Monday, November 29, 2010

SD Gundam G Generation World

This Week Bandai just announced new G Generation Title after GWars called G Generation World, apparently this new GGeneration game will be released on PSP and Wii. The Game will add MS from Gundam Unicorn and 00 the Movie as the new series along with most if not all MS from GGeneration Wars. Just like my expectation when GGeneration was announced for Iphone, PSP got another great Mecha game for next year. I played GGeneration portable back then and it was easily  one of my favorite game other than Monster Hunter and from that game i learned alot about Gundam and Japanese as well.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Now Watching SRW OG: Inspectors

Just started to watch this anime which i initially intend to watch later once the series is completed and i have to say that i am really satisfied with the anime. The series has been very good so far with solid of Mecha action every episode and recently i watched until episode 7 and 8.

Episode 7 is the invasion of Riksent where Ryoto told Ryusei that Huckebein MKIII is cancelled from production which makes Ryusei disappointed and probably represent disappointment of SRW fans as well. The Gespenst Kick is really awesome though the random Samba music makes the scene is rather WTF.

As for Episode 8 where the story cover the invasion of Inspectors to Mao Industry, the thing that really catches me the most is the Mecha that Mekibos piloted which actually looks pretty cool XD(really different with what i saw in the game). Not to forget the debut of Valsione and of course EXBEIN!!!! Exbein is pretty kickass with Boxer Frame and able to fight just like MkIII. I didn't expect Ryoto's voice is girlish sincei didn't play SRW OGs

As for episode 9 i heard it is the Debut time for Trombe and apparently Elzam didn't ride Huckebein MkIII. I am looking forward for the next episode to be subbed(though it doesn't really matter) i noticed that some subber are not that well versed with the series which result in some mistranslation. SRW OG Inspectors is truly great fanservice for SRW fans and definitely difficult to understand by casual watcher and probably they find the story dull(which is true since Story is not the strong aspect of SRW anyway).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

YMS Greifer

Found this modified kits when lurking the net, this model definitely looks really hot. This model won the first place in 13th Ora Zaku Championship which is held by Hobby Japan this year(iirc Gaijin Gunpla entered the competition as well). Judged on the look, Greifer looks like a bastard child of Gouf and Kaempfer which is reflected with the armaments as well. 

Here is the full gallery of the pictures but kinda image heavy


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chizuru Nambara Figure

Pics from Amiami

This figure is made by CM Corporation, personally i am not really into figures but this figure has something worth to say. Chizuru Nambara is the main heroine of 70s Super Robot series Combattler V. If i am not wrong she is the daughter of professor Nambara who create the Combattler V, Chizuru also serve as love interest of Hyouma the main protagonist. Even if the character is from anime generation that is considered old school, the translation of the design doe not lose with the nowadays bishoujo character. Perhaps if the other old school heroine from mecha series like Sayaka from Mazinger Z or Michiru from Getter Robo had a new figure, it will just look as good as the nowadays bishoujo figure.

Monday, November 22, 2010

MG Deathscythe Hell Custom

Pics taken from SRW Hotnews

It seems that it is no longer rumor anymore that Deathscythe Hell custom get a MG treatment, initially the rumor has started during Mokei Hobby show this year and there were fake scans of the MG where the wings are more curvy and pointy. I think there is a good chance for me to get the kit once it is released since i liked the design of Deathscythe Hell Custom as well in particular for the bat wings. Perhaps next year we will see more MG from Gundam wing series.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New SRW Kits! 1/144 Valefor!

Just find the pics on /m/. It seems that Kotobukiya try to put a good reuse of their 1/144 Ialdabaoth. If i am not wrong, Valefor is another mecha piloted by Shura Warrior just like Ialdabaoth and the pilot is most likely the green haired guy who serve as either Folka's rival or friend. I don't think i will get this kit unless i finished SRW OG Gaiden and reconsider it Unlike Ialdabaoth which i will get if Kotobukiya plan to release Soulgain kit.

The green haired guy that i refer to is the one on the left while Folka is the guy at the right.

Monday, November 15, 2010

HLJ Kotobukiya Sales

Just now HLJ commenced sales on Kotobukiya products from figures to injection kits. It seems the sale looks like the response for Hobbysearch massive clearance sale that began just near the end of last week. The discount rate might not be that tempting considering most of the item are 30% off only which pale in comparison with Hobbysearch's but note that the EMS sale is still on run until 24th of November which applies to all items in stock during the period. Wonder what will be the action taken by Amiami?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Century Episode PV

Edit: SRW Hotnews just posted the Youtube Link, the PV basically explain the game's mechanism and the Mecha series included in the game(no originals yet). From what i see, some units moveset are still pretty much the same with the previous ACE games but who know it will be different. I wished the graphic could be abit better since it doesn't look any better than ACE 3.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

HobbySearch Massive Sales!

Few hours Ago Hobbysearch has just commenced great Bargain for their product already. This sales is probably the response for HLJ Autumn Sale. There are really tempting bargains especially for figurines too bad i don't collect those stuffs. Wonder what will be the action taken by AmiAmi?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Myth Cloth Hades

Pics from AmiAmi

The King of Underworld finally got his own figure in Surplice at last! i know Hades had his previous incarnation before with Hades Shun Version which i knew from Beamknight87's blog. I am not that well versed in Seint Seiya but i am fond of the series when i read Lost Canvas. For Now i don't think i will get this figure since probably the price is the main issue and i am not Saint Seiya collector to begin with. The most attracting part of the figure probably is the Sword which i somehow i find to look pretty cool (much Cooler than Odin Seiya's imo).

Friday, November 5, 2010

HLJ Autumn Sale + EMS 50% off

Today, the sales in HLJ just begun, and it looks really temptin. There are some item that i am interested with, notably 1/72 NineBall Seraph which is 30% off. Unfortunately i don't think i will be getting any of the item since i am waiting for my deformover Alteisen Nacht and Weissritter to be in stock and get them instead. I will be waiting until the Winter sale probably.

Maybe you guys can find some interesting items from the sale.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zoids Command Wolf LC and AC Ballad Custom

Pics from AmiAmi

I am really tempted to get this kit after seeing the preview for this kit. I didn't expect the kit would look so good compared to its counterpart from the game i played. From this kit i assume you can make either Command Wolf AC or LC, the one that i am familiar with is Command Wolf AC.

Command Wolf AC is one of the better upgrade variants of Command Wolf compared to Command Wolf Town or Climber though i guess Cerberus able to beat it though. Command Wolf AC is equipped with long range cannon which can provide decent long range Support but not as good as Gunsniper i believe. This Zoid is used by Ballad from Blitz team in Zoids VS until he get Shadow Fox from what i know based on the game.

I didn't expect that there are no armor covering Shins of Command Wolf, probably because it is small in size and armor would impede the mobility. No wonder it couldn't take much hit in the game. I think i might get his kit if the deal looks good since it would be great companion for Liger Zero, though i still prefer to get Konigs Wolf.