Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Valkryries Second Sortie preview

About 20 screenshots of the artbook's illustration

As promised, in this post i will show some of the illustrations in the artbook. Since Mecha Damashi had posted some pics before i will show you the different ones. I won't be scanning this book but probably somebody else will do in the near future.

For the information the second sortie does not had any artworks that Tenjin Hidetaka did in the first artbook. This book had 60+ illustrations just like the previous artbook while the total pages is 110 which is rather few for an artbook. The content of the Second Sortie had 30% of Hasegawa's Macross kit Boxart which are the recent ones and rest are Bandai's Macross Frontier kit boxart and DVD or Magazine artwork. So in actuality, the artwork inside this book was released already and basically compilation of Tenjin's recent Macross artwork.

Without to delay much further here are the screenshots for the artbook. Just click the picture in order to see the full size

The picture above is probably my favorite in the artbook. I wouldn't recommend to get this book unless you are a Macross fan because probably it will disappoint you. 3600 is pretty expensive for an artbook which are usually around 2800 and really decent already. However i have to admit that the artwork quality is superb which is good reason for me to get the artbook. For your interest Tenjin Hidetaka also did some of the Master Grade boxarts.

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