Wednesday, November 2, 2016

1/8 Al-Azif Review

Necronomicon now comes in Gothic Lolita flavor~

 As the last review for Halloween, i am presenting Al-Azif figurine made by Max Factory. I did the coverage about this figurine and in my opinion it is still the best available version. Got this one immediately from Mandarake for reasonable price and never regret it. As a Lovecraftian adaptation, Demonbane is as terrible as Nyaruko but as a Hotblooded Mecha series, it passes in flying color and that is why i am getting Al-Azif's figurine.

 In Demonbane, Al-Azif or Necronomicon is a forbidden Grimoire taking shape as a Gothic Loli created by Mad Arab Al-Hazred to combat against Elder Gods. For countless times Al-Azif sought a master to fight alongside with mechanical giants known as Deus Machina until Daijuuji Kurou became her master and eventually her partner. In terms of personality Al-Azif is rather cheeky but well intentioned constantly berating Kurou but in the end fall for him. As the strongest Grimoire, Al-Azif grant Kurou tremendous strength through Magius Form and assist him in controlling Deus Machina called Demonbane and stand toe to toe with Master Therion, the spawn of yog sothoth.

 The max factory version of Al-Azif captures her figure perfectly without going too loli, but being an older figurine, the face could have been better. The Figurine comes with transparent wall which the wing-like object are attached at which in the series transform as helmet when Al-Azif handles Demonbane.

 Here is the comparison of Al-Azif figurine with the Nendoroid version which unfortunately Bootleg for mine. Al-Azif is easily one of my favorite heroine due to her strong willed personality and one day i shall get a Demonbane kit and paint it to complete the set.

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  1. The willowing ribbons were well-sculpted and clear win of figure over Nendoroid! Lolz .. Your recent postings sure carry strong Halloween scent : )