Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tears to Tiara anime

It is like 4-5 years already that i played the original VN of Tears to Tiara and recently i give the anime a fast run. Overall the anime feels plain just like other VN adaptations though it does has its redeeeming factor. Tears to Tiara is somewhat can be compared as the western equivalent of Utawarerumono since both games are published by Aquaplus. Unlike the PC game, the anime used the new character design which is shared by the PS3 version of the game but it still follows the same story. What makes me like Tears to Tiara is that it has interesting background settings for a fantasy series. Compared to Utawarerumono i still prefer the former since you can get easily attached with the characters in Utaware though by no means the characters in Tears to Tiara are bad however both series shares common issue which is lack of competent antagonists. The story of Tears to Tiara revolves around a self proclaimed demon king named Arawn who was resurrected prematurely and find himself leading a tribe and constantly getting Harem while trying to fulfill his promise with his old friend.

The anime feels really lacking mainly due to lack focus of the romance which the VN got plenty.While Utawarerumono anime still got the harem element playing for some reason Tears to Tiara just drop the whole thing and just become straight fantasy series.  However the anime did one thing right which is portraying Arawn's past which i would say it is well executed. The anime songs are nice as well but still i prefer Utawarerumono's. One thing that TtT got better over Utawarerumono is that they got better selections of figurine crafted by Kotobukiya which i wished bought it back then but probably i will just hunt for them when i go to Japan. Recently Tears to Tiara 2 is announced to brought to the west which i may play if it ever goes to Vita but for now i will just play the first Tears to Tiara again on my psp.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cospa Free Planet Alliance Jacket

If i am asked to do LoGH cosplay i will choose doing Free Planet Alliance over Galactic empire not because i prefer FPA but i find their costume is cooler while being simple. I have been wishing for a good jacket that i can use as FPA Soldier's uniform for a while already and never had a luck finding it. But recently i guess my wish is granted in some way, Cospa recently announced their version of FPA jacket which will be released on this October directly for sale in the Japanese anime convention. Up until now i only know Cospa for making T-shirts but with this release it changes my opinion about them. The jacket looks good but i find the price is too steep, the Jacket will be released on this October for the price of 30000 Yen which is just too expensive for its kind of attire. With 30k Yen i could make 2 good quality suits tailor made in my country but i think it is still a good buy if you can spend that amount of cash. I may be planning to have this jacket design tailor made and patched with the Rosenritter emblem which i think i will get it much cheaper and better quality too. Other than Jacket, Cospa will be releasing the Beret which cost almost 5000 yen as well as the detachable Rosen Ritter patch and FPA rank emblem. Over past few months i have been hearing there are some plans for rebooting LoGH anime which i don't think it need any. If Cospa ever release a Galactic Empire uniform i bet it will cost 100000 yen. Also here is the picture of the beret

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Matrix Trilogy

Never watched the series when it was aired on cinemas but the part of the movie that gave me lasting impression is the scene where Neo dodged the bullet in Slow motion in first Matrix even though i didn't watch the movies until now. Overall i can say the Matrix trilogy is a rollercoaster ride, First is the best for being thought provoking while Reloaded not as good as the first but redeem itself for having coolest action scenes that i have ever seen in movies and Revolutions is unfortunately a train wreck.

The first movie is the one that captivate people the most, it shows interesting ideas mixed with philosophies and i really like the scene where Morpheus asked Neo "what is real"? This makes me still wonder how Matrix Revolutions for some reason could turned 180 degree and end up in disappointment. The main focus of the movie series is about the Matrix itself which is the artificial world that kept human imprisoned while being harvested in real world as Human Duracell and for some reason the Third movie just neglect on this part and focusing on the real world part which is not exactly the strongest part of the series. Revolutions started rather smoothly but in the middle it somehow become mindless actions in Dystopian world that is not cyberpunkish enough.

Nevertheless the First and Second movies are very good which redeem the series itself. I didn't expect a western movie could pull of rather impressive Wire-fus which you usually only see in Hongkong martial art movies. Also from three movies i noticed there are rather plenty of scenes shot in Sydney which i know couple of them notably Martin Place and Museum Station. I still wonder if there will be some continuation of this series someday? i would like to see Neo kicking some ass with his awesome martial arts.

Monday, July 14, 2014

1/72 Liger Zero Jaeger Review

The last time i did a model kit review was more than a year ago and this Liger Zero Jaeger is no exception. I had taken shots of my finished work for this kit last year but since i had trouble posing the kit for midair pose i stopped halfway. However it won't do justice if the kit doesn't get to see the light since i promised to show the finished work through the WIP back then. I don't take much shots for this kit but i think it is sufficient enough to see the difference of the unpainted version.

Wings opened
Zero Jaeger(Hunter in German) is the second CAS form of Liger Zero created by Helic Republic for high speed close combat. Sporting Ion Booster that is even larger than Liger Zero's, Jaeger is capable of manuvering in really high speed for a land based Zoid only rivaled by few like Berserk Fury Z. Since Jaeger frame is meant for speed, the frame doesn't come with extra armament but Liger Zero's Strike Laser Claw is potent enough for a high speed combat considering most of the high speed zoids doesn't have too much armor. In Zoids Legacy Jaeger is the least used CAS for Liger Zero but i have to admit after working on the kit, Jaeger is probably one of the coolest looking form of Liger Zero's CAS

Friday, July 4, 2014

Muramasa Rebirth/Oboro Muramasa

Bought this from PSN when it was like $14 on PSN and it was really worth it even though i could get it cheaper on US PSN. I regret abit that i didn't get this game earlier but at least i finally know what is the deal about this game. Oboro Muramasa is one of the few games that can give you quite lasting impression because the production quality of this game is really high for its genre and the graphic in the game is just simply beautiful...

Oboro Muramasa is a 2D  hack'n'slash beat'em up game with a dash of Metroidvania feel which puts you into the shoes of two youths Kisuke and Momohime who are linked by the cursed legendary swords of Muramasa venturing on a quest across the land of Feudal Japan. In the beginning you can choose either character scenario but in the end you will have to play both scenario to get the true end for both characters. What really stands out from Oboro Muramasa is the graphic, as expected from Vanillaware who made Odin Sphere, the landscape in Oboro Muramasa is just really vibrant from the Samurai Castle to Snowy mountain the graphic is just beautiful and the music even make the game more immersive. The drawback from this game is that it can get very repetitive later on since you fight the same mobs from the beginning to the end. So far i have only tried Legend mode which is walk in the park though i heard Chaos is abit harder and Fury would be Challenging. Probably sometime in the future i will be getting the DLCs as well

Out of the 2 Character scenarios, i prefer Kisuke's endings since all of them concluded in somewhat happier tone compared to Momohime's which everything are pretty much bad end when i think about it. I don't think Muramasa needs any sequel but if Vanillaware wants it probably they will be able to pull it off. If you got a PSVita this is one of the good games you can get and i wish someday there will be a Vita port for Odin Sphere.