Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ys Celceta no jukai localization announced!

Today Xseed announced couple of games localization at the same time which is awesome and certainly being a Ys fans, Celceta no Jukai caught most of my attention. Planned to be released on Fall this year under the title Ys: Memories of Celceta. Certainly in mid of this year Vita will be really shining with the release of several interesting title like Muramasa Rebirth and Valhalla Knights 3. Personally i am not that hyped with Ys Celceta as i preferred Old school Adol but this game definitely will be day one purchase for me because i am following the series mainly because of the God-tier music for a JRPG. If things goes well for Xseed i hope Sora no Kiseki SC managed the cut by the end of this year because the wait is too long already.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

One of the PS1 classics that i played on Vita recently which i got quite a number now. Back then when i was a kid i remembered i played this game and somehow the gaming experience remains vivid and i decided to get back to this game. I didn't managed to finish this game when i was a kid and i feel obligated to finish one of the game in my past as i have a chance. Klonoa is one of those animal themed sidescrolling game which was quite a boom back in early 90s though this series itself is rather late joining the party. I remembered the graphic of the game was quite something else back then and every elements of the game just blends really well. While the game is targeted for younger audience, the game is quite challenging actually which i sometimes doubt if a kid able to finish this game. The game spans for 12 stages with one secret stage(pretty hard!) and roughly about 6 bosses. For a sidescrolling game the level design is challenging and unique at the same time which makes this game one of the renowned title of its genre out there. If you feel nostalgic with your PS1 and want to get a good sidescrolling game, Klonoa would be a perfect choice for you.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Half-minute Hero

Played this game on my PSP before and now i play this game again on my Vita which i start from Hero 30 till Hero 3 mode. Half minute Hero is really enjoyable ride as it gives another refreshing experience of JRPG. Don't let the graphics fool you, while the game got 8 bit graphic the gameplay is something else and somehow it gives me same vibe with "Yuusha kuse ni Namaikida!" series which is a plus if you like that series. The game offer 6 modes of gameplay which initially you only got 3 modes and have to unlock the rest with 4 different main characters. Hero 30 is the main attraction in this game which you need to defeat evil lords within 30 seconds and you will spend most of your time in this mode. Sadly according to XSEED this game had their lowest sales record but it doesn't mean this game is bad. If you like classic JRPG this title probably worth your visit, if you are a graphic freak better look somewhere else.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Date Masamune(Yokoyama Mitsuteru)

Not the one with "Put ya Guns On!" but it is quite interesting read. After reading Sangokushi, i am interested to read more Yokoyama Mitsuteru's work and came upon this manga. While Yokoyama is not the writer of the story, i find the series is quite interesting enough to keep reading the series. The story of the series is obviously about the life of one of the prominent Daimyo in Japan during Sengoku Jidai named Date Masamune. The series supposedly covers the entire life of Masamune and so far the translation covers up to the end of Momoyama period. Unlike the popular depiction in games and animes, Masamune in this manga is depicted as Shrewd man who is a capable politician rather than a warrior. But what makes the manga truly appealing for me is that it shows the political setting in Sengoku Jidai and shows some important event in the era and the catalyst of it. What surprise me is that Mitsunari Ishida is quite an ass and too ambitious at least what the manga depict while Tokugawa is virtuous and really shrewd at the same time but that's what makes this manga to be interesting. If you are a Sengoku Jidai fans for its history you should try read this manga.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Assault Suit Valken

Played this on my Android Phone and finished it a while ago. Assault suit Valken probably represents my favorite genre for niche Mecha game which is not much either. Valken is the 2nd Assault Suit series that i finished which is quite fun but not as good as Leynos 2. The gameplay is somewhat similar with Metal Slug but with Robots instead and the difficulty of the game is quite challenging considering it is rather old game. The Plot of the game is pretty simple but you can expect something else in the gameplay which is rather intense. The game spans around 7 stages which starts from space then slowly descend to earth along the game, you will get powerups which you need couple of them to upgrade your weapon up to 3rd level. my suggestion is to Max your Vulcan first then try to max out Laser once you get it which is really deadly weapon against both Grunts and bosses. If you haven't played this game yet better do because Assault Suit series is well known in mecha world despite being unheard in gaming world. Since i played it on my phone, i can't give much screenshot but at least i will show you my final score.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Some more Volks A3 Fubuki shots

First post of the year! few while ago i promised i will be taking more shots of my Volks A3 Fubuki as a commemoration for the Total Eclipse anime and here it is! I took more Fubuki shots in Blast Guard pack and i would say Volks made the missile pod really well. Back in Muvluv Unlimited opening i saw UN version of Fubuki using Blast Guard equipment joining in supposedly Sadogashima operation. Though by Alternative Fubuki is totally rendered to be a practice TSF which is kinda a waste for such a sleek TSF design. In Total Eclipse Fubuki had a small screentime early in the anime where Yuuya complains it being such bad TSF before he gets to fall in love with Shiranui, Anyway here are the rest of the pics.