Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sakura Taisen 2 Playthrough part 2

Maria,Sumire and Reni's Ending completed!

Sakura Taisen 2 Ending CGs

Omamori Himari

Rather generic Youkai manga but the harem element certainly done well here, or probably its only redeeming point. Again seeing the pic on /a/ makes me giving the manga a read. The story is about a boy who possess Demon Hunter Blood and upon reaching age 16 he met beautiful cat girl who claimed to be his protector and shit hits the fan from there one and the boy slowly gain his harems. As i said the story is as generic as it gets and i kinda find the story flow is rather horrible and i doubt the anime is any better. But this is one of those few manga that the MC gets to tap his Harems even though it only happen on last chapter and the MC is not too Beta as well. Favorite girl in the manga is the MC's Fiancee who seems cold but very adorable when she went Dere mode. Also here is the Harem scene pic that makes me read the manga, since it is abit risque so tread with your own discretion

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mushoku Tensei -Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu-

Marathoning the translated WN after reading the last Arifureta and while i got some complaints about the series it is still enjoyable read at the end. Out of the reincarnation based Fantasy i heard Mushoku Tensei is one of the popular one though just like most WNs it is not that outstanding but still passable. Like the similar pandering series, the series main protagonist is a fat loser otaku who died miserable death and end up reborn as a child named Rudeus in RPG esque world with surprisingly high talent of Magic. As Rudeus grows up he meets different strong people, explored the world, gathering harems and end up serving powerful being to fight against scheming deity. From the way the story being told, Rudeus story served as prologue of the Author's series which is not clear yet.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

Watching how /a/ raged on this series i decided gave the translated Web Novel a shot and overall it is pretty much amalgamation of Tate Yuusha and RE:Monster. The premise is about a beta-guy end up transferred to RPG world along with his classmates and being the weakest he eventually got betrayed and left for dead. Raged being betrayed, the beta eventually turned to emo/edgy OP Alpha guy with harem of multiracial girls lusting for him. The series pretty much comes out from the latest trend of reincarnation of beta dude becoming most op guy ever and steamrolling the bad dudes which is just pretty much a platform of self-inserts for otaku dude. In terms of writing, it is on par with Tate Yuusha so it is rather mediocre and uninspired. The only redeeming point of the series is that Arifureta got one of the best Vampire Loli and the MC actually tapped her. At the moment the translated WN is halfway through the series and currently the Japanese version is supposedly on the last arc. Given that i bothered to give the series a read, i might just finished the whole series.

Here is the link for the WN translation:

Translated WN

Original WN

Monday, June 8, 2015

Ghost in the Shell Arise

A worthy continuation of the series indeed! Initially when the new design was released i thought the new OVA going to suck but as i watched the 4 OVAs GiTS Arise has proven itself. While appearance-wise it is different, Arise still retains the essence of the series which attracted its fans; what you found in previous series titles you will still find in Ghost in the Shell: Arise. The OVA still tells the story about the adventure of Major Motoko Kusanagi investigating crimes that usually always end up to conspiracies related to government and kicking some ass at the same time. The OVA serves more like the SAC prequel around the part where she assemble her elite team of Section 9 but at the end of the OVA there are some foreshadowing to things linked to SAC's story. In terms of looks, Motoko's new design is less sensual compared to SAC's Motoko and emphasized more on cool factor. While Atsuko Tanaka doesn't reprise Motoko's role this time, Maaya Sakamoto did very good job on portraying Motoko considering she's one of the better VA imo just not too popular for some reason. While it was a pity that Origa no longer able to contribute more GiTS soundtrack, the current one is quite good enough. So for those GitS fans who are hesitant to give the new series a watch, hesitate no more and give the OVA a watch.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Nendoroid Nyaruko

After watching the anime series obviously i am peering into the series merchandise and since it earn enough popularity, surely a nendoroid pops up. I might be considering getting one since it is quite good portrayal of Nyaruko's character. The Nendoroid comes with minimal accessories but it does include Nyaruko's pet Shantak and the crowbar she used for Space CQC as well as some Ahoges. Nyaruko itself is quite hilarious character since she is moefication of Nyarlathotep who is hyperactive and lusting for a beta and at the same time she doesn't look like anything like the thousand faces deity itself.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Haiyore! Nyaruko Chan

     One thing that i learn from Japanese Anime is that nothing escaped Japanese from their moefication and even Lovecraftian Horror become the victim. Haikore! Nyaruko Chan or more like My Nyarlathotep can't be this cute is your typical wacky Slapstick Slice of Life with Beta Protagonist. The difference is that the series stars Nyarlathotep as the main heroine lusting for the Male MC with Cthugha as a Yuri girl and Hastur as cute trap boy. While i am not that well versed in Lovecraftian Lore i read abit Call of Cthulhu rulebooks and play Arkham Horror so at very least i know that their depiction in the anime is totally different than the one in the western media. I thought Demonbane was rather silly adaptation of Lovecraftian Horror but Nyaruko-chan is even sillier. Nevertheless the anime is still watchable with the selling point of parodies everywhere as Nyaruko kept referencing stuff from popular japanese culture especially /m/ and toku related stuff. So this is good anime to test your powerlevel. I finished both seasons already and will be glad to watch another continuation since it is quite hilarious series. For Lovecraftian fans out there just watch the anime with open mind and you will enjoy it too though i bet Lovecraft will be rolling in his grave if he saw this.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

N-Gage QD Get!

Due to my Nostalgic feelings pents up lately i decided to get my second piece of N-Gage QD myself which is surprisingly easy to find in China considering electronics are overflowing here. Though obviously my current one is Chinese version and after more than a day tweaking finally i managed to get some games running including my favorite Pocket Kingdom. I had my first N-Gage 10 years ago and i still if my original cartridge still works after that long time. I still wish they were N-Gage Emulators since some of the games from N-Gage first Gen are really good and it would be a waste to be forgotten. Anyone knows any familiar games like Pocket Kingdom by the way?