Saturday, March 28, 2015


Rarely talked about doujinshi but here is another one worth mentioning.The doujin was released in early 2000s but it hasn't aged since the drawing style is really good for its time. Hanafuda is a love story taken place roughly in Heian period between a Shapeshifting Fox girl and a Noble turned Demon Hunter who went on a quest of vengeance against Onis for his dead lover. As the story unfolds, many things are revealed and the plot twists are well placed. Hanafuda theme is about Love and Betrayal which gives a slight glance on the possible decadence of Heian period which bring its era into an end that eventually lead to Samurai imposed rule. The drawing style is very vivid and memorable which is makes it stands apart other doujins. While it is not for kids due to its nature, you should give this gem a read

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