Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chizuru Nambara Figure

Pics from Amiami

This figure is made by CM Corporation, personally i am not really into figures but this figure has something worth to say. Chizuru Nambara is the main heroine of 70s Super Robot series Combattler V. If i am not wrong she is the daughter of professor Nambara who create the Combattler V, Chizuru also serve as love interest of Hyouma the main protagonist. Even if the character is from anime generation that is considered old school, the translation of the design doe not lose with the nowadays bishoujo character. Perhaps if the other old school heroine from mecha series like Sayaka from Mazinger Z or Michiru from Getter Robo had a new figure, it will just look as good as the nowadays bishoujo figure.

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