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Legend of Galactic Heroes Quotes: Galactic Empire

In every age
In every place
The deeds of men 
Remains the same

As promised from me few months ago, i present the Quotes of the LOGH casts as Christmas present from Realm of Darkness! I think this is the only series i bothered to do this thing to pay a respect for a great masterpiece that anime will unlikely ever see again. As i do my second run of LOGH, i write down the noteworthy quotes by episodes and in total i did like more than 9000 words of document from the quotes which just show something. At first i expect Free Planet Alliance side will have the greatest number of quotes because of Yang Wenli but as i progress through the Word document, in the end Galactic Empire got the highest amount of quotes with Reinhard came into equal number with Yang with each of them have 3 pages worth of quote. Also due to the nature of the quotes, you better watch the series first before treading into this post. Probably i missed some of the quotes but i think i do write down most of the good ones. Please look forward to quotes from FPA sides which i will post sometime soon

Reinhard von Lohengramm -   I would rather fight and regret than not fight and regret it
  • The conqueror can’t succeed without dirtying his hands?
  • Among the the stars that sparkle in space, individual is insignificant
  • It is because they are so worried about appearance and ignore reality. The Iserlohn fortress is lost
  •   I am not expecting friendship or loyalty from Oberstein. I am just making that man useful to me
  • Stealing from people and insulting them yet they(Nobles) say that it is their privilege to be forgiven?!
  • When a rain is falling, it mysteriously makes the heart feels heavy
  • How long will I be cursed with one man’s failure?!
  • If the Alliance choose Amlitzer as their grave, shall I not grant their wish?
  •  From here on, my battle is not just a matter for the battlefield
  •  It is just that after being barked at by so many ill-bred dogs; every now and then I take a kick at one, for the dog’s own good
  • Court is a spider web, plots and traps are woven over and over again
  • Political struggles, Imperial Court struggles. To avoid complications, both unending deceit and murder maybe necessary
  • Without power I can do nothing!
  • Then shall I sell it as dearly as possible
  • You are a coward! Do you think do you have any value in your life now?
  • Victory is already assured, this is just an advance celebration. I am praying that the great favour of the great god Odin is on all of you
  •  In the end that’s why high ranking nobles know nothing of other people’s pain
  • Coward nobles, you have blundered badly, you should have abandon your false baseless pride and surrender, it’s the only way to save your lives. I will not only allow you to live but I will even leave a small measure of your fortunes. The other day, duke Littenheim died a pitiful death, suitable to his cowardly nature. If you don’t want the same fate,  it should be clear what you have to do
  • Will that bastard be saved by his own arrogance?
  • Merkatz is not old for no reason, the years have not slowed him down at all
  • I will take the universe, when I think of the enormity of what I have lost… if can’t achieve at least that, what will I do?
  • Already, I have nothing to lose. But even so I will keep on fighting. Too keep my promise to you and to gain something to quench my thirst in my heart
  • It is expected that incompetent rulers to be overthrown
  • I have shed plenty of blood before now and I will probably shed a lot more in the future
  • While there are many thousands of imperial families, there is no man of talent to be seen. Even if they become our enemies, they are too incompetent for that role.
  • In order to obtain citizen’s trust, there must be two things: impartial judgement and similarly impartially tax rates. That’s all
  • I am afraid one hundred battles cannot be one hundred victories. You should make up one defeat with one victory
  • Who says inheritance is better than usurpation?
  • How bold of you to put the future of a nation on the table
  • Power is the property of one generation. It should not be inherited but should be seized
  • A man who will succeed me must have talent greater or equal to my own
  • A first class actor is necessary for a play to see its fruition as a first rate drama
  • Spying on each other is good at times but when frequently repeated, it lies heavy on the stomach
  • Maybe it is called hypocrisy, but it is clearly better to do it than not to. If it is an act that should be punished, I will eventually pay back for it
  • They have misjudged the situations, carried away by temporary greed and will come surely to regret it
  • The fools in the alliance are free to think what they please but we have no obligation to share fantasies with them
  • For the alliance it is more desperation than courage
  • Kircheis if you were alive… we would not let Yang walk around like this
  • If the abilities of both sides are the same, then the outcome depends on luck
  • Is it to be victory upon victory only to suffer defeat in the end?
  • Do you think a coward can become the final victor?
  • Democratic rule is a body chosen by its citizen free will which subsume power and spirit of self
  • You cannot the efficiency of government by a strong leadership simply because tyrants do exist
  • I don’t believe absolute truth is necessary; I only need power to accomplish my dreams. One could say that it is the power to not have to take orders from those one despises
  •  Something that is supposed to die and doesn’t will eventually rot away on its own whether it is a man or nation
  • If I am to seize universe with my hands, I would rather do it with my bare hands rather than using gloves
  • There is satisfaction in fighting for the sake of gaining power but it is joyless fight for the sake of maintaining it
  • Am I a ruler who lusts for blood?
  • I have no need for a resident castle! For where I am is the imperial castle of galactic empire
  • They are unwavering, it is like the embodiment of that old man’s spirit
  • How can a stranger possibly understood anything?
  • Bittenfeld, your loyalty to me is valuable, but if it goes too far, it will turn me into Rudolph
  • A Phoenix revives within the ashes. From half burned ground, revival cannot be gained
  • If half of my wings had not been torn off for my sins…
  • Fraulein Mariendorf, I aim to be supreme ruler and to reach that goal I have policy of my own, that Is to fight my own battles. That’s the difference between myself and nobles that I have defeated. That is also the reason why the soldiers follow me
  • Fraulein, your courage and candour are praiseworthy but if you think I am pleased with them all, this time you are mistaken
  • Anyone, everyone, be they friend or foe, they all go and leave me behind
  • Just because I rule the entire universe, there is no reason that my heir should inherit it
  • I wonder how many people died for my sake now?
  • Just because he is hated it does not mean it is right to punish him
  • Thankfully it seems Yang Wenli have left a sensible successor
  • Shoot me! There is only one Reinhard von Lohengramm and there is only one man whose name will be remembered for killing me. Who wants to be that man?!
  • I wonder if the only way I could have satisfied Reuenthal was to fight him myself
  • Mittermeyer, you must not die! If you are gone there will be no one left to teach the entire imperial force what military tactics are. And I too will lost a dear friend
  • I have obligations as a ruler and I must fulfil them
  • If war is something those republicans asked for, I will grant them their wish
  • I never liked Oberstein as a person but when I think back. It seems that I have followed his advice the most. It is because his argument is so right that they leave no room for debate
  • Bittenfeld, there is no need for you to get angry. After all I was never able to attain a tactical victory over Yang Wenli either. I regret it but I am never ashamed of it
  • If democracy is such a precious thing to you, protect it with your own lives
  • That man Yang Wenli was a man who never fought without a chance of success. For that reason he deserved my respect, but I wonder it will be the same case with his successor?
  • Before the battle, I want to say this to you all once again. Regardless of what Goldenbaumm did in the past, so long as the Lohengramm dynasty lives on, the emperor will always stand at the head of Galactic Empire in all battles! This applies to my son too. The emperors of Lohengramm will never hide behind their soldier and go to war behind a safe and secure court. I pledge to you all, a coward will never become an Emperor in Lohengramm Dynasty!
  • It seems the best that I take control of this galaxy before thinking about another one
  • If doctor could save everyone, no one would die from diseases
  • Appropriate life and appropriate death for each of us
  • As the emperor of Galactic Empire, there is no way I can meet a guest without being properly dressed, is there? Even if it is uninvited guest
  • Those who survive thus far have the right to survive to the end
  • Kaiserin, I am certain that you will govern space more wisely than I could. If you want to move into constitutional polity that is fine. Either way as long as the one who hold power is the wisest and the most powerful in the universe, all will be well
  • If Alexander Siegfried does not have the capacity, there is no reason to sustain the Lohengramm dynasty
Siegfried Kircheis
  • When someone is promoted to a position, how many others lose their position?
  • At court there are plenty of hatred, envy and jealousy; all kinds of bad feeling grew. The most frightening thing is that those opposing sides decide to join force
  • Perhaps rain is just tear of a nameless extinguished star
  • Lord Reinhard, you are surrounded by two powerful enemies. Admiral Yang in the front and High nobles behind! Don’t make enemies from your subordinates as well!
  • I am in no position to say “goodluck”, but stay well
  • Capture the man who starts this war!
Hildegard von Mariendorf
  • Since the birth of human civilization on earth, there hasn’t been a single nation that has not been destroyed
  • Their cooperation lacks volition; war cannot be waged just by noble officers. In reality it is the soldiers who do the fighting
  • As history indicates, terrorism against the powerful will motivate the romantist
  • A country that took one hundred million people a hundred years to build, could be destroyed by one man in a single day…
  • Extending hand to the losing side is a manifestation of the victor’s greatness
  • Maybe human are capable of committing far more shameless acts than they imagine they are
  • In the end only a ghost made possible the thing that no one else able to do
  • There was crime then punishment and because of it we have rewards in the end
  • Fleet Admiral Oberstein is powerful medicine and although the illness will be eradicated, there are significant side effect that will go with it
  • A slate in the eternal tundra which only right argument is etched. Everyone acknowledge the rightness of it but refuses to go near it, that is Oberstein
  • The Kaiser did not die of his illness. He passed away having used up all his lifetime, he did not die from illness

Oskar von Reuenthal - you know, the creatures called women were given life to betray men
  • Ovlesser is man born to beat people to death, not an opponent to deal with directly
  • It is an antiquated trap, but good enough to catch a simpleton like you
  • People have to change having lost what should not been lost?
  • I don’t think we can lose, but we can’t overlook the losses
  • I was too eager for success and ended up going along with enemy’s paces
  • I don’t think we need to sacrifice anything for what we will eventually get for free
  • There are no examples of starving soldiers winning a war
  • A man like Job Truniht will leave his name forever in history as consummate businessman. First he sold the alliance and his democratic principles to Empire and this time is the Terraist church. Whenever he brings product to the market the history trembles
  • I took her with my authority and by violence
  • If seizure through violence is evil, don’t you think that seizure through authority is the same?!
  • The most shameful thing in this world is political power that can be inherited regardless of ability or talent! Usurpation is ten thousand times better than that!
  • Incomparable ambitions and aggressiveness is your (Reinhard)true merit
  • History like a human, thirst when it wakes up from its slumber
  • The decrepit body of Goldenbaumm dynasty which has lasted for five centuries has accumulated too much pus. To treat this condition, surgery is necessary. As long as the surgery succeeds, it will not be a problem even if the patient dies in this particular case
  • Whether we fight or don’t fight, there are a lot of things to be done
  • While fighting against great enemy commanders is an honour for a warrior, persecuting the people is the task of a dog
  • A warrior in an era of peace is nothing more than a chained dog
  • It is not like I am aristocratic because I like it. It is just that I happened to be born into an aristocratic family
  • If we start suspecting people, there will be no end to it
  • It is as you heard Bergengrun, it seems I have become the first traitor in the history of Lohengramm dynasty
  • Did i fight for Kaiser to this day just to be treated likes this?!
  • I don’t mind becoming a traitor, but to be set up as traitor that I don’t want any part of
  • If one can feel happy in one’s childhood that is because one can go without knowing the truth about oneself
  • Mittermeyer, I wished I could have had another drink with you
  • As long as I fight, I should desire victory, what am I doing for thinking about losing from the start?
  • I suppose with Bittenfeld, no reckless act is out of question
  • I don’t think screaming in place of his superior is an adjutant’s duty
  • Regardless of eye colour and skin, the colour of blood is the same for everyone isn’t it?
  • For humans, there is an appropriate life as well as appropriate death
  • The responsibilities of government should not be neglected afterall, no matter who the ruler is
  • Truniht I don’t give a damn if you belittle republican democracy. Profit at the expense of a nation or deceiving the people. But I won’t allow you to soil the Kaiser’s dignity with your filthy, faeces filled tongue! I neither served nor rebelled against Kaiser who can be insulted by you!
  • I am not just dying; I am in the process of dying. I am somewhat enjoying that process, don’t disturb my last enjoyment.
  • Birth must be controlled by an existence who is either extremely incompetent or extremely sarcastic
  • To each to their own, in their life and in their death. But still for those few people I have respected and loved. I pray that they die in more graceful death
  • Mittermeyer you are late, I was planning to live until you arrived, but it looks like I won’t make it. You are being a disgrace to your presumptuous name, the “Gale Wolf” you know? Mein Kaiser, Mittermeyer, Sieg Sterben

Wolfgang Mittermeyer
  • I don’t want to fight against you(Oberstein), there’s no way I can fight on equal terms.
  • Authority for those who wield true power
  • Moving troops at whim is not healthy for a nation
  • There may have been some good from staying in one place for so long, those idiotic sons of nobles, they could have lived longer if they stayed in their hole. Did they come out just to become space dust?
  • It is so depressing that these morons could not see through such simple trap
  • Must a new age bring about new anxiety?
  • I don’t mind being despised as subjugators but it is certainly not pleasant to be despised as plunderers
  • Famine is the most common reason for one’s forces to revolt
  • Reuenthal is my best friend but I am not such warm person that I would befriend unreasonable man for more than 10 years
  • We have conquered the entire universe but in the end we still unable to conquer one individual
  • Self learning and self acquisition is a good thing sometimes you know?
  • Don’t speak the human language when you are but mere pigs
  • One success bound to beget imitations
  • Even both Reuenthal and I fall in the battle, the Galactic Empire will still continue
  • Reuenthal , you are drunk with blood coloured dream!
  • You can’t govern a nation with just fairness and honor
  • Even if a volcano erupts, winter does not become summer
  • If all the competent ones are on our side, the battle wouldn’t be challenging at all
  • It is better to be busy to fill this sense of loss
  • Can you see these stars, Felix? I wonder if you will go on a journey through these stars someday

Paul von Oberstein - for the sake of greater good in the future, there are times when rulers must accept the necessity of sacrifice.
  • I will show you how to scatter the seeds of mutual suspicion among the nobles
  • If the ending is not the a happy one, it can’t be called a farce isn’t it?
  • Fool, only if we live there is a chance for revenge
  • Our enemy is not Admiral Merkatz but Prince Braunschweig behind him
  • Just by surviving I am to be punished
  • There’s no sense complaining about the deed after it is done.
  • Favouritism in a supreme ruler is unwise
  • Your Excellency, look at it logically. If you are worried about 2 million lives there will surely be far more casualties if this civil war drags on
  • Your Excellency, you can’t hope for a stable government if you do not wield complete authority
  • Your Excellency, I am not forsaking you. You must not torture yourself like this nor leave your responsibilities to me. More importantly, rather than dwelling on the past, you must confront the future; otherwise this is as far as you go
  • Shadows must accompany their light. But if the lights dim, don’t the shadow too?
  • Your Excellency, whether it is a nation or organisations. In order for the group of people to form, there is one thing that is necessary. An enemy
  • It is difficult to get one’s hand on universe by force alone. Even if they are unclean, I think it would be better to have many pawns prepared
  • You cannot clear a path through a dense forest without uprooting some trees and rocks
  • All heroes have established thrones atop not just with their enemies but a large quantity of corpses from their allies as well
  • There are no monarchs with clean hand. I would like you to consider that to grant death is also a way to repay loyalty
  • His voices reaches far, but his eyes can only see what’s in front of him
  • Wild animals once released become extremely dangerous
  • When the rabble assembles, they need a hero to rally around
  • History will not mourn should the Oberstein line dies out
  • Being alive is not the only way to serve your country
  • Propitious event can wait but misfortune cannot
  • Bloody fantasies of military romantics are useless at the present juncture, using the lives of less than 10000 political offenders as bait for a bloodless surrender is somewhat better choice than sacrificing the lives of a million soldiers again.
  • The empire is not Kaiser’s property and the Imperial Fleet is not Kaiser’s private force
  • At this stage Kaiser will not avoid his death, but Lohengramm dynasty will live on. In preparation for the future of the dynasty, we will wipe out the remaining terraists
  • It is not only hypocrisy but also a waste of skill and effort to pretend you can help someone who won’t make it

Fritz Joseph Bittenfeld - Dashing forward like wild boar is our true strength! Regardless of what scheme or trickery the enemy have, we will crush them with our power!
  • If you shoot, hit and don’t let up
  • The goddess of victory is waving her underwear on your faces!
  • I can bear if Kaiser Reinhard called me incompetent but if I were denounced as mere sneak. The very meaning of serving him with all my life to this time will be lost
  • Make them pay for underestimating Black Lancers
  • With that trickster, we never know what he is plotting
  • And they are not showing any weakness when retreating. As always there’s no cuteness about them
  • Either way, the chronicles of our lives is written in blood, no matter which page we turn to. Even if we put thick foundation of humanism on them, we cannot erase the colour of blood can we?
  • Good guys always die first
  • There is a tradition in Bittenfeld family! When you praise someone you do it loudly, when you denounce someone you do it even louder!
  • When we are in a battle I will do it my own way!
  • I acknowledge Oberstein does not act in his own interest. I don’t mind conceding that. But he knows he is not acting out of self interest and using that as a his weapon. That’s is what I don’t like about it
  • When devil gets caught by a monster, I as a human being can only hope that both of them die!
  • Mecklinger, you fake poet! Since when do you play piano for the sone Oberstein composes?!
Ulrich Kesler
  • If we fail, everything come to a naught
  • If a misfortune befalls upon you, who would be in charge of ensuring the glory of Golden Lion? Gale Wolf are you going to neglect your responsibility of carrying the nation driven by personal rage?
  • If we expunge one man’s crime in an attempt to punish other man’s crime, the justice of law cannot be maintained
Ernst von Mecklinger
  • It is said a flock of sheeps led by lion will overcome a pride of lions led by a sheep
  • Kaiser Reinhard himself is a splendid piece of art. He does not need to be interested in any of the disingenuous art
  • It looks like this galaxy is too small to let two men’s ambition to coexist in the same era
  • Do you think Kaiser wants victory as a result of betrayal?
  • I suppose a mouse’s wisdom cannot grasp a lion’s feeling
  • The song of that jackal composes is plenty good enough for a wild boar!
Helmut Lennenkampf
  • I am not immortal, but if I die so does the alliance!
August Samuel Wahlen
  • Losing something I once lost already doesn’t inconvenience me at all
  • Now that we have cut off our bad luck the only thing to fear is just temporary
  • No need to investigate any further, this is the kind of the affair that leaves bad aftertaste in the end
  • These subordinates are too good for Bittenfeld. Even if the commander is thoughtless, it seems that the subordinate turns out to be mature and sound
Cornelius Lutz
  • You should fulfil the responsibilities you can fulfil. Don’t give me any more of the proforma stuff, all right?
  • This is a good opportunity for you! Whether you are alive or dead why don’t you watch how a high admiral of Lohengramm dynasty meets its end?
Gustav Kempf
  • Have I ever gone to battlefield and not coming back?

Adalbelt von Fahrenheit - What you think as strategy is only wishful thinking!
  • Yang Wenli’s cunning is to be feared, even if I knew it I still fell for it
  • If Adalbelt von Fahrenheit takes a child’s life with him when he dies in battle. When I get to Valhalla, my chair will be much smaller
Heydrich Lang
  • If the total is 100, if you collect 51 among them, you can make it rule by majority
Kaiser Friedrich IV
  • Just as there is no immortal person, I am afraid that there is also no indestructible empire
  • At any rate, if an empire is to be destroyed, it should be destroyed as magnificently as possible
Annerose von Grunewald
  • For me there is only past, but for you there is a future
  • Everyone, no matter who feels sorrow and pain
  • Hilda, my brother shares his path with me but his future is something to be shared with you

Joachim von Merkatz - Special privileges can make a person’s soul corrupt, justifying themselves and harassing other people are almost instinctive to them.
  • If Goldenbaumm dynasty is to be destroyed, then my final duty is to share in its fate
  • We must be careful not to overestimate our capabilities
  • Do you think the enemy is playing kid games? There’s method in the madness
  • What is hard for me to understand is that people who should be defending the young Kaiser are conversely pushing his majesty into vortex of political struggles and war
  • I think Reuenthal is the kind of man who expands his abilities as he reaches higher ranks and higher stages
  • I am able to die in battle against Kaiser Reinhard, I am dying fully content please don’t summon me back
  • I was able to fight Kaiser Reinhard with “foppery and whim”
Bernhard von Schneider
  • We can’t expect a victory if we expect miracle from the start
Antony Ferner
  • For a “loyal heart” to be meaningful, it must be devoted to people who appreciate it
  • Oberstein’s argument is right but he just caustically criticized the Kaiser and then used Kaiser’s name to justify his position. You could say there is some hypocrisy in it
Gregor von Muckenberger
  • I will give you one piece of advice. That brat, no, marquis Lohengramm is a genius in war and politics. If you persist on making light of him, it will cost you dearly
Count Flegel
  • She’s trying to recall the sun long after it’s set
Leopold Schumacher
  • A magnificent end is it?! It is because of twisted thinking like that we will lose the war!
  • Don’t look me at that way; we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Come tomorrow, maybe you will thank me for killing you
  • Now the Goldenbaumm dynasty is truly finished, how can it stand when it cuts off its own limbs?
Prince Braunchsweig
  • By winning, we will show them we have righteousness on our side
Rudolf von Goldenbaumm
  • Strong government! Strong leader! Order and vitality in society!
  • The law of universe is the law of the jungle, it is the survival of the jungle! Human society can be no exception!
Random Galactic Empire soldier
  • War still goes on for us mere soldier, in order to survive we must rest well
  • One man can’t win a war
  • The bastard who did this(friendly fire) to us are my enemy!
  • Loyalty? A beautiful word indeed, but it is abused whenever it becomes convenient

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