Saturday, July 29, 2017

Elder Sign Storage Solution

 Fantasy Flight Games is one of the Boardgame Publisher who is notorious for chugging out Expansions after Expansions for their Base Game. This naturally makes the Original Boardgame box unable to contain all of the expansion components at some point and thus people their own storage solution for this issue and here is mine.

 For my storage solution i use Plano Box to contain the tokens, Cloth Bags for Monster Tokens and ordered some custom made wooden boxes for the Cards. So far my current suitcase for the Elder Sign able to hold all of the expansions up to Omens of the Deep just fine but i will need to find another if new expansions coming out. Overall i am quite satisfied with the storage solution that i do for Elder Sign. I had one as well for Elder Sign but havent got any time to give the final touch up for it.

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