Monday, December 30, 2013

Loot from Mandarake

Bought some stuffs from Mandarake this month which serves well as my own Christmas present. I bought myself Armor Plus Sol Tekkaman 1 and Riobot Orgun which i got for 60% worth of the original price not too bad i would say. I think i will not be ordering stuffs from Mandarake like i used to do since they won't ship SAL to Australia at least for a long time due to some new regulations. Luckily my order went through just few days before the rule comes in effect and shipped without problem. From a short glance of the items, Armor Sol Tekkaman 1 is meant to be paired with Sol Tekkaman 2 since it got some parts that need Sol Tekkaman 2's as well. I am abit sad with Riobot Orgun though because the figure is small compared to my Tekkaman Blade though it should be a great pairing for the Figma Tekkaman Blade but nevertheless articulation is very good. I will probably take a while to post reviews for these but you can anticipate something within 3 months.

Completed my Armor Plus Tekkaman series yay!


  1. Great looking mecha in chogokin. Nice loot!

  2. I actually ordered almost 50,000 yen of goods from Mandarake just before the SAL registered restriction to Australia. I don't really like the proportions of the Armor Plus Tekkaman series and did buy Riobot Orgun at preorder price mainly for its Obari proportions. I am also going to reduce my mandarake orders from this year. Luckily I have also finished my Volks A3 collection.

    1. Luckily i also don't have much either that i want to get from Mandarake, maybe a few A3s and Robot Damashii Xi Gundam. Just curious though,on what goods you almost spent 50k on Mandarake if you dont mind?

  3. All Muv-Luv books(Cross Operations etc), all Leiji Matsumoto design books (Maetel Legend, Cosmo Warrior Zero, Galaxy Railways etc), Yamato Academy books of two films, some visual fan books of VN's, Obari's Robot Soul book, a few supplementary TMC Shiranui's and GFF Perfect Zeong.

    The books were things that I've had bookmarked on Mandarake and just kept delaying the purchase since they don't disappear within a day and SAL shipping printed matter small packet does not have the 2kg restriction.