Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last Window: Secret of Cape West

This is the sequel of Hotel Dusk that i covered before which is the part of Kyle Hyde saga, and unfortunately the last game made by Cing before they go down under. Nevertheless Last Window is really wonderful game if you like Graphic novel. Just like Hotel Dusk, once again you play as Kyle Hyde an Ex-cop turned Salesman exploring the building and interact with the objects and finding clues to progress through the story. This time, the story takes place at Kyle's apartment which used to be a Hotel and just one week before Kyle forced to leave as the apartment going to be demolished, he received mysterious letter to find something called Scarlet Star which the sender says will uncover the mystery behind his Father's death. As always the Noir style storyline is top notch and probably better than Hotel dusk though for some reason the later have some soft spot on me. As a part of Kyle Hyde Saga, Last Window uncover more of the Kyle's past while having common thing that ties it together with Hotel Dusk. While this is wishful thinking, i wished Kyle Hyde Saga would see some continuation as the whole series is still far from finished, it doesn't have to be Cing but some other developer would be able to continue this great series,

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