Monday, February 28, 2011

FSS Designs 3: Kalamity Godders

A great collection for FSS fans

I bought this book from Ebay few weeks ago and got cheaper deal from there. This book is the 3rd book released by Mamoru Nagano for his character artworks for Five Star Stories. As the name implies this artbook focus on Planet Kalamity Godders where there are many different nations existed unlike Planet Delta Belune which are united under the banner of AKD ruled Amaterasu.

The Fillmore Empire dominated most of the artbook pages. Fillmore is the nation which has the greatest military power in Joker Galaxy. Christine V is the main character from Fillmore Empire and she piloted one of the Mortar Headd that belong to Royal Family, Siren Neptune which probably capable of fighting against LED Mirage. Later she probably had bigger role during the conflict between AKD and Fillmore which will inevitably happen in the future.

These are the Mortar Headd variants of Sirens. Most of them are used by Fillmore Empire though some of them belong to certain renowned Headdliners. My favorite MH is probably the Prominence which is the orange MH and supposedly the other pair of Siren Neptune.

This artbook included my No.1 MH; Bang Doll which exclusively belongs to Holy Kingdom Kubalkan. Kubalkan is the counterpart of Vatican in real life since the nation is ruled under a pope and had great influence with other nations.

Next noteworthy faction in this book is Jota Space Knight. Iemarah lout Jajas was the former leader of this faction until she joined Mirage Knight as Commander in chief for Space battleships. Her son, Jaquos Quon Hashu later assumed the leader position and he is the best Disciple of Saint Sword Douglas Kaien.

The flagship MH of this faction is Mighty Gamma or Suiryou which belong to Mighty series just like Akatsuki Hime. This MH seemingly the spiritual successor of Schpeltor considering the Schpeltor's Headdliner is Kaien.

Here is the infamous Black Knight and the 3rd one; Decors Weismel! He might look silly in the artbook but this guy is really strong. He managed to reach his status by defeating the previous Black Knight and during Invasion of Black Three, he killed several Mirage Knights. His Fatima, Est is one of the most beautiful Fatima ever created and one of the few that earned Flawless status.

Just for closing this post, let me introduce to the mascot of FSS; Suezou. He might look harmless but this guy is the nymph of the strongest creature in Joker Galaxy, LED Dragon. Amaterasu gave the name which this nymph really hate it and later he will form special bond with Atropos.

Probably this book has the most content out of 3 artbooks. If i can read Kanjis, this book will be really valuable considering the information of the Character and MH is really in depth. I wonder what will be in the content of FSS Designs 4 which Nagano plan to release it someday.

If you want to you can get find the scans for the artbook on Archive Scans which had plenty of other FSS stuffs as well.

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