Monday, July 24, 2017

Cross Ange

 Watched this series as part of my preparation for SRW V. Cross Ange is mediocre at best but at least it is still better than Valvrave. Interestingly Cross Ange is one of the series that is directed by Fukuda after a long time break as a producer thus you see a lot of homage from the previous series he directed Especially Gundam SEED considering the main Heroine Mecha is in Freedom Gundam color scheme anyway. The concept of the Ragna-Mail mecha is cool with Motor Cycle cockpit reminding me of a certain vertical shooter game in late 90s. As for the story it is tolerable if you dont take it seriously as the worldbuilding got some nice twist if watered down by excessive fan service. My least favorite thing about Cross Ange is the Grimderp route that it takes in the beginning as the character deaths in the first few episode only serve as Shock Value. Personally i never like the main heroine because her personality too selfish but i guess she kinda serve as strong willed Female Heroine in opposite of Beta Kun Male protagonist. Out of the Para-mail design i guess i like Tusk's since his is pretty much Justice Gundam version of the series and i am Athrun Zala fanboy. If i can find a bargain, i think i will get a Vita copy of Cross Ange game someday.

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  1. Cool! Cross Ange to be inducted into SRW! Congrats and yeah I like anime too!