Monday, January 17, 2011

SRW OG Inspectors episode 15

Ooh this is the best episode yet for the anime yet since the Mecha action is really awesome! Grungust 3 got plenty of actions this time considering it only appear in one episode only before getting trashed by Vigagi who had done pretty good job for his 4th wall joke in this episode. I didn't expect that Zengar know some Karate moves(though probably he should considering he is one of the Aggresors) which is shown when he prepared to defend himself unarmed against Galgau. We haven't seen the best Chesto! yet considering the best of Daizengar are not revealed yet. Now i even considering to get Non scale Grungust 3 and paint it in Zengar's custom scheme since it convince that the mecha is really awesome.

I am definitely looking forward for next episode and my guess is that Wildwurger true debut will be there along with SRX since next episode is most likely the stage where Mai try to escape from Hagane and stalled by Rapiecage. Perhaps we may even see Twin Bird Strike unleashed as well.

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