Thursday, April 7, 2011

SRW OG Inspectors: Opinions

Great series with some obvious flaws.

At last the SRW OGIN is finished last week, overall it was a fun ride but it also left some bad aftertaste for me as well. I could say this anime has the best mecha animation for this year despite having a rather limited budget. Though anyone who is new to SRW will find the series to be confusing considering this anime was made by a fan for fellow fans. Probably i expect anyone who read this post had followed the series.

The series follow the story of the original game pretty faithfully while it has some pacing issues it still manage to conclude everything in the end. The story focus on Kyosuke Nanbu as the protagonist as the ATX team leader under mission to defend EFA from invasions from several factions. The anime progresses with Mecha of the Week style where it feature different mechas in action for each episodes which rather suit for anime.

There are some reasons why i had bad aftertaste from this series. Despite Masami Obari is good at animating mecha, he is not that strong in writing the story but it is not the issue since the story of SRW is terrible already from the start. I don't like Obari bringing his fetish in the series which can be seen from some of the designs. First i really hate the Angelg design which has too much load on the chest as if it suffer from a Breast Cancer. Secondly Rapiecage cockpit is too terrible as if the pilot has Bondage fetish or anything. Third, whoever draw the character design for SRX team needed to be shot, the male characters are okay but the female's face is way too derpy and doesn't look like a female at all. Lastly the usage of the theme song of each character which supposedly awesome are cut too premature probably has something to do with cost.

Just like Alteisen Riese, instead of covering his weaknesses Obari strengthen what he is really good at: animation. You will find most of the time the actions of the mechas are splendid which why this anime is better compared to Divine Wars. Despite not all episode having great animation or even have quality issues, you will find episode 15 and 26 are really awesome and you will see where the budget are reserved for. I also fond of some new designs in the anime such as Gespenst Mk-2 Kyosuke custom or Grungust type 3 Zengar custom which even i had a model kit based from it.

Definitely this series is a must watch for SRW fans though you need to play the game in order to enjoy the full experience of the series. Probably in Japan this series is well received as well which is a good sign for the franchise(more SRW kits pls). Too bad the distant brother of Huckebein, Exbein doesn't show its potential since it only show missile and laser spamz and no G-Sword Diver in action unlike the original Huckebein Mk-III

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