Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sakura Taisen 3rd Playthrough completed!

Procrastinated quite a while already but do more playthroughs enough for me to move on to Sakura Taisen 2. After i got Iris Ending on my first playthrough i do another 2 more playthroughs and get Sakura's and Sumire's Ending, two Yamato Nadeshikos of Hanagumi. The main charm of this series is always the girls since the storyline is nothing special and i find the first game's story is rather silly too.

Out of the Hanagumi, Sakura is the clingiest one to Ogami and she is the easiest girl to get jealous if Ogami is with another beautiful girl which will be shown more on later games. While she is the main girl, i find Sakura's heart is rather hard to capture if you don't pick the correct choices with her LIPS. As for Sumire, you need to increase her affection on earlier chapter otherwise it will be late to get her route later on and her LIPS are rather tricky one since sometimes you need to give her silent treatment.

Both Girls had their own Charming points while Sakura is the innocent tsundere type and Sumire is snobbish type both of them are Yamato Nadeshikos in the end. Sumire is surprisingly sweet girl after you put up with her snobbishness.

Just to show how obsessed Hanagumi with Ichiro Ogami
At the moment i am halfway through Sakura Taisen 2 which is even more enjoyable ride than the first one and the two new girls are just as good as the other Hanagumi cast. I will still go back to the first game to get Maria's ending at least but as for 2nd Sakura Taisen, i will get 2 or 3 endings first before moving on the 3rd Game which i really look forward to.

anyway here are the ending scenes of the 3 of the girls i completed the route and they got their own theme songs sung by the girls seiyuu too.

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