Monday, July 14, 2014

1/72 Liger Zero Jaeger Review

The last time i did a model kit review was more than a year ago and this Liger Zero Jaeger is no exception. I had taken shots of my finished work for this kit last year but since i had trouble posing the kit for midair pose i stopped halfway. However it won't do justice if the kit doesn't get to see the light since i promised to show the finished work through the WIP back then. I don't take much shots for this kit but i think it is sufficient enough to see the difference of the unpainted version.

Wings opened
Zero Jaeger(Hunter in German) is the second CAS form of Liger Zero created by Helic Republic for high speed close combat. Sporting Ion Booster that is even larger than Liger Zero's, Jaeger is capable of manuvering in really high speed for a land based Zoid only rivaled by few like Berserk Fury Z. Since Jaeger frame is meant for speed, the frame doesn't come with extra armament but Liger Zero's Strike Laser Claw is potent enough for a high speed combat considering most of the high speed zoids doesn't have too much armor. In Zoids Legacy Jaeger is the least used CAS for Liger Zero but i have to admit after working on the kit, Jaeger is probably one of the coolest looking form of Liger Zero's CAS

Before i built the Zero Jaeger kits i never knew that Zero Jaeger had wings in its frame and thought it was the large ion booster itself that makes this Liger Zero form a fast attacker. By the time i made my Zero Jaeger, the Liger Zero kits got more fragile especially the back parts which connect the ion booster to Liger Zero's back which i got one mine snapped. I guess the CAS lineup kit wasn't built in consideration for frequent frame swapping since some of the parts of Liger Zero Frame can be too delicate in particular the tail and the back connector. I wished Kotobukiya could have incorporated polycaps for these frame but for some reason they don't. I still have my Panzer frame unbuilt but someday though not soon i will build the kit eventually and i expect the quality of the work is equal or better than my current Jaeger.   

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