Saturday, July 29, 2017

Elder Sign Storage Solution

 Fantasy Flight Games is one of the Boardgame Publisher who is notorious for chugging out Expansions after Expansions for their Base Game. This naturally makes the Original Boardgame box unable to contain all of the expansion components at some point and thus people their own storage solution for this issue and here is mine.

 For my storage solution i use Plano Box to contain the tokens, Cloth Bags for Monster Tokens and ordered some custom made wooden boxes for the Cards. So far my current suitcase for the Elder Sign able to hold all of the expansions up to Omens of the Deep just fine but i will need to find another if new expansions coming out. Overall i am quite satisfied with the storage solution that i do for Elder Sign. I had one as well for Elder Sign but havent got any time to give the final touch up for it.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Cross Ange

 Watched this series as part of my preparation for SRW V. Cross Ange is mediocre at best but at least it is still better than Valvrave. Interestingly Cross Ange is one of the series that is directed by Fukuda after a long time break as a producer thus you see a lot of homage from the previous series he directed Especially Gundam SEED considering the main Heroine Mecha is in Freedom Gundam color scheme anyway. The concept of the Ragna-Mail mecha is cool with Motor Cycle cockpit reminding me of a certain vertical shooter game in late 90s. As for the story it is tolerable if you dont take it seriously as the worldbuilding got some nice twist if watered down by excessive fan service. My least favorite thing about Cross Ange is the Grimderp route that it takes in the beginning as the character deaths in the first few episode only serve as Shock Value. Personally i never like the main heroine because her personality too selfish but i guess she kinda serve as strong willed Female Heroine in opposite of Beta Kun Male protagonist. Out of the Para-mail design i guess i like Tusk's since his is pretty much Justice Gundam version of the series and i am Athrun Zala fanboy. If i can find a bargain, i think i will get a Vita copy of Cross Ange game someday.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

1/500 Yamato 2199

 Ever since i become follower of Space Battleship Yamato through Yamato 2199, i have been looking for a definitive Physical representation for the badass Battleship and now finally find one! The one that will be added to my collection is the 1/500 Model Kit of the Yamato 2199 made by Bandai. It cost around 10000 Yen but it is 60 cm size model so the price is worth it. The Model kit comes with the miniature model of the Cosmo Ace and Falcon but have no LED gimmick. For this kit with this magnitude, i will definitely put an effort to install the LED for the Cannon, Bridge and the Booster. Apparently the 1/500 Yamato have expansion kit to add more details but i think the Base Model is more than enough for me. Apart from The 1/500 Yamato the other Kit that i will definitely get is Katou's version of Cosmo Falcon. Speaking of the series i think i should give the 2199 Movie and Warriors of love a watch soon.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


 Played this game few days ago and instantly hooked into it! Helldivers is a coop top down shooter game but it has a perfect ingredients for its genre. One of the coolest feature in this game is that your results contribute to something greater. The current game is great but it has more potential. The instant i saw this game, i can see how easily it can be translated into Warhammer 40k considering the Over the top Propaganda style of the game and Helldivers enemy factions can be easily translated into Tyranids, Ork and Eldar/Tau Hybrid. I really look forward to this someday and might even get Gauntlets if it ever land on Vita.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Some Recent loots

 Working in a toy company can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. You got to get first dibs on discounted stuffs or new toys but also got you to commit Impulse buy even more. Here are are some stuff that i bought from my workplace over past few months which include variety range of stuffs. I got myself my first Figma and Yamato Figurine which have some nice discounts. Watching Iron Blooded Orphans also make me get some of the 1/100 IBO Gunplas and probably snatching 1/100 Bael one of these days too. My company also happen to have now rare Full Metal Panic Figurine from Atelier Sai which would complement well with my Aoshima FMP Kit. I doubt i will be able to give proper review this year like my other toys but should have plenty of time by next year.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Full Metal Panic new anime season announced!

 Took long enough but finally Full Metal Panic got the anime continuation that it deserves after a year or two rumor. Titled Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory the series will be airing on Spring 2018. The Animation should continue where Second Raid took of and easily close the curtain of the series if the length will be 2 Cours. It took 10 years for the series to get a continuation due to stupid licensing issue but in a way the delay was a blessing itself. Because the animation quality could be potentially better so we are able to see Laevatein and Belial in full action. It appears that 2018 will be the year for Mecha after all with Heavyweight title like FMP and LOGH airing. Coming along with the new FMP season, we should expect more FMP merchandise flooding in and i hope Tessa and Chidori got a good quality figurine. Though i would look forward more to Aoshima's Laevatein and wonder if Kotobukiya is still going to release Belial model kit after 3 years.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Legend of Galactic Heroes Figurine announced!

 Wow this completely caught me off guard! It seems that the attempt to reboot Legend of Galactic Heroes might be real after all. There is no release date so far but Kotobukiya is announcing some figure for LOGH Characters in ARTFX J Lineup. So far Only Yang Wenli got the Prototype shown but Reinhard and Kircheis is going to get one as well. Up until now Legend of Galactic Heroes still remains the best anime when it comes to Politics and Philosophy as well as an effective commentary upon present society. Kircheis and Yang Wenli will be instant grab buy for me because i will not spare money for this Masterpiece and going to keep on tab for these figurines. Studio IG wil be in charge for the reboot and since they look genuinely serious enough, i will give the series a watch from get go. Depending on how successful the series is, i think we are getting model kits for LoGH Flagship as well.