Saturday, February 5, 2011

1/72 Gunsniper LS

Kotobukiya seems to be really into New Century Zero series for their HMM lineup. This Gunsniper is heavily customized Gunsniper Weasel which belong to Blitz team. This Zoid is piloted by the Blitz Team Leader's daughter Leena Tros who is a cutie herself but pretty snobby. As you can see this gunsniper is really armed to the teeth which render the zoid a sitting duck in the zoids battle which require other team member to cover. In Zoids Legacy this zoid sucks since most of its attack are very weak though it can attack all target by unloading all of its missile. I think there is a good chance for this year to see Kotobukiya release Berserk Fury for the new HMM lineup. I also hope that Kotobukiya released Schneider parts for Liger Zero which is planned mid of this year separately.

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