Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1/144 LED Mirage Ver 3 Review

The result didn't really turn up to my expectation

I bought this kit 6 months ago and left it untouched since my painting skill at that time was not sufficient enough which reflected upon my Mirage Sarion. Anyways it seems that i am still not ready for FSS kits even after with my experience in painting several kits with satisfactory result. Just like other FSS kit from Wave, don't expect any articulation from this kit.

Probably the other reason why most people avoid Wave's FSS kit other than the necessity to paint is due to the difficulty in assembling the kit. The kit is simply really hard to stay intact since some of the parts are falling off easily. Some of the ball joints easily snapped due to the fragile plastic quality which is quite frustrating since fixing that part is not easy at all. So far this kit has the worst accident that i had with FSS kits. some parts that you need to handle carefully are: the Skirt Armor, Legs, Shoulder Armor, Torso and the Shield Joint.

As for painting this time i use TS-26 which fits better for LED Mirage Color though in the end i think i really need an Airbrush to make matching color for this kit. Apparently i messed up the panellining since i remove the paint from the shoulder armor since the enamel paint doesn't work for the kit somehow.

LED Mirage Ver 3 is some sort of alternate version of LED Mirage rather than an upgrade. This Mortar Headd first Appearance is during the event held in Floating Temple where Knight of Gold are shown at the public for the first time. This event happen in the 10th volume of the manga and prior to the Invasion of Black Three.

The LED Mirage along with their Headdliners are shown accompanying the Knight of Gold along with Jagd Mirage. Probably this is meant to be a show of force that anyone shouldn't make trouble with AKD since they had enough power to conquer Joker Galaxy.

One of the new feature of the LED Mirage Ver 3 is that it is equipped with a pair of automatic Veil unlike most MH which held them on one hand. The Veil automatically blocks the incoming attack without any response by Headdliner though probably the Fatima will need to configure the blocking pattern. This Automatic veil is the result of Amaterasu's brilliance in designing Mortar Headd and rarely seen equipped on MH. Other Mortar Headds that i know to have this kind of Veil equipped are Auge Arusqul and Machine Messiah Auge which both belong to AKD.

The Ver 3 is equipped with Lance or perhaps known as Peidoll Spire in FSS universe. Unlike the KOG Ver 3 Longbow, the Peidoll Spire seems can be used in actual battle.

For this LED Mirage i assign the unit for Mirage Knight No.2, Aisha Codante. She is the Right Hand of Amaterasu and handles most of the political affairs of AKD. She is also the 2nd in line along with Rognar of AKD's throne succession after Lachesis. Her Fatima is one of the Chrome Ballanche's Masterpiece; Alecto.

Aisha and Alecto
Aisha is a pretty strong Headdliner despite not stronger than Rognar since she is able to overpower some well known Headdliner. She is deeply in love with Amaterasu even her love is not returned by Amaterasu. Therefore she is known to have affairs with some men but in the end she reserved her heart only for Amaterasu.

I don't think i will build any FSS kit for a while due to the bad aftertaste from this kit. Though i am planning to get KOG Lachesis and Engage SR-3 in few months.

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  1. Great review, along with your other FSS posts. I've done the Patraqushe and have the LED Sarion and KOG ver3 next in line to be built. I also have KOG 1 Lachesis but going to sell it. I really want the Mirage ver3 too but its a bit expensive compared to the others. You can see my FSS stuff here http://myfigurecollection.net/profile/stargazer713