Saturday, October 29, 2011

Super Robot Chogokin Zeorymer

Finally some information regarding the SRC version of Zeorymer has been revealed after its first appearence in the wonderfest this year. The SRC will be released around february next year with the price of 4800 yen and hopefully it is not Tamashii exclusive. While i am not into SRC lineup, Zeorymer will be in my purchase list since i am rather fond of with this guy. The SRC seems to come with the Giant Kanji letter of "Heaven" which appear whenever Zeorymer unleash Hades Attack. Zeorymer itself is the lead mecha of manga series called Hades Project Zeorymer which later adapted into 4 episodes OVA. Zeorymer is well known with its Destructive power as it possess infinite energy through Dimension Coupler System and really destructive power as it can unleash massive explosions equivalent to Nuke whenever it clasps its hands.

Source: cybergundam

Thursday, October 27, 2011

FW Gundam Converge 5 & 6

Within 2 years Bandai released these toys pretty fast for sure since this lineup has been announced to get its 6th lineup which will be released around next year. Just as usual the toys will be sold as a whole box containing 10 toys with 6 variety and a secret unit with the price around 3600 Yen. Apparently the 6th issue come with some extra gimmick for one of its toys where it can swap parts to form another variant. I wish i could find the store that sell toys separately because i really wanted the Delta Plus and Jesta from the 5th issue. I wish there could be some continuation of the Gundam Odyssey even though it might not be related with this toy lineup.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another new SRW for PSP announced!

While we are waiting for SRW Z 2.2 Saisei Hen, Bandai Namco announced another new SRW title for PSP which will be released on January next year with the price of 6000 yen. The announced SRW will be the sequel of SRW Masou Kishin LOE which was released 15 years ago and got recent remade on DS and the sequel called Revelations of Evil God. Masou Kishin is the spin off SRW OG title that features the pilot of Cybuster, Masaki as the main character revolving around his adventure across the Subterranean world La Gias. Apparently the sequel will feature black version of Cybuster which is called Zelvoid(sp?) and probably play as the role of antagonist and somehow will be related to Shurouga(at least it seems so). Unfortunately i am not that well versed in Masou Kishin series and apparently there is a limited edition of the game that apparently include the touched up version of the first LOW so i might just skip the DS version and wait for this one.

Here are is the link of the screenshot of the game so far shown in Famitsu

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Legend of Galactic Heroes Stage Play

Just now i watched the Stage play adaptation of LOGH which was played early this year and i find it is okay but in the end really pales in comparison with the original series. The Stage play is roughly span around 2 hours and summarises the event in the first season of the anime on Reinhard's perspective exclusively. The stage play does not represent the setting of LOGH really well given that it is too futuristic at this time and the props does not really match the one it represent from the original series. I can still comprehend the lack of spaceship battle but i am extremely disappointed with the melee battle since Mittermeyer and Reunthal fight Ovlesser with a spear not a Battle Axe :( . My other disappointment from this series is the poor characterization especially Merkatz who is not that stoic.

Nevertheless some of the characters are played really well especially Kircheis(are you frustrated?) and Mittemeyer though i think Reinhard and Reuenthal's character can be improved. As a LOGH fan i am disappointed with the stage play but nevertheless i can see that there are some effort for it. If you are a LOGH find you might try to watch this one for an interesting experience of the series though don't expect the Stage Play had the Awesome Philosophy and Politics that the original anime had due to restricted screentime.

Friday, October 14, 2011

1/144 Brasta announced!

Just saw this on /m/ and i am simply loss at words when i see Brasta is getting plamo treatment from Kotobukiya which seems to be announced in this year's model hobby show. I never expect that Brasta would get the plamo treatment that fast at least before Virgola or Gunleon had one but probably it has something to do with the series anniversary. The kit will be released next year with no further information regarding the date and price yet but i predict that it will be released around April with price tag of 4800 yen just like other most SRW kits. From the pics above the kit will at least come with the EAGLE gun with the sniper rifle parts along with the shield, i hope the kit will get the Bayonet parts as well along with the gimmick of the shield though i doubt the SPIGOT parts will be included for this kit.

Brasta itself is the original unit in this year's latest SRW installment which is SRW Z2 Hakai Hen and piloted by Crowe Burst. Brasta is protoype unit designed specifically for fighting against Jigenjuu/ Dimensional Beasts which are the original enemies in the series and it is possible that the unit will be upgraded in Saisei Hen which will be released next year as well.

you can also my review for SRW Z2 Hakai Hen Here

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SRW A Portable 2nd playthrough finished!

Just now i managed to finish my second playthrough after kicking Vindel's ass for the 2nd time. As you see i used Axel again with his Soulgain which is the official mecha that he piloted. I find is Axel is quite hilarious when he still lost his memory in the first half of the game as he is pretty silly especially when he used Genbu Goudan and shout Rocket Soul Punch! In this 2nd playthrough i spend most of my time getting most of my pilots reach 50 kills for Ace status and i find Shuffle Alliance is really strong. I also find Nadesico units to be great for the beginning of the game especially Akito which has one of the more useful Ace bonus where you will get extra Mars Bowl(restore 50 SP) when you bring him which are really great for boss fights and he can be quite powerful when you bring Gai along.

I also finally understand why people said Don Saucer in this game is terribly difficult, i would say this guy is much harder to fight compared with Vindel since this guy is virtually unhittable without lock-on seishin and even worse it has quite huge amount of HP and you had to fight him after fighting another boss which got 150k HP and hard to hit as well. If you don't upgrade your unit properly, you won't stand a chance against this guy for real.

With this i have completed all necessary preparation for me to work on Soulgain kits once it is released by Kotobukiya which i preordered one already. I might consider doing 3rd playthrough with Vaisaga though i won't be doing anytime soon at least until i finish my playthrough with SRW J.

Monday, October 10, 2011

1/72 Liger Zero Jaeger

Finally kotobukiya list the 2nd CAS Variant of Liger Zero and as expected it is Jaeger!  The kit will be released on February next year with the full kit or the option parts with cost of 7000 and 3000 yen respectively. For some reason the kit got is little bit more expensive compared to Schneider probably due to having more parts i suppose. Jaeger itself is the Liger Zero variant that is specialized for Reconnaisance or Lightning fast combat. It is equipped with more powerful version of Ion booster in order to achieve its goal. I am not quite a fan of Jaeger but i will get this one anyway since i will be collecting all of the CAS parts for Liger Zero. With this it is pretty much confirmed that the next CAS for Liger Zero that will be released is Panze which hopefully Kotobukiya would release.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Shin Gihren no Yabou thoughts

Last week i managed to finish my first playthrough of EFSF with General Revil as my CO in Shin Gihren no Yabou. I had to say this is the best strategy series for Gundam games as it has one of the deeper gameplay and story. Shin Gihren is the latest installment of Gihren no Yabou series which is just released few while ago and features OYW and CCA campaign. The gameplay is quite similar with Civilization series except the map and the goal is pretty much fixed. From this game i gained lots of valuable knowledge for UC Era particularly the Geography and tactical roles of the OYW MS(mostly EFSF for now).

As General Revil, you lead EFSF against Zeon in One Year War. This game did really well at portraying the ordeals that Federation had in early phases of OYW, when Zeon's Zaku army overwhelm their military unit and how V Project helped EFSF to gain equal footing against Zeon. I recall i really struggled early on when i had to capture Peking with Type 61s and Flymantas where i need 6 Type 61 to kill a single Zaku II. However once i had my MP Guntank produced i had my campaign slightly easier until i am able to Mass produce GM. However the difficulties spiked up again when i started my campaign in Space as i only have Luna 2 as HQ while Zeon got 4 HQs which include Solomon, A Baoa Qu, Granada and Side 3. The main reasons why i got problem in my space campaign are due to Zeon's Mobile Armor which show how fearsome the Newtype are(i had nightmares with Braw Bro and Big Zams) and significant distance of Luna 2 with Solomon which makes my unit reinforcements takes time to arrive.

Probably the main reason why this game is not that popular for international gundam fans is due to the language barrier as this series had lots of Kanjis and twice as hard to read compared to SRW series. However if you are a diehard UC fan, you will be in absolute treat if you play this game and it is not impossible to understand the content as long as you are willing to learn the language(there are some available menu translations on the internet too). For now i am doing Gihren's campaign and i am taking slow pace for now. If i have some free time, i might consider to do some mini guide for this game as well.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MG Delta Plus working progress part 3

Since today i got some free time to work on My Delta Plus, i get into significant progress already. I managed to repaint the whole body except the wings which is quite a progress! Though i think i will repaint some parts to fix the flaws on several parts notably the shoulder armor which you could some marks around it. Probably i could to finish the kit by next week and i am thinking to make some kit review meanwhile.