Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rance 8 News Update

From the Alicesoft blogpost about Rance 8, the game development has reached the 6th phase out of 8 and it has just finished the beta testing. Perhaps we can expect the game to be released around April or March. The series also get an official name; "Rance Quest" which probably refer to the gameplay style. I think there is a chance of Athena 2 appear in this game since it got mentioned in the post which really fit since Suzume appear as well considering back in Sengoku Rance, Rance said that he want to let Suzume met Athena 2 if she comes to the mainland.

Now the tag has changed so you will find the Rance update under section of  "ランス クエスト" instead of ”ランス8”

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