Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kiseijuu / Parasyte

Last post for this 2014! I like Historie but i never know the author wrote another great manga before! If you ask me how good Kiseijuu is? it is as good as Naoki Urasawa scifi work. From few pages i already knew it was the work of Histories's author. Kiseijuu is a story about interaction between a teenage boy and parasitic alien creature that failed to hijack his body. The aliens aimed to destroy humanity but among that we find that friendship transcends race and this makes powerful message from the manga aside environmental issue that the manga addressed as well. The manga is not overly complicated but very clever in delivering the stories. I gotta respect the mangaka since he could pull gory stuff very well to without overdoing it. While it is abit different with Historie it is a solid manga and you will like it too if you are sci-fi horror fan.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Christmas Greeting and 2014 Review

Merry Christmas 2014 Guys! and it is a week to go for 2015! Hope you guys have a meaningful time during this joyful day. This year marks my less activity for the blog since i have less time now but i still have the commitment. 2014 marks some significant change in my life as in the mid of the Year i left Australia to study Chinese in Beijing but i left no regret since i made the most out of my stay just before leaving Sydney which i will come back again sometime. Christmas in China is rather different in Sydney, everything goes usual in Beijing today which is suppose different culture different Significance. But i hope things goes well next year just like always.

I just finished my Papercraft which is a picture frame with Christmas theme and i spent my Christmas this year doing this. While it is a bit different with making Gunpla, i put my skills which i earned from for the former into some good use. Since it is my first kind of this work the result is not too good obviously but i did have fun along the way even took crash course of sewing and obviously my first few attempts look pathetic. I had fun the most building the fireplace as it reminds me of building Gunpla for some reason while i had some quite hard time making the Christmas tree since it is the trickiest part in the kit. Depending on circumstances i may show some of my future papercraft works so please look forward to it!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Some B-Daman Loots

Not exactly the Holy Grail that i seek but still a good haul imo. Got this set from Taobao for roughly $12 which is very good deal since this product had been long discontinued. These B-Daman Armor set is the one that the B-daman team used before the Saint Dragon that i shown before and obviously they can't combine to form larger mecha. I have seen another variation of Saint Dragon with 4 Celestial Beast Pattern which i would get if i can find one with reasonable price. I wished Takara would continue to make their B-Daman toy lineup but unfortunately since the series license now owned by konami they can't do anything for now i suppose.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1/6 Metabee

I used to play the GBA Medabot Fighting game alot when i was in my Junior High and recently got back into the series with the RPG game on GBA too which i somehow overlooked it. Obviously just like other series that i got into i will always discuss the available merchandise. While i forgot the series a long time i always remember the anime got a Referee who always appear out of nowhere whenever Medabot Battle started.  Medabots have 2 main robots that represent the series, melee based Rokusho and range attacker Metabee. I think Metabee is more popular since he got the main character role in the anime and i remembered him as foul-mouthed medabot and most of the time argue with Ikki though sometimes soft on him too. I think Kotobukiya did very on the mode quality for Medabot lineup and the price is kinda decent too compared to Muvluv or SRW kit since it cost 3500 yen for Metabee Kit. The Gimmicks is rather nice too as Metabee comes with the parts to replicate his signature Head Missile attack. I will cover the Medabot Game once i finished them which is not anytime soon given my nature of procrastinating and i wished the 3DS Medabots Games would be brought to the west someday.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nitroplus Blasters - Heroines Infinite Duel

Slowpoke post here, i didn't expect Nitroplus would release another new fighting game for their series, while the Fighting game in the PC was far from perfect it was good fanservice so i suppose this time Nitroplus tried their luck again. So far the informations we got here is that the game will be released on Arcade next year which will serve as testbed like other similar VN based fighting games such as Aqua Pazza and Melty Blood. So far the playable shown characters are Ein and Mora which were playable in the previous game and i think they should retain some of the moves from it as well. The Soukou Aki Muramasa Heroine is one of the new cast shown to debut in the series as playable character. Apparently the Nitro Blaster will also incorporate Partner system where Hello World! heroine shown to be one of them which looks like some downgrade as well. F/Z Saber will be featured in the game as well which i wonder will she be playable this time. I hope this game will have more fluid fighting mechanics compared to previous game which is highly likely and at very least the game would ported to console or PC sometime later. I would get the game if it ever popped up in Vita which i wished Aqua Pazza or Melty Blood did. Also i wonder if Type-moon will ever release Tsukihime x Fate Crossover fighting game so Shiki could kill some Servants.

You could find my review of the previous Nitroplus fighting game here which include all ending CGs

Nitro Royale - Heroines Duel

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Variable Action Koubu Ichiro Ogami version

Sakura Taisen got some mechas which is why i got into the series and while the it is not as popular as it used to be, it got some good merchandise at very least. Megahouse made some of the Koubu(光武) which obviously the manly harem protagonist Ichiro Ogami got one. Koubu which are literally translated as the Light Armament are the main weapon used by Teikoku Kagekidan to fend off demon invasions in Tokyo which are powered by Reiryoku(Spirit Power) which majority of them tend to be possessed by female that makes up the Kagekidan. Ichiro Ogami however is a rarity since he is one of the few male who possess enough power to operate the weapon and due to his military background, he become the captain of Teikoku Kagekidan however in daytime he is cutting tickets for theatre. I tnink this version Kobu is the one Sakura Taisen 2 since the first one is not this flashy and In the game Ichiro Ogami is one of the weakest character in terms of firepower but he makes up for it by tough as nail when it comes to protecting his team and pretty much he is a lady killer.

The Variable Action Kobu comes with 8000 yen price tag which is still normal for this lineup but the price does worth it considering the average quality of the product. I remembered the series got some plamo as well which i seen in some shot of the Sakura taisen maid cafe which unfortunately closed down long time ago otherwise i would go there when i go to Japan.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jurassic Park(1993 Arcade)

I have been fiddling with my Mame again after leaving it on dust for a while and i have been playing lots of Beat em ups and Rail shooter. I wonder why i picked Jurassic Park out of all the games to discuss but this is one of the games that i played in arcade even though not as much as Shadow over Mystara or other games. My impression when i was a kid about this game, it is terrible hard especially the first part! No matter what you do the T-Rex will always reduce your HP to half at very least. While my impression remains unchanged, i feel that game design is terrible because your skill affects the game only in slightest but the shaking seats and being chased by two T-Rex will always give a good thrill. While i hate this game for having bad game challenge design, Sega did better with their Rail Chase and Aliens 3 and even made better shooting game for this series which most of you know as The Lost World. But in terms of coin guzzling it is still acceptable since it took like 7 credits to finish the playthrough still better than Terminator 2 which is just too horrible.