Thursday, November 22, 2012

1/100 MG Jesta announced

I know this is bound to happen soon or later as Bandai really love to milk Gundam Unicorn series for their Gunpla Model. In the recent gundam expo, Bandai shown the prototype model for Jesta which is one of the MS from Gundam Unicorn series. The MG kit is scheduled to be released on Spring next year with 4500 Yen price tag which is the same with the MG Delta Plus. Seeing the habit of Bandai we will be also likely able to see Jesta Cannon later as well. I am still crossing my finger to get this kit since i do like Jesta as a souped up Grunt unit despite i find the rifle design kinda retarded. While the prototype seems underwhelming let's see how the kit will look like later on.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

SRW Z2 Saisei-Hen first playthrough cleared

It has been 6 months since i got my copy of Saisei-Hen and certainly takes a while for me to finish the first playthrough of the game. But finally i managed to beat the game this week as i defeat Gaioh and his Jigenjuus within 3 turns. Overall Saisei-Hen is decent though i feel the game drags on too much as 60 stages feel abit long for Saisei-Hen. Gaioh is more like annoying rather than challenging since it is unnecessary annoying to have hard time landing some good damage on him. Since i used my Hakai-Hen 100% clear save data, the game is rather a breeze throughout the whole game. In my first playthrough i went through Macross route hoping to get Basara earlier and he is quite awesome in this game though Alto is too emo to appreciate his music. As for Crowe, i chose Librasta-R for him which don't really fit him well but i prefer to save the better part for later. While it is not anytime soon for me to complete the 2nd playthrough, i will make a complete review of the game once i get it done.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ragnarok Odyssey Get!

Got my copy today from Ozgameshop for regular price. Perhaps Ragnarok Odyssey is one of the hottest game right now on Vita since it is one of the first solid Action RPG coming to the platform. I decided to get one myself since i heard the game is similar like Monster Hunter but it turns out more like Lord of Arcana with no annoying gimmicks after i played the game a run for few hours. While i doubt i will clock this game as much as MH, i think i will spend plenty of time with Ragnarok Odyssey on my Vita. If anyone considering to get a Vita, this month is a good time to get or you can wait till Christmas to get a better deal because some of the Great titles for Vita are coming this month.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Figuarts Zero Persona 3 Protagonist

This year Bandai released couple of Persona 4 figurines in their catalogue but on September this year, they also release Persona 3 protagonist. Definitely this figure is a must get for the owner of D-arts Thanatos since the Figuarts is made to match the D-arts. Being the figuarts Zero lineup, virtually there is no articulation for our Persona 3 Protagonist as the figure only have 2 possible poses which the protagonist is holding an Evoker or Arcana card.  The Figuarts Zero is sold for 2800 yen as Tamashii Web exclusive though you can find one available in Mandarake or Tokyo Hunter for slightly higher price. I doubt i will get the Figuarts since i am still hoping a Figma for P3 protagonist to be released one day.

Friday, November 2, 2012


I am always a big fan of History as a subject and i do enjoy reading good Historical Manga. One of the manga of the genre that i read recently Zipang written by Kawaguchi Kaiji. Named after the territory of Japan Empire should they managed to unite Asia in World War 2, Zipang offer quite interesting reading experience. World War 2 has always been popular theme in media and Zipang makes it even more interesting as it incorporate Time Travel. The story is about a modern Cruiser-class ship of JSDF called Mirai departing from Japan to Sout America for joint operation but the Crew found themselves stranded in World War 2 era after caught in the storm. With the opportunity to change the History the Mirai Crew found themselves in dilemma whether they should make Imperial Japan victorius and along the way they saved a Imperial Navy liutenant which unknowingly will affect their future forever. Time travel to World War 2  is quite controversial stuff but Zipang is very well written as it doesn't bias too much on any side despite the story takes on the perspective of a Japanese soldier and still have really interesting story. The original manga have been finished few years ago and the translation still need to catch up, but so far Zipang is really good read. If you are looking for some good seinen manga and love history, Zipang is a good choice to get into. The author wrote Spirit of the Sun as well which quite interesting as well.