Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Muvluv Total Eclipse Anime afterthoughts

Hmmm didn't expect the Scarlet twins got the Su-47 like that and the bad guy pilot died pathetic death like that. Just as i promised when Total Eclipse began to air that i will watch the anime till the end regardless how bad it will go. As an anime, TE might be mediocre at best but it served its purpose really well and quite an enjoyable ride for me as the Muvluv series follower from the VN. From what i see, the main purpose of Total Eclipse anime being created is to generate general interest for Muvluv series as well as raising the hype for the Upcoming VN for Total Eclipse on PS3 and Xbox360. What i sought from the Anime is the TSF's action which is probably the best part from the anime and i really like how the anime show the Physics of the TSF. Now i also understand Age's decision to give Total Eclipse an anime since arguably it is the better choice to showcase assorted choices of TSF as the anime featured plenty of different variants of TSF and it makes me interested enough to get A3 J-10 if i can find a good deal. As a Muvluv series fan i can say the anime is watchable for fellow fans and i hope the TE VN will get a PC port so i can get a copy. By the way Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

1/144 YF-23 Black Widow

Got this pic from /m/ which is taken from some chinese website, if the scan is true then i am just speechless. My wish came through to see Kotobukiya release a Plamo for YF-23 but unfortunately it is 1/144 so no get for me. The kit will be released somewhere next year but no details are further given. While The YF-23 haven't got the near 1/100 Non Scale treatment yet, i am positive Kotobukiya eventually will give one for it. The 1/144 kit for YF-23 will be the Black Widow which is one of the two YF-23 colored in black. In Altverse YF-23 is the contender for YF-22 to be the successor of latest 3rd Gen TSF for US Army which the later one wins and results in mass production of F-22 Raptor. Looks like we will see more variation of TSFs in 1/144 scale near in the future.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

LOGH rerun 2nd Season completed!

It is 6 months already since i wrote the last post regarding my progress of 2nd run of LOGH which is still as awesome as ever. This time i managed to pass through the second season of the series, arguably the highest point of this epic Space Opera. The 2nd season marks the major confrontation between Reinhard and Yang Wenli which determines the future of the nations they are fighting for. The brief conversation between Reinhard and Yang in person is one of the finest moments in the OVA.  I am still writing down the quotes of the characters and Yang is still the major contributor of the meaningful quotes as always. While iwon't be finishing the 3rd season soon i am planning to complete my this small project of mine by June next year. Sieg Kaiser Reinhard! Sieg Mein Kaiser!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai / Space Brothers

In the past few months i have been reading this manga and it becom my instant favorite. Just like the title implies, the manga is about a pair of the siblings who aspires to become Astronauts and explore the space after some fateful encounter with an UFO like object in their childhood. The story focus on the older brother journey to become an Astronaut following his younger brothers footsteps as he goes through all tough selection process to become one. What makes this manga appealing is its optimistic view on humanity future of space exploration which is really inspirational for readers. I am not astronautics expert but from my point of view, Space brothers keep the setting of the series as realistic as possible. So far the manga translation is a bit slow but i think the manga quality will be still consistent. There is also anime of the the series that has been airing from early this year which i think i will give it a watch.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SRW UX for 3DS

Well SRW never ceased to surprise me every time, just today i got to know Bamco announced another new title for SRW series to be released on 3DS. The new SRW is called UX scheduled for March next year for 6800 yen. Some series from SRW K and L will be returning to UX along with couple of new mecha series. Some of the debut titles are Demonbane(Midorikawa's wish come through it seems), Mazinkaiser SKL, Heroman and another Virtual On title. Being a fan of the series after i finished reading 2 of the VNs, My body is ready for some Demonbane goodness in SRW but i didn't expect it become like this. It is hard to justify for me to get the Japanese 3DS solely for this game and i don't really have other Japanese 3DS title that appealed me. I will just be bystander this time and hope that Demonbane will see another light in SRW for other platform.

Some stuffs from Mandarake

Getting myself some early Christmas Present and Birthday from Mandarake which i ordered around the end of Last Month. At that time i got myself couple of good deals and hauled several quite rare stuffs which are Japanese Exclusive stuffs. From Mandarake i got myself Composite Ka Cybuster Masou Kishin Version, Armor Plus Sol Tekkaman 2 and FAF Bellzellute and Wildwurger. i have been watching over the Armor Plus for a while and got mine for 6000 Yen which is pretty good deal while i got the Cybuster for 4000 yen despite i can get regular one for less. Lastly i get both FAF for 3700 Yen and didn't expect myself to be able to find the Bellzellute since it is one of the harder figure from the lineup to find. I will get the Sol Tekkaman 1 if i can get it for 6000 Yen which probably will take a while. I also will review one of these loots ASAP so look forward for it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Non-Scale Type-94 Shiranui Japanese Imperial Guard version

Another Variants of Shiranui that Kotobukiya released from Muvluv series. While this makes roughly the 6th release of Shiranui, actually this is the 2nd version of Type 94 Shiranui ever been released by Koto. The kit is scheduled to be released on April next year with the price of 5200 yen. Other than being the recolor of the Type 94 Shiranui, the kit also include Missile Pod which is mounted on the shoulder for TSF with Blast Guard position. I am not that eager to get this kit for the Missile pack, and just hope Koto being nice enough to release the Missile Pod as Optional kit along with the Sniper rifle as TSF weapon pack. The Japanese Imperial Guard version of Type 94 is the common version of Shiranui being the original version, which has been one of the main TSF forces of Japan Empire in Muvluv Alternative. The notable eishi of Imperial Guard version of Shiranui is Sagiri, Marimo and Hibiki who is the main character of The Day After 1&2.