ties it together with Hotel Dusk. While this is wishful thinking, i wished Kyle Hyde Saga would see some continuation as the whole series is still far from finished, it doesn't have to be Cing but some other developer would be able to continue this great series,