Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zoids Command Wolf LC and AC Ballad Custom

Pics from AmiAmi

I am really tempted to get this kit after seeing the preview for this kit. I didn't expect the kit would look so good compared to its counterpart from the game i played. From this kit i assume you can make either Command Wolf AC or LC, the one that i am familiar with is Command Wolf AC.

Command Wolf AC is one of the better upgrade variants of Command Wolf compared to Command Wolf Town or Climber though i guess Cerberus able to beat it though. Command Wolf AC is equipped with long range cannon which can provide decent long range Support but not as good as Gunsniper i believe. This Zoid is used by Ballad from Blitz team in Zoids VS until he get Shadow Fox from what i know based on the game.

I didn't expect that there are no armor covering Shins of Command Wolf, probably because it is small in size and armor would impede the mobility. No wonder it couldn't take much hit in the game. I think i might get his kit if the deal looks good since it would be great companion for Liger Zero, though i still prefer to get Konigs Wolf.

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