Friday, March 4, 2011

Hades Project Zeorymer

Anime Series that has one of the most powerful mecha

I was interested with Zeorymer when i played SRW MX and thus i decided to give it a watch for the OVA. Originally Zeorymer was written in form of manga though later it gets OVA adaptation which barely follow the plot due to the series was unfinished at that time. My overall impression about this series is that the story are lackluster but the mecha is really something else. The anime only have 4 episodes of OVA which is not sufficient to to explain anything in detail.

The story is about a secret society known as Hau Dragon ruled by an Empress that attempt to rule over the world with its powerful mecha which amount to 8 in total though one of them was stolen before the series begin. A boy named Masato Akitsu was kidnapped by Japanese government and forced to pilot one of the stolen mecha from Hau Dragon known as Zeorymer of Heaven for some reason along with a mysterious beautiful woman called Miku against the 7 mecha of Hau Dragon. As Masato fight each of his opponent, his sinister alternate personality begin to emerge and claiming himself to be Masaki. Later it is revealed that Masaki is the creator of all the Hau Dragon Mecha and their pilots and he attempted to rule the world as well while using the Hau Dragon as his pawns. This is one of the series which has "Keikaku doori" or "Just as Planned" moment which is similar with Death Note in a way.

This series is relatively obscure in Japan as well due to its mediocre quality. Animation are nothing special for its age and the mecha battle was not that exceptional. Story is rather confusing considering it only has 4 episodes with 20 minutes each which barely cover any background of the characters and mecha. The series  doesn't have many song but  Zeorymer's battle theme song is really good just like some 80s mecha series. What differ this series with other mecha series is that the lead mecha Zeorymer overpower his opponents in every fight and brings absolute despair upon them. The mecha design is the strongest aspect of the series, Zeorymer is easily in the same power level with Ideon, Demon Bane or Dis Astranagant which all of them are Deus ex Machina. So Gundam won't stand a chance against this guy.

Zeorymer is one of the series where the villain's mecha doesn't stand any chance against the protagonist at all since Zeorymer is the most powerful machine out of 8 Hau dragons. Zeorymer easily curbstomp its opponent by its technique known as Hades attack where Zeorymer clench both of its fist near the chest and reducing the opponent to light. Masaki is one of the most badass evil protagonist considering he toys with his enemy and his sinister laughter is just golden.

Despite being one of the less famous mecha series, Zeorymer had a significant influence over SRW. I heard SRW J and MX(haven't played until that point yet) this guy is one of the most broken mecha in the game. Granzon which is one of the strongest mecha in OG verse is based on Zeorymer and its Pilot, Shu Shirakawa is based on Masaki as well. Probably the series also has somewhat influence with SRW series.

I would recommend to watch this series in order to give a glimpse of one of the strongest mecha despite the anime adaptation being lackluster. The anime is rather short so it will be a breeze going through the series. For your interest Zeorymer started as Hentai manga which become TV adaptation later. I wished i could see Zeorymer debuted more in the future SRW titles.

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