Thursday, March 31, 2011

Legend of Galactic Heroes: Spiral Labyrinth

This OVA of LOGH is also known as Gaiden part 2 where it continues shortly after the first Gaiden. Unlike the first Gaiden where the focus is primarily on Reinhard and Schenkopp. This time Yang get an equal attention as much as Reinhard. In this OVA the background of Yang Wenli is revealed and how he earned the title of Hero of El Facil, then the story goes on the investigation of Yang about the history of Free Planet Alliance greatest hero; Bruce Ashbey. As for Reinhard the OVA show his adventures after his short assignment on Kapche Lanka as he avoided every attempt of his assasination. I didn't know that Reinhard is very skillful in physical department as he is even proficient in sword fight. The OVA is concluded to the part where Reinhard is promoted to admiral and finally become the rightful owner of the future flagship of Galactic Empire Army, Brunhild.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Huckebein Boxer Get!

Got the package this morning and i bought it from YJA as well. By far this is the most expensive order that i had placed for a single item but it is worth it. Even in Japan on average you got this item around 8000 yen for the cheapest probably it has something to rarity of the item which possibly more rare compared to 1/100 Huckebein Mk-II.

I won't be buying anymore kits for few months since i bought too many already early in this year. Last week i got the Grungust type 3 from AmiAmi which took like 7 weeks. Seriously Amiami had gotten so unreliable with their SAL. Probably i will build Boxer later since i didn't have enough time to build it for now. If you are interested in getting huckebein boxer there is one good deal currently in Ebay.

SRW Z 2 PV 3

The 3rd PV was out last week!  The pv show the Attacks of main units from each series. The old casts from SRW Z still had their animations unchanged. The PV now shows the 5 man platoon system which is used to accomodate the huge amount of cast. I wonder how ALL and MAP attack will work given the size of the platoon, the game could be more complex than Alpha 3. Nevertheless i am looking forward for the release of this game.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1/72 Nine-ball Seraph

One of the armored core kit released from kotobukiya and one of the most expensive as well. This AC is from AC2 and served as a boss and apparently pretty tough to face. What makes this mecha special is that it is not wielding any weapon on hand because all of them are built-in. This is the only AC that is capable of transformation and even there are no NEXTs capable of doing that. I had been considering to get this kit if there are good chances in the future.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Ravages of Time

This is one of many manga adaptation of famous Chinese Literature "Romance of Three Kingdom". Out of several adaptations that i had read this is probably my favorite one. Unlike most RoTK mangas, the main character of the series is not Liu Bei or Cao Cao but instead the story is mainly viewed on Sima Yi and Zhao Yun's perspective. Some characters such as Lu bu or Diao Chan might differ from their typical depiction but the main story overall is very faithful to the origin. The reason why i really like this manga is because the story is full with philosophy and tactics which are very deep. This manga is recommended for readers who are fond of histories or Chinese legends and you won't regret to read this manga.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Valkyries Second Sortie and FSS Manga GET!

Just got the copy of the artbook and manga yesterday from HLJ. I had read both of them and they are worth to get. The FSS reboot manga is pretty much the reissue of the old volume and i haven't seen any difference so far. If you had the old volume perhaps you don't need to get this one. As for the Artbook the content are great though the size of the artbook is small for its given prize. Probably i will give some preview about the artbook if i had a spare time.

Monday, March 14, 2011

MG Zeta Gundam Version 3

One of the Master Grade that i had a look on. This Gundam is basically a Zeta Gundam with alternate color scheme and if i recall the kit is based on the Version 2.0 of the Master Grade. This Zeta gundam is used by Amuro Ray during the war with Titans as a replacement for Dijeh when he sided with Karaba. What makes this kit special is that the kit is very rare due to limited edition and Bandai discontinued the production already. If you want to get the kit you can find quite a number in YJA with the price range between 4500 to 5000 Yen on average.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rance 8 News Update

From the Alicesoft blogpost about Rance 8, the game development has reached the 6th phase out of 8 and it has just finished the beta testing. Perhaps we can expect the game to be released around April or March. The series also get an official name; "Rance Quest" which probably refer to the gameplay style. I think there is a chance of Athena 2 appear in this game since it got mentioned in the post which really fit since Suzume appear as well considering back in Sengoku Rance, Rance said that he want to let Suzume met Athena 2 if she comes to the mainland.

Now the tag has changed so you will find the Rance update under section of  "ランス クエスト" instead of ”ランス8”

1/72 Armored VF-0S WIP part 2

Finished all the painting required and the results are not bad. I used TS-53 for painting the blue parts while it doesn't match the actual color scheme it does look good for me. As you can see i made the VF-0S lie down on the box since it is unable to stand due to weak polycap. I guess i will swap the polycap once i finished things with the normal version of VF-0S. All work left is panellining and decalling but for sure the process takes time since Hasegawa kits are known for the details and amount of the decal.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Patlabor loots

This is another stuff that i bought from YJA. Just a heads up for those interested buying from YJA through middleman, you need to be prepared for the cost since Shipping is really expensive considering the middleman charge around 120% to 150%.which is true for SAL. I got pretty good deal again this time but from this auction i learned that in YJA there are lots of Bid Snipers. There are also some people who bid the item really high and actually doesn't want to buy the item and most of them are low reputations. So in conclusion you need to watch the auction for the item that you want until the end if you want to get it. Nevertheless YJA is a great place to look for really rare kits or toys which had been discontinued by the manufacturer for several years.

Mecha Talk: Liger Zero

More in depth discussion for the CAS Variants

Sunday, March 6, 2011

1/72 Armored VF-0S WIP

This kit is from Hasegawa's Macross kits and this kit is not transformable. As you can see i just finished constructing the Battroid form without the armor and no panellining or decal yet. The main reason why i get this kit because of the Armor Purge gimmick. In this kit you can get the Battroid and the armored version. However you need couple of spare Polycaps for the leg parts since the kit doesn't come with enough polycap for 2 forms. You might notice that there are some holes on the leg since it is needed to attach the waist armor and you have to make the hole by yourself.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gutto Kuru Leina Stol

Leina Stol from Machine Robo will be released as the new lineup for Gutto kurru on April. Gutto Kuru featured quite a number of Heroines from old school mecha series and they had pretty good rendition of it. Leina Stol is younger sister of Rom Stol in Machine Robo Revenge of Cronos. I am inbtroduced to the series from SRW MX which i currently played along SRW Z and Rom is pretty badass in his Vikungfu. Machine Robo definitely will be in my watchlist of mecha series in the future. As for the figurine Leina looks pretty good though Chizuru is still the best one.