Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Volks A3 YF-23 Blackwidow

     So far the company that produce majority of Muvluv TSF merchandise is Volks with its A3 action figure lineup which Kotobukiya haven't managed to catch up for now. Some of the coolest TSF design got the A3 treatment and one of them is YF-23 which is my personal favorite as well. YF-23 is one of the experimental TSF which became a candidate for the latest 3rd Generation TSF for USA along with YF-22. However USA choose YF-22 as the victor in favor of its stealth technology which are considered to be useful against other TSF which will be seen in mass production as F-22 Raptor(since USA prepare war against other nation in case BETA are eradicated from earth). YF-23 had better performance against BETA overall compared to YF-22 and it is equipped with rather stylish longsword. There are two of these units exist though they are left unused in one of America military facility.

The A3 figure cost like 6500 yen which is quite costly though you can get it from Japanese retailer about half price and Mandarake happen to have this model for 3500 yen. While i really like the design i won't be getting the A3 version since i hope kotobukiya will release the kit for this model someday(though i bet there is a good chance for Typhoon or Rafale will get one). However i am still getting one A3 models which i will use as comparison for the Kotobukiya kit.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Non Scale Soulgain

Finally there are some news for the Dark Knight's kit. Supposedly there should be some promotional poster first but for some reason there are none of it for the time being. Actually i am slightly disappointed with the kit since the accessories included for Soulgain are for posing the technique of Code Kirin and Genbu Goudan only because i wished that there would be special effects for Byakko Kou nevertheless i will still get this kit to add my SRW kit collection. The kit will be released around october with the price of 4800 yen which is kinda standard price for SRW kits nowadays.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some new Kotobukiya kits *June update

The recent hobby magazine scan shows the protoype model of Jehuty and the new D-style kits of Gaogaigar. The sculpt of the Jehuty looks pretty good, while i don't expect any good articulation i hope that Kotobukiya would include some Beam effect parts for the kit. As for the D-style apparently kotobukiya decided to release Gaigar separate from the Gao machines(hopefully include Goldion Hammer as well) which enable the Final fusion gimmick. Probably the Gaigar would cost less compared to normal D-Style kits as it is not as bulky as others.

Finally got the scan regarding Shiranui UN version. Apparently the model shown use Strike Vanguard equipment which are used by First Liutenant Isumi. There are still no news regarding the release date but it is highly likely that the kit will be released within this year since Kotobukiya just need to recolor the kit.  If possible i would like to see the kit include type 87 Sniper Rifle or the Missile addon which are used by Blast Guard team member. I hope they will keep releasing more TSF lineup to catch up with Volks A3 action figure.

My current kits on display

I have showed plenty of my kit reviews and now i think it is the time to show what kits are on display. Since i don't have any room for getting a glass display case i have to put my kits on Book drawer which is apparently unused. So far this is the kits that i put on display with the dynamic poses and you probably won't see some of the kits that i reviewed as i have no place for them. You might also notice that there are no any Macross kits on display since i have separate drawer to display those kits.

Lower half of the displayed kits
Upper half section
Out of all of the kits displayed, how many kits that you know? How many Gundam kits that you can see? Hint: All of the non gundam kits has already appeared in the review section of this blog at certain point.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Should i put more Gundam stuffs? Conclusion

Thanks for everyone that have expressed their opinion about this blog by voting the polling that has been around for 6 months regarding whether i should add more gundam related contents in my blog. From the poll result out of 35 polls 14 people vote that i should add more gundam stuffs while 12 people prefer me to focus more on other mecha series and the rest think that my blog is good as it is.

Since the majority demand that i should put more gundam Stuffs i will be adding more gundam related content in the future and as i am speaking, i have ordered couple of MGs already and expect couple of new Gundam reviews in 1-2 months of time. I will also focus on Universal Century era first instead of AUs since it is my area of expertise and just the picture implies RX-78 NT-1 "Alex" would be one of the MGs that i ordered.already.

However Gundam will not be the main content of this blog after all as 21 out of 35 which is 60% prefer this blog to discuss other mecha series as option 2 and 3 of the vote are virtually the same in reality. Therefore this blog will try to focus on mecha series in general rather than focusing on one or two series only. Thank you again for anyone who votes since your voice shape the future of this Realm of Darkness.


Yami, owner of this blog

D-Style Rayleonard-03 Aaliyah Supplice version

The second release for Armored Core D-style is here and this time it is a NEXT from Rayleonard. Though I am not too familiar with ACFA i find the D-style version is really adorable despite the 1/72 doesn't appeal me that much. Too bad i am not into collecting SD kits right now or i would have got this kit. I just wonder what would be the next AC that would get D-style. i would like to see either Unsung, Noblesse Oblige or Lahire to get the D-style at least. The kit's price is just like D-Style White Glint and you can preorder from Amiami already.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rance 8/Quest release date confirmed

Well i just checked the Alicesoft blog webpage and now find that the game willbe released 2 more months from now on 26th of August. Other than that the game is almost finished and currently on debugging stage. By the way the kid shown below Rance banner is supposedly Rance's daughter with the queen of color's tribe.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1/10 Rockman Zero

Just now Kotobukiya has released promotional poster for Rockman zero plastic model. The kit will be planned to be released around October with price of 3200 yen. From the sample picture the kit doesn't look that bad but i hope it will have more weapons such as shield boomerang or chain rod  than Z-Saber and Buster only. I also wonder if Rockman ZX will get any model after this one or perhaps Kotobukiya would release 4 Arcadia overlords first such as Sage Harpuia or Fighter Fenrir.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Frame Arms NSG-12α Kobold

This is one of the recent design for Kotobukiya's original mecha lineup Frame Arms. This Frame arms model probably represent heavy type for the faction that use SA-16 Stylet since they only have light armored type so far(and i have 2 of them). Kobold has 2 forms one is Hunchback humanoid with monoeye while the second form is shown on the pic above.

Kobold also can be combined with NSG-25 Strauss which is a bipedal mech to form mecha shown above which is obviously marketing campaign by kotobukiya. Both of these kits will be released on late September and probably i will likely to get Kobold while i am not sure whether to get Strauss or not.

Frame arms also got short manga serialized which you can find it here

Friday, June 3, 2011

1/72 VF-11B

I think it has been quite a while that Hasegawa release their continuation for 1/72 Macross kits and in the Shizuoka hobby show last month they show their new product for this lineup which is not other than VF-11B. This Variable fighter show in Macross plus and 7 serving as standard VF for UN Spacy replacing VF-1 and often gets blown up. The kit cost 2400 yen which are same with YF-19 and 21 and will get released this month. Definitely this kit looks really good though i still had to finish my Macross kits first before ever thinking to get this one.