Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nendoroid Nyaruko Review

 My Cosmic Horror can't be this cute!

 As the continuation for Halloween celebration, Nendoroid Nyaruko will be the second review to be done. As i get deeper into Cthulhu Mythos, Haiyore Nyaruko Chan automatically came into my attention for being a butchered parody of Lovecraftian horror, so bad that it becomes kinda amusing.

 Nyaruko is basically moefied version of Nyarlathotep, a Greater Older One known to have thousand of disguises and the one of its kind that get heavily involved with humanity. In the anime series, Nyarly is introduced as part of intergalactic peacekeeping force that fall in love with an ordinary highschoolboy Yasaka Mahiro. For some reason Nyaruko is quite obsessed with Japanese pop culture especially Tokusatsu. When it comes to personality, Nyaruko's obsession with Mahiro stands out the most as she resorts to many dirty tricks trying to take Mahiro's virginity which likely results in him going insane considering Nyaruko is still a cosmic horror despite her cute teenager appearance.

Her Majesty Nyaruko compels you to bow before her!
Shantak, I choose you!

Fork is Super Effective against Nyaruko!

 I am never fond of Nendoroid and the props that come into the Nendoroid Nyaruko package is rather limited in poses.Up until now one of the main reasons i dislike Nendoroids are due to limited posability and the figurine never able to stand without the action bases.

Too bad there was no official version of Nendoroid for Cthuko and Hasta but at least other company made a chibi version of those two characters to complete the set. Out of the Nyaruko Casts, Cthuko is actually my most favorite character due to her crazy shenanigans with Nyaruko. I wish there is a cthuko figurine version with her casual cloth or school uniform since there is no decent figurine for her so far. If you are pretty knowledgeable with anime or japanese pop culture, you will find Nyaruko very entertaining otherwise you will not enjoy the series since you dont get the joke.


  1. Nendoroid is also another line that I dare not touch. Maybe I'm least attracted those cute puppy's eyes. It's always cool to the characters u like regards any form.

    1. To be honest i only get Nendoroids most of the time due to being the most convenient representation for my favorite characters.