Monday, January 31, 2011

FSS Manga Reboot

Good News for FSS fans out there! Mamoru Nagano will resume his FSS Works after the long hiatus begin with the Reboot of the first 12 Manga Volumes which will be re-released in 7 books. The first book will be released On February. Once the all of the reboot finished, Nagano will continue to release the 13th volume. From the cover of the first reboot volume i would say Lachesis is really beautiful in the new Nagano's drawing and Amaterasu looks girlish as ever.

You can find more information in the FSS official website

1/8 Elmin

The House Sprite of Avalon get a Figure treatment and i would say it is pretty cute. In the previous Tears to Tiara game her design is quite weird since she was a loli meganekko and her H-Scene was the least appealing. Though with the remake version for the PS3 she get better designs but making her looks more like a generic maid. Elmin was an admirer of Arawn due to his chivalries during the battle with Angels and she wants to become Arawn's wife which adds the list of Arawn's harem. AmiAmi had this figure on sale currently and it used to be exclusive in Japan recently so might grab this one since it is a pretty good deal.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tenjin Hidetaka Valkyries Second Sortie

5 years after the first book, Tenjin Hidetaka released another book for his Macross artworks. It will be released on Japan next month on 19th with the price of 3600 Yen. The book will have about 110 pages which is kinda thin for an artbook for this price. But this is definitely one of the holy grail for the Macross fans since the artwork quality will be really amazing for sure. Wonder if the book will contain the new artwork only or had some of the older one, I will get this one for sure if it is available on HLJ or Amiami or Hobbysearch.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1/144 Wildwurger L WIP(part 3)

Finished the painting at last and it doesn't look that bad! i just need to panelline the kit and put some clear coat then it will be finished. If there was no bubbles in the orange part this kit would look perfect already. Probably this is the work that i spend longest time for masking only though in the end i am quite content with thee result. Please look forward for the review that will come in one or two days!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shin Angyo Onshi

This is one of the best Manhwa i have ever read and i would to recommend anyone to read this piece of hidden jewel. The manga is based on Korean Folklore and the story is about the adventure of Munsu, an Angyo Onshi who travels around former kingdom of Jushin and serving justice with his Medal which can summon Phantom Soldiers. Munsu is accompanied with Sando, beautiful girl who serve as his bodyguard and his servant, Bangja. You can say Shin Angyo Onshi is the oriental version of Berserk and is on par with it. This manga is really great because not only having beautiful artwork but also a truly epic story which is really rare. As the story progresses, Munsu's tragic past will be unveiled one by one and he will encounter his former comrade that become his current enemy. The author of this manga is the one who wrote Defense Devil as well though i really prefer this manga compared to the former one.

1/144 Wildwurger L WIP(part 2)

Managed to paint some of the parts already and i am pretty content with the orange color since it closely match the color in the mecha design. Masking the parts is really time consuming for this kit considering this is pretty old SRW kit made by Koto.

The Torso is pretty much done and leave the legs, backpack and the weapon left to be finished. You might notice some irregular spots on the orange parts which i really wonder the cause behind it. I kept some good distance from the paint spray and it shouldn't be that problem. I think 2 or 3 more days would be enough to finish the kit since tomorrow i would have plenty of time during the daytime since i don't work tomorrow due to Public Holiday.

In this WIP i would like to post the old boxart for Wildwurger if anyone interested.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Well finally got a psp to play this game at last! I just played for few days and it was pretty fun though can't play that much at the moment since the PSP that i bought had broken analog button which is serious issue for this game. I will fix the button once i get the replacement parts for the analog button which should come in few days.

Well here is my current character and i main with Lance or Gunlance which were my previous main weapons in MHP2ndG. Too bad it seems that my lancing skill skill got rusty after a year not playing the game but definitely my skill will return as i progress through the game. I am planning to get the UMD copy of this MH if it was to be released on western shore just like i did with MHP2ndG. Currently my progress is going to do 4 star Village Urgent Quest which is Rathian, it seems to be slow since i did some adjustment to get used with the new maps.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

1/144 Wildwurger L WIP(part 1)

Well finished construction of the kit and sanding the parts. As i said before, i plan to do something special with this kit considering i had 1/100 Wildwurger already. So i decided to give different color scheme this time.

This is my first time doing alternate coloring for the kit and probably i will paint the whole kit. I decided to do the color scheme for Wildwurger L which was a secret unit in SRW OG. The time taken to finish the kit shouldn't be that long since the size of the kit is not that big and no particular modification at all.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Non Scale Black Sarena

This mecha is from Nadesico Movie Prince of Darkness with Akito Tenkawa as the pilot. The kit looks impressive due to its bulkyness though i doubt the Aestivalis quality is any good with my previous experience with the kit. Mt first encounter with Black Sarena is when i played ACE 3 and easily the mecha is my favorite though i heard the Nadesico Movie was horrible that it prevented any continuation for the series. Definitely will get this one someday if i find any good deal for this kit.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tenjin Hidetaka Valkyries

Well this one of my favorite artbook out there and planning to get it someday. The illustrations are really beautifully drawn and some of the artworks even become the BoxArt for Hasegawa Macross kits which are really good as well. Too bad the price is pretty expensive(4000 Yen) for its kind considering artbooks usually cost around 2000 to 3000 Yen and the book only has 136 pages. You can find the scans for the book if you are interested by googling since it is pretty easy to get one as well and the quality is much better than most artbooks.

SRW OG Inspectors episode 15

Ooh this is the best episode yet for the anime yet since the Mecha action is really awesome! Grungust 3 got plenty of actions this time considering it only appear in one episode only before getting trashed by Vigagi who had done pretty good job for his 4th wall joke in this episode. I didn't expect that Zengar know some Karate moves(though probably he should considering he is one of the Aggresors) which is shown when he prepared to defend himself unarmed against Galgau. We haven't seen the best Chesto! yet considering the best of Daizengar are not revealed yet. Now i even considering to get Non scale Grungust 3 and paint it in Zengar's custom scheme since it convince that the mecha is really awesome.

I am definitely looking forward for next episode and my guess is that Wildwurger true debut will be there along with SRX since next episode is most likely the stage where Mai try to escape from Hagane and stalled by Rapiecage. Perhaps we may even see Twin Bird Strike unleashed as well.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tsukihime Manga

Well i stopped reading the manga few years ago since the update was slow. However i begin to finish what i left on recently and i find the manga adaptation of the first Typemoon works is pretty good. The manga follows the Arcueid Route(pretty much the canon one) faithfully while providing details that the original VN route didn't have and explaining some informations from Far-side route that are necessary. The battles scene is pretty good as well since it is able to represent power level of each characters really well. As for the Drawings i would say the mangaka did splendid job for it as it is beautifully drawn. Compared to the Non-existent anime version, the manga is proven to be much superior adaptation. I wish the manga did Akiha's route though i am content at least that there are some good doujins for Akiha.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The first PV is out as promised from Banpresto! basically the PV shows the flagship Mecha of each series in the game. I wonder if the PV will become the OP once the game comes out?

Monday, January 10, 2011

1/100 Bang Doll

This is my most favorite Mortar Headd Design in Five Star Stories. Bang Doll is one of the MH that has quite some reputation in Joker Galaxy and probably one of those MH that can fight with LED Mirage.  This is the flagship mortar Headd of Kubalkann and it earns its name Erupting Puppet due to its transformation process and there are only 7 or 8 models of this exist in the entire Galaxy.. The reputation of this MH is pretty famous since it defeat Vatshu the Black Knight and Ashura temple in the manga. The current Headdliner is Muse Van Reyback, Cardinal in training who will be really well known in the future. Bang Doll's main armament is pretty unique, a Speid(Physical Blade) which can be used as Spaad(Laser Blade) as well so it is a two in one sword.

So far the one that manufacture FSS kits are Wave and Volks only and this kit is made by Volks. The 1/100 kit are really huge since it is almost as big as a Perfect Grade. Most of these kits in this scale are made from Resin which require high modelling skill to handle the kit. Too bad mine is not high enough yet but someday i will get one of those. Hopefully Wave will release the 1/144 scale in the future

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Takemikazuchi Type 00-F

I am really tempted to get one of these Muvluv kits though i haven't played the VN yet and decided not to get it for now. This Tactical Surface Fighter(TSF) piloted by Yui, one of the main Heroine in Muvluv Total Eclipse. In terms of appearance it doesn't differ that much with the Takemikazuchi type 00R which is piloted by the main protagonist in Alternative. The color scheme is fine for me and i am really digging into the mech design. i will definitely play Muvluv started with Extra once i finished Clannad(which is soon enough i guess) and hopefully the translation for Alternative will be finished soon as well.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SRW Z2 announced for PSP

Famitsu for this week announced a new SRW titile for PSP and at last the title is not port version this time. Acting as sequel for SRW Z which was on PSP. This game is planned to be separated into 2 parts considering the roster is pretty big. Retaining the casts from SRW Z while adding some more new series. The Debut titles for this SRW are:
  • Votoms
  • Code Geass
  • Gurren Lagann
  • Gundam 00
  • Daiguard
Finally the Votoms are coming up to SRW series glad we will see Chirico in action and looking forward for Scopedogs busting Mechas that are much bigger than itself. Probably my body is not ready when this game comes out XD.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cosmo Fleet Collection SRW OG

Megahouse plan to release this Gashapon collection by the end of this month with 4 boxes of the Ships in each box. This collection was first announced when SRW OG Inspectors airing first few episodes already. The gashapons look really good aside the Typos of the Ship name which get extra W in their name. I am thinking of getting this item as long as it is shippable with SAL. Hope that the content won't have any duplicates in each box considering i intend to collect all of them.

Yosuga no Sora

Pretty much mediocre VN adaptation.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rance 8 announced!

It is confirmed now That this year Alicesoft will release new Rance Game along with their other VN titles and it will be the 8th installment of the Series. it seems that Rance get a new companion to replace Sill and it appears to be a new Character. Some recurring characters from previous series will also join Rance's Quest in this series. I played Sengoku Rance before and definitely it is one of the Top notch VN for sure. It seems the gameplay of this game will return to Rance 6 which is classic RPG dungeon exploration.

For more information visit Alicesoft's Blog(not work safe though) under header section of "ランス8"