Wednesday, May 2, 2018

PS Vita Konosuba Aqua Ending

 When i played this Fanservice Konosuba game on my Vita, i already aimed for Aqua from the beginning. Aqua is my favorite Heroine because for some Reasons you can't really completely hate her character. At times she is very high and mighty but then become downright pathetic at an instant. Seriously i never expected to have so much fun to have a fictional character like Aqua get tormented so much even though it is mostly her own fault. Aqua would be a perfect Heroine if she casted off her Rotten personality and i think that Potential makes her my favorite Heroine in the Series. So in this post i will within my best capacity to retell Aqua's route story for those who can't get a copy of this game which definitely contain Spoilers for sure.

 So Shortly after the Cursed Ring incident, if you got Aqua's Route, Aqua got herself into trouble again as usual. This time Kazuma got his suspicion on Aqua as she brought home some luxurious food and goods while sneaking off to somewhere late at Night. And Kazuma's fellow Adventurer told him that there are some Strange crowds hanging around in Axel town. On one day Kazuma sneaked on Aqua night trips and found that Aqua was surrounded by her new Followers or does she?

 Being Gullible as usual, turns out Aqua is being scammed by those shady people to take debts for the expensive goods that She brought home. In the end Aqua racks up 3 Million Eris Debt which she needs to pay up soon or else Kazuma and the Party will have a life back in Horse Stable again.

Luckily Kazuma and Party found Goddess Eris Contest Pamphlet which would cover Aqua's debt if she won the first place. After some grueling training and shenanigans including Aqua getting eaten by Giant Frog. Aqua somehow managed to win the contest by successfully impersonating Eris personality only to ruin it in the end by turning back to her usual personality and promoting her Axis Cult thus got disqualified. I think the game borrowed the idea from the later plot in LN though it slightly differ on this one.

 There are two endings in Aqua Route, Good Ending and Normal one though i prefer the latter since it is more hilarious. The good ending basically Kazuma went to help Aqua clear her debt by doing backbreaking labour whereas in the normal ending, Aqua went PTSD for being overworked and tried to get lenience from Kazuma and the Party by faking her stress only to blow up her cover in the end.

 I think if Kazuma is serious about Aqua, he could have a romantic relationship with her. Despite being the useless goddess most of the time, Aqua can be quite a sweet girl sometimes. I will probably compile the other Characters route ending eventually though if anyome got input i can prioritize certain Heroine first. anyway here is the rest of Aqua Game CG


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